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  1. At some point, music (lyrics) will become the new target. Half my collection will become illegal to own in HK if that were to come to pass. https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/hong-kong-film-censorship-law-1.6151138 I can definitely see ringtones becoming a new line of protest, while shops will need to be extra careful not to include "banned material" on their playlists.
  2. The logic is probably more like, "they're so small, any viral load coming from them is pretty minimal". Or something like that. Fits the PHO's MO.
  3. She never should have removed that mandate initially, at least not under those conditions - that was too &^@#ing early. Now hopefully she'll have the good sense to leave it in place until the situation really allows for the relaxation of the mandate.
  4. So it's perfectly fine if the Liberal Party does it, as long as it comes with jobs. Got it. And with that, the Liberal Party will never learn that it's never ok to do shady $&!#. Go team. Just remember that when the national interests (or heck, even your own interests) no longer intersect with the Liberal Party and their cronies' interests, and some poor fat cat is getting fatter at your (and most of the rest of Canada's) expense, that it's a-ok by you because the Liberals in government "created" or "kept" jobs. Jobs that went to their cronies and not to you.
  5. Right, because the RHPMJT can do no wrong - got it. As much as I admired the Chretien government (as I mentioned earlier), Paul Martin took the fall for Chretien's sponsorship scandal. It's this kind of cronyism/patronage/favouritism/poor ethics that have historically plagued the Liberals, and is often what drags them off the throne. You'd figure decades of examples of that (dating back to the final administration of the current Rt. Hon.'s father, with the patronage appoinments that John Turner ended up wearing) would have presented them with more than eno
  6. I wonder if the workplace (offices, especially) can be called "discretionary organized indoor group recreational...activities"?
  7. I don't think it's mostly horse pucks, as you call it. When you're being called out for displaying favouritism, and you stifle it by muzzling your Minister of Justice, only to have it hit the front pages of the national papers, or when you roll out a major government initiative through an organization that should be arms-length but it's determined that not only have your family benefitted from their compensation, but that you and your Minister of Finance have ties that potentially demonstrate (or in the case of Morneau, are) conflicts of interest, it's a concern - and it's a concern of nation
  8. *gasp* - operational details! https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/special-forces-outside-the-wire-kabul-1.6150067
  9. Still Pavel for me. When are you going to do a "best hockey fight" poll? And why haven't you signed already?
  10. Risky indeed. I used to support him and his party, but much of that was probably goodwill built up from the Chretien days. The Tories have been doing a good job at needling him in the most sensitive spots (ethics, primarily, but also to a certain degree his policies aren't always well-thought-out, and that's in part on his Cabinet), and I say this as someone who has never, and will not, support(ed) the Tories on election day. The GG's website seems to suggest otherwise: https://www.gg.ca/en/procedures-dissolution-parliament-and-calling-election She chose to
  11. For someone whose "snap election" was at least a year-long slow-motion feature film in political sabre-rattling, he sure comes across as ill-prepared. He's probably banking a lot of this on goodwill built up from the government's actions on the pandemic, which as seen in Nova Scotia's case, kind of flubbed as an election platform. If he wants to form government, he'd better start showing what was so compelling policy-wise that he felt would be blocked that he had to call an election now instead of waiting another 6-8 months (or longer). To be honest, I would say that t
  12. Purely out of curiosity - why specifically Tuesday? Sadly, I complain about her because she's not taking the more stringent, more precautionary, best-practices approach. In that sense, on the Nazi scale, she's not even past the Gandhi threshold. Even if that statement were true, unforunately they're the same people who won't get the shot and therefore won't benefit from the DNA fix...
  13. Except this Mike Campbell is actually related to an infamous former Premier of our province...
  14. Can we fire @Dumb Nuck? He seems to think he's invincible and will be around in 80 year from now.
  15. Can he be hung from the rafters instead? Preferrably by the neck. Thanks.
  16. Sadly, it's the young'uns that are the most impressionable, and given their tribal nature, the elders get to them early, and get to them thoroughly. If you can call them elders, that is. The reason why the bulk of the population is so young is probably because the older folk either had the means to leave (and did), or died over the various wars that have been fought in Afghanistan, and those who were left were likely making babies quickly to try to fuel the fight (or address high mortality rates, perhaps even both).
  17. Perhaps. But there are those that are on the fence that are easily swayed. And they tend to (or perhaps are inclined to) mistake the loudest voices as leadership. da Bonnie is the exact poster girl of what leadership is not. Too bad people are too busy building shrines for her instead of paying attention to - or pointing out to her - what really are best practices in public health protection that we should be following, instead of the chicken$&!# half-measures she has come up with.
  18. The optics are particularly bad because her decision not to mask up in an indoor environment demonstrates loudly that she doesn't think masking works. It's definitely giving ammunition for those who were anti-mask to point out that even she doesn't follow her own recommendation, so why should they?
  19. GOOD. I hope she loses her job over her cavalier attitude towards public health matters.
  20. Seriously, why Tam and Henry still have jobs befuddles me. If I were providing that level of incompetence, I'd have been fired before April 2020. In fact, when the pandemic was initially declared an issue of concern (ie. the stage before they declared the pandemic), they had probably a full month where they were still parrotting "low risk" and not taking necessary actions to prepare for it. My wife was already in "full red alert" mode by then, and she's only had the SARS experience to draw from - and yet the PHOs couldn't figure that out with all their expertise and modelling abilities? Fi
  21. And this I put squarely on the PHOs (federal and provincial) and their political masters.
  22. "...this news might be disheartening to some" - da Bonnie Yeah, no $&!#, Sherlock - except not in the way that you think. Half-measures will only prolong the situation. We really should be going back to step 2, province-wide.
  23. I hope it's not to say that things are looking good, that the uptick was expected, that hospital/ICU figures have finally decoupled from case counts, and that we're still on track for a Sept 7th step 4 rollout - in other words, denial denial denial (and I'm not talking about that river in Egypt).
  24. Bonnie doesn't think there's a problem. No need for extra measures in the classroom (the virus doesn't circulate there, remember?). No more masking will be required. Dammit, we'll get to step 4 on September 7th by hook or by crook! https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/covid19-independent-modelling-group-cases-rise-1.6147454 I really hope that when school starts up again and people start to do more indoorsy things that the mask mandate is brought in - and that they include all schools as part of it. That masking - when worn properly - helps to r
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