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  1. So they think they're in a physical war zone, or that they're prisoners of war? What next, they'll start claiming violations of the Paris Convention?
  2. Not sure where best to put this, so into the WET it goes. https://www.citynews1130.com/2021/08/27/mcdonalds-mcpizza-canada/
  3. And it's not just the seniors. It's also the underagers who can't get the shot, it's people who (for legitimate medical reasons) can't get the shot, and in a way, it's also for those who refuse to get the shot. Not everyone likes the idea of being the reason why some other person got extremely sick (or died).
  4. On the bright side, with the re-instituted mask mandate and uptick in vaccinations... hopefully that number will plateau and drop again in the next month or so. Fingers crossed.
  5. Damn straight it's their right to go into any indoor setting with 10s of thousands of people, sucking back $10 beers and over-cheesed nachos with a side of coronavirus, hoot'n and holler'n with the other 10-15% unvaccinated peoples to share them coronas with. Because duh freedumbs ain't no privilege!! I'm glad that most business owners have the good sense to require vaccinations/masks/protections, because they don't want blood on their hands. No owner in their right mind would want their venue to be the infamous site of a superspreader event leading to deaths. It's just bad bus
  6. Perhaps, but the problem with letting it go is that those who think it's alright to bark at a head of government/other politician/other person with death threats and shouting of acts of assassination on their person may at some point feel comfortable enough to actually try acting out what they're barking. All it takes is one nutjob... https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/richard-bain-verdict-1.3711965 I would hope that whoever was there from the RCMP was taking notes and intends on paying the barker a visit in the very near future.
  7. I'm surprised that the RCMP accompanying him didn't start arresting people for uttering threats.
  8. It's weird when people start talking about themselves in the third person...
  9. I did a bit of digging after I posted that, and found out that apparently kids as young as 12 can work with written parental consent, but under the following terms: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/employment-business/employment-standards-advice/employment-standards/hiring/young-people So while they can be employed, the situation that the owner complained about actually means he's possibly operating in contravention to the above terms. From @Warhippy's original post: So either he's asked them to work without direct and immediate supervision of a
  10. Nah, just change this into the "greatest hockey fights" poll instead.
  11. I don't know how to copy/paste the article without screwing up the formatting, so I'll just provide the link here. https://theconversation.com/canadian-colleges-and-universities-can-mandate-covid-19-vaccination-without-violating-charter-rights-166640 It reads a bit like an opinion piece, but it makes some pretty compelling arguments about why any Charter challenges relating to vaccine mandates for Universities are likely doomed to fail. It can probably be extrapolated for any - what did they call it? "non-essential services", I think Bonnie and Dix called it.
  12. By the way, wrong section - @-Vintage Canuck- normally posts the signings announcements on the Trades/Rumours/Signings subforum.
  13. As I'd mentioned previously in the (or at least I think it was the) coronavirus thread, if I were to have done things as incompetently as these PHOs (provincial or federal) in light of the information that was coming out, the best practices that already exist, and under the precautionary principle, I'd have been out of a job by April. These are human lives they're tasked with. They're paid the big bucks to use the information they have responsibly (and make sure they are fed the most pertinent information) to make the right decisions to minimize the impact of stressors to public health, as d
  14. Because the powers that be are trying to wash their hands of him like stink from a skunk.
  15. They had an article on it yesterday on CBC's news page (I saw it with my own eyes, failing as they may be), but they've since removed it. Now all they've got left on their news site is the soundbite of hers, without the commentary or further reporting.
  16. Sorry, I'm going to take issue with the highlighted part. While people in Asian countries were more or less automatically masking without a government mandate being called (they were reminded of SARS from 2003 - which was also a coronavirus), Canada's chief PHO was still loudly touting the fact that she felt masks were unnecessary for this pandemic, and doing so more than two months into the pandemic. In fact, she'd still be saying that if it weren't for the fact that researchers were quoting studies from before the pandemic as to the effectiveness of masks in minimizing spread of most pat
  17. I'll just leave this right here. https://www.cbc.ca/news/health/what-do-we-know-about-breakthrough-covid-19-cases-1.6154085 and I'll copy and drop this part a second time (for emphasis):
  18. Too bad they didn't follow the trend and sign him for 7.75mil AAV
  19. ...which actually made me re-read the screen cap, and then realize: what are under-aged "staff" doing providing service in what would normally be considered as a liquor-licensed area? Or does that not matter? And 14y.o. staff... wouldn't that make them child labourers?
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