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  1. It must be nice to have a team so good it can qualify for the playoffs without him!
  2. 3 PP assists for Hedman, win for Vasi... Not sure who’s happier that Kucherov is back: @Master Mind or me?
  3. I don't think you get 3 Calder finalists in 3 consecutive years without a coach who knows how to develop talent. I don't think that's the problem. If I had to guesstimate what the problem is, it's the assistant coaches, primarily Baumgartner. But I'd rather can the whole coaching staff than try to keep the status quo.
  4. Sure, if the “something else” is Pettersson or Hughes. Winnipeg gave up a lot for Dubois. Don’t see them flipping the switch and trading him away for anything less than an overpayment.
  5. I somewhat disagree. For 3 reasons: 1) Teams have had over a year to adjust to the flat cap. Last year it was a surprise no one was prepared for. 2) Teams need to convince fans to come back and part with their money for tickets next year. A high-profile free agent signing builds interest and sells tickets. 3) There are 23 more jobs available next season. Every team (except Vegas) is going to lose someone on the expansion draft, in many cases freeing up money along with them. Many teams will be looking to fill holes, there will be lots of competition.
  6. I find it quite baffling that someone actually believes one side is clearly at fault for this mess.
  7. I wouldn’t judge a guy on this season. The whole year was a mess - professionally, and personally. Everybody is struggling with the craziness of this pandemic in different ways. Miller watched his former team win the Cup, then got stuck in a country he couldn’t leave to see his family, then has his main line mate struggle for a 1/3 of the season, then miss the rest of the season. And the team has flat-out sucked. If he’s not happy about the situation, then good - he shouldn’t be.
  8. Size may be an issue, but it’s worth a shot, if he’s wanting to come here on a 1-year deal. This team desperately needs more skill - our PP2 is a dog’s breakfast. If Tkachyov pans out, him and Pod could possibly make something out of it, and could be 2/3 of an effective 3rd line (finally!).
  9. It looked like you had a really good shot, but then it was discovered that Colorado added a player at the deadline who was missed on pickup. There’s still a chance you could catch them, but it’s a long-shot now.
  10. We’re not a very good team. Spending a bunch of assets to dump 1 year of salary and adding one decent forward is not enough to put us over the top. And it’s a terrible idea for the long-term. Even Benning - a guy who has been notoriously optimistic about his team - clearly said it’s going to take another year. Let’s pick our top-10 stud, and ride out the bad contracts. Hopefully a healthy Petey and some progression from the young guys will at least make us a playoff team again next year. Then take our shot in 2022-23.
  11. Carolina Hurricanes 2021 Playoff Roster Alex Ovechkin - Nazem Kadri - Reilly Smith Andre Burakovsky - Paul Stastny - Charlie Coyle Riley Nash - Ross Colton – Josh Archibald Gerald Mayhew - Mark Jankowski – Radim Zohorna Joe Snively Victor Hedman - Mikhail Sergachev Jeremy Lauzon - Alec Martinez Ben Chiarot - Justin Holl Jon Merrill Dan Renouf Andre Vasilevskiy Jake Allen Black Aces F – Alan Quine, Mitchell Chaffee G – Oscar Dansk
  12. Schmidt has a 10-team NTC. I promise you Buffalo is on it. And really, despite being a lefty, he’s our best RD, and by a sizeable margin. Unless he indicates he wants out, trading him would be a step backwards.
  13. The last 2 games they played against each other were penalty-filled, with Florida dominating. But gotta think Tampa were just resting and waiting, they will be a different team in the playoffs. Bolts in 6.
  14. Winnipeg should benefit from the extended break in the North playoffs. But still think they won’t be able to contain McDraisaitl with that defence. Oilers in 6.
  15. Tough to say with the health of key players on the Capitals. I’m gonna guess they’re not in good shape, and say Boston in 5.
  16. Pens are rolling, and Isles are not. Can’t see Pittsburgh taking them lightly either, after getting swept by NYI last time they met in the playoffs. Pens in 6.
  17. On the surface, this looks like Leafs in 5. But the team that is probably helped most by this delay for the North division playoffs is the Habs. Not only to potentially get key players back healthy, but also for the new coaching staff to finally get some time to work on stuff in practice. The first game should show if Montreal are a rejuvenated team - if so, Habs in 7.
  18. It’s a good thing @Monty has 3 Flames players (said no one else ever). He’s very likely to pass NYR (who have no Flames or Canucks) after the playoffs have started. Anaheim might also catch Colorado with 3 Canucks, but Colorado has Holtby so he might get some points too.
  19. Hoglander is outproducing Reinhart’s rookie season. And on a team that is collectively -29, he leads all forwards (who have played at least 30 games) with only a -1. Hoglander is part of the solution. And his cheap cap hit is desperately needed with the flat cap and big raises needed for EP and QH.
  20. Screw trading Hoglander. Are you kidding me? The guy is already a stud at 20, and only costs $900K for 2 more years.
  21. At least part of the problem with defence is on coaching. The team has made too many improvements on paper to still be this bad at suppressing scoring chances. A few years ago we had Gudbranson, Stecher, Hutton, Sbisa, and Biega all playing regularly, 2 of them often getting top-4 minutes. Edler and Tanev were good, but often at least one was injured. It was no surprise that defensively we sucked. But now with the additions of Schmidt, Hughes, Hamonic, and Myers, we should be significantly better...but we’re not. Gotta change how they’re being deployed.
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