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  1. https://www.citynews1130.com/2021/04/08/bc-green-party-aggressive-covid-19-measures/ Although I was tempted to vote for them in the past (more as a protest vote than in support of their policies), I never really saw myself as a "green". However, she speaks my language. If only our government would take decisive action in the manner that she's suggesting.
  2. Thanks for fixing the summary bar thing on the right side of the threads. Was getting super-annoyed by it - almost enough to post something ultra-violently graphic and earn my parting demerit/perma-ban from this site.
  3. Perhaps, but sunshine is the best disinfectant, and most western governments have a decent amount of sunshine in the form of freedom of the press (in particular investigative journalism) to blow sunshine into areas normally hidden from it. People in China don't have that luxury, because the ccp controls the narrative by controlling all elements of the local and national press, and restrict the importation of foreign press.
  4. I think it's a function of the audience, the prevailing hot-button issue(s), and the degree of engagement between the previous two. Had you posted this topic in a HK forum pre-2014, you'd probably get lots of posts on how to monetize things (of the "make money fast" variety), or posts trying to associate IQ with incomes (with an indirect linkage to real estate). However, there might still be posts on the politics of the day, like how the government tried to pull a fast one and change the education curricula (ie. from a system that worked to one that seemed to focus on brainwashing
  5. I'm not diggin' the "summary bar" on the right hand side when entering a thread. Summary stats should only be provided by user request, not as a default display, and definitely not as a real estate hog, limiting how much horizontal space posts can take on the rendered thread.
  6. Maybe you could have livestreamed it, tagging the RCMP - both the Richmond detachment and Division "E". I know I would have felt tempted to.
  7. I would hardly call that elbow by McOMMFGJESUSALMIGHTY "defending himself" - in fact, it's borderline predatory and likely premeditated, given he skated out to deliver that hit. From the way it unfolded, it seemed he sought to perform dental work with the tip of his elbow pad, and it wasn't in defense of his person, that's for certain.
  8. I think I posted something here previously - social media in and of itself is neither bad nor good, but it sure as hell amplifies and intensifies human nature - both the best and the worst of it. Good for those professional athletes for being able to step away from it, it's definitely got potential to distract and affect a player's performance, human that they are.
  9. https://www.cbc.ca/radio/thecurrent/the-current-for-march-31-2021-1.5970956/this-is-a-reign-of-terror-un-special-rapporteur-calls-out-security-council-for-inaction-on-myanmar-1.5971248 It should be noted that the ccp has been implicated in the coup as well as the heavy-handed military crackdown on the protests. For as long as the current arrangement exists with the UN Security Council, it's about as useful as a third leg on a blind duck; the UN General Convention isn't that much better, given how the ccp has essentially bought themselves a majority headcount of support there as we
  10. Yeah, but question is, are you the next coming of the "Great One" in your office?
  11. Considering Aaron Rome got far more punishment for far less of an intentional hit and which was far less late than this one - par for the course. It's bad enough with "game management". If they wanted to be consistent (using Rome as a starting point), he should have gotten 2 for elbowing ("roughing"? psh, preferential treatment already), 10 / game misconduct, plus an in-person hearing with additional minimum 5 games suspension. But nope, can't have the star players sit out, 'cuz the fans won't buy tickets otherwise... wait what tickets?
  12. Because it's McOMMFG, the Habs player will get a 10-game suspension and be fined the max for purposely running his head into the uplifted elbow. &^@#ing clowns at "player safety"...
  13. https://hongkongfp.com/2021/03/30/hong-kong-blocks-public-access-to-private-company-information/ How much do you want to bet that there's going to be an influx of illicit and laundered funds - as well as ccp-absconded funds that can't be disclosed to the public - from up north, setting up "companies" in HK?
  14. I'm guessing it's not advised to select Loui Eriksson, Thatcher Demko, and Alex Edler? Uh... asking for a friend. Yeah.
  15. Suggestion: hire a lawyer. Even if there are legal experts on here willing to give you their interpretation pro bono, it's probably not a prudent approach to take legal advice from someone you haven't met and don't know what credentials they have.
  16. Maybe the Habs should just bow out of the race and call it a season... (yeah, wishful thinking, I know)
  17. What I want to know is... ...is this research approved by the Ethics Board of Canucks.Dot.Com?
  18. Enough to rattle the windows that got knocked around a bit by the hailstorm that came through.
  19. Even if KOS isn't going to rejoice publicly about this, I will definitely say, "it's about &^@#ing time the &^@#ing health authorities got their &^@#ing heads out of their &^@#ing asses!" - too many months too late, I should add
  20. I guess to a certain degree, those that are born here but are sycophants or fanboys of the ccp regime - they aren't burdened by the oath their parents or other forebearers made. They probably feel their citizenship can't be stripped from them because they have it by virtue of birth in the country. As for that last question, my wife will proudly say that she is a HKer (and refuses to be called Chinese), and for the next census, she'd probably insist on being referred to as such. I can't refer to myself as a HKer, because my ties to there are very peripheral and indirect. I'd prob
  21. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/auditor-general-pandemic-covid-phac-1.5963895 Just to re-iterate the headline and sub-headline: No &^@#ing $&!#, Sherlock &^@#ing Holmes! Understatement of the century. PHAC leadership really should be held accountable for this - heads should roll, with those at the top to go first, including the Minister of Health's.
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