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  1. So in other words, "if the mask don't fit, you're in deep $&!#"?
  2. I know Wikipedia gets a bad rap amongst a lot of net users, and sometimes it's well-deserved. The following article: https://www.cbc.ca/news/science/wikipedia-bias-1.6129073 ...reminded me of this article: https://hongkongfp.com/2021/07/11/wikipedia-wars-how-hongkongers-and-mainland-chinese-are-battling-to-set-the-narrative/ ...and its follow-up article: https://hongkongfp.com/2021/07/14/hong-kong-wikipedia-editors-take-precautions-amid-fears-mainland-peers-may-report-users-to-national-security-police/ It's really too bad that people who are tasked with keeping things factual and objective have to put personal interest, national pride, sexual bias, or any number of other ideologies ahead of facts and objectivity, instead choosing to alter facts, delete information, and otherwise distort knowledge and the truth.
  3. They could, or they could fold. The post above by Surfer has the NHL speculating that it's all a negotiating ploy, but first of all, it's just speculation, and second of all, it's an article posted by the league of count bettman trying to spin his baby hard. Of course they're going to spin the team will be staying. Until it doesn't. Stay, that is. Or exist, for that matter.
  4. In all honesty, at 8-11x the amount, there'd be no shame in the league letting the Coyotes fold only to have another organization fork out expansion fees to set up another team elsewhere. Or, there might be shame, but all that cash going to the owners as expansion fees makes the shame more than bearable.
  5. Winnipeg paid according to our favourite source, wikipedia: Compared to the expansion fees of $650 million paid by the Krakheads and $500 million by the Golden Showers.
  6. I was actually shocked to find there were 6 Ryans (7 if you count Bobby Ryan) on the Team USA roster - they might as well have called themselves "Team Ryan".
  7. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/trudeau-afghanistan-afghans-evacuation-taliban-1.6146764
  8. Stranger things have happened... like an all-Canadian division. (Sure, the pandemic forced the league's hand in that, but there's no reason why Alex Meruelo wouldn't just say, "&^@# all y'all" and shut the team down and write off the losses.)
  9. What happens to all the draft picks they've amassed if they decide to dissolve the team instead of relocating it?
  10. I can't find the article any more, but I seem to recall that the issue with a tunnel was that they couldn't run certain ships up the Fraser because it's already not that deep to handle large ships aiming to move goods (including coal) from further up the Fraser, and that they'd need to not only take out the tunnel but also dredge part of the river to deepen the channel to allow for those ships to access whatever port it was further upstream. That was the rationale for a bridge - because they could build it high enough to allow ship access, vs. the tunnel which would form an obstacle for ships due to depth.
  11. I'm relatively small potatoes here, so I'm hoping (and perhaps somewhat certain) that your comment wasn't aimed at me specifically. Having said that, I think that any minority government who seeks to consolidate their power by calling an election during a pandemic (and for that matter, any majority government who still has > 1 year remaining before they need to call an election) is irresponsible for their sense of opportunism. I would say the same if Kenney or Ford called one just the same as I've been saying it for Horgan and Trudeau calling one. Disclosure: I feel that I identify somewhere to the left of the Liberals, right of the NDP; I also think that social conservatives are fossils and should have gone extinct with the dinosaurs but I can't identify with the no-holds-barred anything goes approach either. Government's primary purpose should be to support, not to control - but if a crisis arises, government should demonstrate leadership and - acting on their role in, and within the confines of, the social contract - take necessary actions even if it results in infringement on personal freedoms for the greater good. Everyone should be held accountable for their actions, and the legal system should mete out appropriate justice within the parameters of reasonable protection of rights. So having said that, we're still in the middle of a crisis. In my mind, government should not be whimsically calling an election during a crisis; only if government finds itself in an impasse (ie. a potential constitutional crisis) should an election be called. By calling an election during a crisis in the context of no impasse in governance, in my mind, a breach of the social contract has occurred, and to me, the election has been illegitimately called, and regardless of my support of the governing party, I can only hope that they lose the election. (In this case, I've placed my hopes on the Rt. Hon. and his cabinet losing their seats, but that their party wins.) Essentially, that's where I'm coming from when it comes to criticism of these elections being called.
  12. You think I'm scoffing at your proposal, but I'm dead serious about it as a proposed means to limit human impact on the environment. There are just too many people living for too long that in all honesty, I think we're past the point of no return based on our population's continued and projected growth, and the only way to fix that is to wipe out much of the population quickly, and ruthlessly. If we even just maintain today's population (ie. no net additions), we're still not going to meet whatever targets we set to try to reduce the progression of climate change/global warming, so a sharp/sudden adjustment involving severe reduction of the human population is kind of our only hope. Otherwise, we'll just continue to suffocate on and waddle in our own emissions, filth, and excrement - to a slow and tortuous death of the human population on earth. Besides, maybe after a cataclysmic wiping of the earth, perhaps people will be willing to work together again for the continued existence on this planet, instead of trying to kill each other over petty squabbles involving land, belief systems, self-interests, or other meaningless things.
  13. There's a quicker way to reduce population stress on the environment. It involves pressing a big red button after punching in a series of codes that only certain people in this world have access to. The more parties that press their respective red buttons, the more complete the effect. How about we start with that?
  14. This is probably a lot closer to the truth than most realize. It's not cost-effective to do multiple updating in one off-season of the banners/marketing materials, and it's not aesthetically pleasing to only do it part-way. They're likely waiting on the Elias/Quinn signings to update the banners completely; there's probably at least some degree of contract negotiation status that is impacting whether or not (and how prominently) they want to throw big money at marketing specific players. Plus maybe they haven't gotten a good photo of OEL in his Canucks gear yet.
  15. I'm secretly hoping that Gadjovich and Pettersson work well together, much like how Odjick worked well with Bure.
  16. This thread works. So would the World Events thread, or even the climate change thread you started the other day. Thanks for sharing.
  17. Not to try to pump the anti-vaxxers' tires, but while mRNA vaccine concepts are inherently sound and well-meaning, the one thing I would advise caution for is not to inadvertently create vaccines that could in theory treat any number of high-profile diseases, but unknowingly or inadvertently attacks, blocks, or otherwise disrupts normal (or important) biochemical or cytological pathways. I know that clinical trials are meant to shake these sorts of bugs out, but I can't help but think that one day, one candidate vaccine finds its way to market only to be determined that there were serious side effects that were far more prevalent than the clinical trials suggested, and that created more adverse health outcomes than the disease it was meant to control/prevent. If that were to happen, then the anti-vaxxers would definitely have their ammo ready, and we really don't need that.
  18. Forget about "backed by the government". They are the government mouthpiece, part of their warrior wolf diplomacy setup. What their foreign affairs office cannot say, these guys will run with it - and that's why they're so vocal about global geopolitical issues, because they have free reign from the ccp to spread not just the official government narrative, but also to sow seeds of doubt, to instigate and facilitate controversy, and to bluster and bully where the ccp can't officially go.
  19. Virtanen brought it on himself with his unprofessional conduct. Good &^@#ing riddance, I say.
  20. Too late, my friend - I'm sorry to report that that sacred cow was sacrificed long ago...
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