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  1. BAing does give good $$. Next step would be Product manager/director unless you did want to go more of the PM route. Still plenty of roles to go after BAing. although yes, it certainly is harder when you're the sole breadwinner to make drastic changes. thanks for the advice. will try to think about related areas. my role is hard to scope new areas though because it's kind of a made up, we don't know what to call you kind of role. and i hear you on the journey being important. i've leapt in many different directions already. luckily have had the freedom to take those risks. all different roles/industries, different skillsets, with substantial time invested in each so recruiters don't quite know what to make of me
  2. having been down the teaching path, i say go for it and you'll find you'll rack up the education/experience you need in no time! personally, i found that i was a bit disheartened by the politics within post-secondary teaching as well as the ethics of some students. my one on one time with students was much more fulfilling than a classroom setting. still was a blast though! had a friend who kept on trying and trying and trying and trying and trying for years and finally he got accepted and he absolutely LOVES being a firefighter. (he's got around 2 decades on you) hopefully you get success quickly but it sounds like it's worth more than one shot if it's a miss the first time.
  3. I am luckily employed during this difficult time. Have been doing the same thing at work for the past few years and am not quite sure where to point myself anymore, in terms of goal setting. Happy to hear from you people as to what your goals are to see if it would spark some sort of epiphany in me. Thanks in advance for anything shared, including advice, tools, recommendations, stories, etc.. Have tried to do a brain dump of things I want to do and there really isn't anything there to work with.
  4. happily did a workation this fall. went to whistler and stayed in a hotel room to work for a week. surprisingly was good mental-health wise. felt like a get-away even though it was work and no play.
  5. Heard different opinions - 1. really helped, allowed things to be more manageable during a period where things were not and 2. didn't feel high or low, lost interest in everything, nothing was enjoyable but coming off them resulted in dangerous behaviour so went back on.
  6. wish everyone could have that. @c00kies, i hear you. take comfort in that you're still young. i, too, am at that 'i'm not ready' stage but am middle aged. I have experienced this stage many times and for different reasons - recovery from an ended relationship, not wanting to burden another with my own issues, the inability to be vulnerable and now the lack of capacity/drive to replace an impossible connection. i've stopped beating myself up, or at least, i recognize when i do it now and am ok to let it go.
  7. 3AM? And s/he's not on eastern time? stressful.. hopefully you're not awake to get them in realtime! but yes, i can see management in my org definitely working harder too. aside: people have now mentioned seeing unexplained deactivated accounts and unsolicited HR meetings. dun dun DUN
  8. certainly am seeing more of that at my workplace too. people are putting more hours in. i'm seeing more early/late night emails and chat messages. guess having the ceo mention that there are going to be workforce cuts starting this week contributes to that.
  9. Having money is good.. guess a job helps. At this point, I'm still thankfully employed and working from home but am thinking that that may change in the future. I don't think I've got a plan for when that happens. How are you guys faring?
  10. I could live temporarily in New York City, Paris, Montreal and Seattle but home will always be Vancouver.
  11. Thankful for: the health for family and friends, money, the ability to work from home, friends Looking forward to: nothing. I don't look that far ahead Taken for granted: nothing. For the past 20 years, I've been very cognizant of what's important in life that I don't prioritize money, status, title, looks or material things. I've put my time, effort and energy into keeping connections, making memories, and acting to avoid regrets. Used to value but don't as much in the scheme of things: nothing. I've always been grateful for hot water, electricity, internet, a place to call home, a job, lots of friends and family and enough money to have the ability to decide my own fate. I have valued people's integrity, values and actions over superficial looks and talk. I will continue to do so. Life / perspective change: I had been thinking about changing myself in order to finally attract a partner.. change up my looks/style, learn how to flirt and date.. But now I think dating is out of the question. I'll try and say goodbye to all that. I really do need to redo my Will though..
  12. good luck. good for you for getting out there and dating!
  13. i'd agree but maybe if you build it, they will come..
  14. that's good news! yeah i remember you weren't too happy in that company. but anyway, still good news nonetheless. focus on that and ignore the self-doubt and critical inner voice that pops up. hopefully it won't. was just talking to a friend and we have to break off when we recognize the thoughts that lead to spiraling..
  15. Good times. Think people are just more reserved now. I miss the silliness! we need more of that. too much adulting is bad for everyone's health. lol i think i was a lurker from 2003 then joined in 2006. lots of different personalities changed even during that time.. oh and godzilla deuce was a fun poster too. miss octane. he's the only one i've met from cdc. You were never a dick, SC oh man, was that seriously 5 years ago??!!!
  16. Yep, you're right. Someone very cool did.
  17. never thought that it happened but yep, it happens. poor kids. aside: *waves* Hi BM! Good to see you!
  18. when people have children with the thinking that a child will save the relationship. it just screws up the child(ren). stop being selfish and short sighted. fix the problem. don't make it worse.
  19. hey.. been 2 weeks but hang in there. hard dealing with confidence drops. starts out high but as time continues and the unemployment drags on, it gets seriously tough. what helped me was talking to others who were also going through the same thing.. we supported each other as our egos made serious drops at different times. remember some things aren't in your control. hiring decisions are dependent on lots of things outside of what you have control over - economy, hiring manager, budget, internal politics, industry trends.. one career facilitator once gave us some advice to help avoid that shame that we all felt: don't have your goal as "get a job"; instead, have your goal as something that you have control over: send out 2 applications per week, conduct 5 informational interviews per month, etc.
  20. Heeyyyy, SC! You've graduated from your Masters? Congrats! Not envying you guys right now. Looking for work is not an easy job. People start blaming the person the longer the unemployment lasts too and it's hard not to be affected. Being around other unemployed people helps... and also being around optimistic people who can remind you that you aren't defined by the unemployment, that this is just a phase in life that will pass, and who will encourage you to keep going and to do those hard things like networking and information interviews.. Yeah, that helps too.
  21. i sort of did this but i did tell people where I was going and I didn't have a job to go to or place to stay at. i gave 6 months notice, applied for a visa and then bought a 1 way flight. it's a good way to start fresh temporarily and be able to prove to yourself that you have a wee bit of control over your future. found that you can't run from all of the problems but it was a nice reprieve.
  22. Michael Jackson Neil Diamond Roch Voisine Metallica Il Divo Chicago Would have liked to see Freddie Mercury and Queen..
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