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  1. Why bother trying to talk sense? The purposely obstinate/ignorant will only read so far as to get their "aha!" moment, and no further. If anything else is written that goes against their narrative, they'll just ignore it.
  2. Considering he hasn't been playing the last 3 months, I'm guessing it's far more than 3 months' salary invested in that ring.
  3. Won the Memorial Cup with Edmonton in '63, the year GMJB was born. Wanna take a random guess which city GMJB was born in?
  4. Think of it as a front-loaded multi-year contract played out in slow motion and in two (or more) parts. Of course, they'd have to get to (I think it was) January before they can make the rest of the agreement official, but based on the way things are now, it's not considered cap circumvention (like how Luongo's contract with us wasn't), and given Carolina is one of the "non-traditional markets" of the NHL, I can definitely see count buttman and his merry buttmen turning a blind eye to this, even if Bergevin complains all the way up the chain.
  5. So are you suggesting he's not addled any more and should no longer be removed from office? (Just kidding, Alf - luv ya all the same! )
  6. They probably are wearing socks - socks that end just beneath the "shoe line". If my ankles weren't so round and those kind of socks so prone to slipping under my heel, I'd totally wear them all the time, they're comfy a.f.
  7. Diversification is always a good idea when investing for the long game. It's too bad many people (and most governments) seem to see the almighty $$$ as the be all and end all, and will only work towards short term expansion of $$$ instead of learning and playing the long game. Especially when it comes to both national security and trade - almost like they purposely choose to paint themselves into a corner by chasing the almighty $$$ with little regard for anything else, and then complain about foul play when the signs were always there for them to read.
  8. Well, I mean if that's the endgame, I can think of a more quicker and more complete way to address the worries of viral spread... of course, it involves some missiles flying to and fro, with some mushroom clouds and a whole lot of radioactivity - but hey, it'll definitely complete the objective of eradicating the spread of the virus! Stopping it dead in its tracks, as it were...
  9. Yeah, but then there'd also be a lot of journalists (many of which coming from western media) who would have also been in that "haha moment".
  10. What could possibly be better at influencing minds that don't know better than censorship? How about AI that gets into your most private thoughts? https://hongkongfp.com/2021/08/29/always-there-the-ai-chatbot-comforting-chinas-lonely-millions/ Quoting specific passages: ...so, in case you happen to tell this AI your thoughts about your situation, and the AI happens to flag it as potentially seditious or identifies parameters that could affect "national security", you should expect to get a knock on the door. They'll know where to find you, and even if you turn off your location settings on your phone, their social credit surveillance system will spot you and follow you. The next paragraph down is even more telling: But of course they're not going to target it. Why would they, when it's feeding them such important intelligence about the citizenry? The only thing that the article neglected to mention is that they're also trying to be at the forefront of big data analysis, which when paired with AI and constant surveillance, forms the perfect trifecta of establishing complete government control. What countries like Canada and the US are doing are small potatoes in comparison. We're like the ECHL of "government control" sphere. People who complain about government control/government interference in these countries should really look at what the ccp is doing to get a feeling for how much better things are here compared to over there. And if they're still complaining about government control/government interference here, then they really just want to whine about anything, because wet diapers.
  11. That's where the poker player in Bergevin needs to see how much he really trusts his instincts....
  12. That's also why I'm not averse to the notion of signing QH to a shorter deal walking him to his last year of RFA status - if NJ wants to offer sheet him, he's likely in the top two tiers, meaning a good chunk of draft picks heading our way with a likelihood that they'll include lottery picks, and if they offer sheet him to 3rd or lower tiers, we can match for a reasonable hit to our cap.
  13. It kind of has to be this outrageous to get the player to agree, and to get the media to pay attention. Moreso the former than the latter though.
  14. Depending on how vengeful the Canes are, I could definitely see that happening. The only part of the equation that's unknown is whether or not those two would want to leave for Carolina. It doesn't happen if they don't put ink to paper.
  15. Is it considered "handing over" if the ammunition is provided to them through the barrel of a gun?
  16. Perhaps. I still hang onto the hope that the democracies of the western world will ultimately stand up to authoritarianism. They just need a catalyst, or an inflection point, something that triggers their sense of decency and how authoritarian regimes offend that sense of decency enough to fight against it - whether it be through social, political, economic, scientific, or military means. Already, the ccp is showing their bullying ways. It's only a matter of time that they bully one too many of the countries they've engaged with, resulting in a mass disengagement and shutting off of cordial relations. And when that happens, it'll suck for me and others that look like me, because the western world won't know who of us to trust, but hopefully the end result will be the elimination of the ccp and eventual self-determination of peoples within the area without the authoritarianism. Maybe. And if that (the dissolution of the ccp) should come to pass, it might make all that unneeded (and unfair) ostracization of peoples that look like me worth it. Maybe.
  17. So glad there are people with the courage and technical expertise willing to do these sorts of things in the face of authoritarianism and possibly even persecution: https://hongkongfp.com/2021/08/28/digital-dissent-hongkongers-race-to-archive-democracy-movement/
  18. Or Kama Sutra, for that matter. Then they'll be too busy with other...uhhh... "distractions" to worry about any of this newfangled modern day science stuff.
  19. Also "conveniently" leaves out the statement made a couple of paragraphs later:
  20. They really don't build politicians like they did Chretien anymore.
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