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  1. But you can't take them into shops or restaurants.
  2. "Heat wave" by our wussy pampered West Coast standards only.
  3. You mean the people of Toronto won't reelect him like the DC'ers did for Marion Barry?
  4. As is right wing politicians doing something wrong and illegal. I agree one is innocent till proven guilty, but same goes for your allegation that the left-wing media made things up. How about a little objectivity and pursuit of truth, and holding elected officials to the highest standards of ethics and accountability, instead of being a partisan or ideological team player who will only call the fouls committed by the other team?
  5. Kind of like this guy... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marion_Barry Sad thing is, the people of DC reelected him even after it became known he was a crackhead and was arrested for it.
  6. Can we ride on the roofs, like they do in India?
  7. Can we have an office staff with women and not have drama?
  8. President's Trophy - Stanley Cup = Nothing (that matters)
  9. Glad to hear that was not your implication (though it seemed like it).
  10. Yeah, this province is just overrun by them, eh?
  11. We Canucks fans can relate, with a Toronto centred national media.
  12. They were lucky just to make it to the shootout.
  13. Dreadfully boring game, I thought. Italy knew how to get scoring chances. They just did not know what to do with them.
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