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  1. Yo Benning, I averaged a PPG in beer league two years ago. I shoot RH and I can play D. I'll take league minimum, thank you.
  2. Did not like Sutter at his old contract but just over 1M is fine for a 4C. He just needs to stay healthy.
  3. A lot of people ripped Ray Ferraro for comparing Virtanen’s potential to a Jannik Hansen a few years back. Virtanen never even got close to Hansen’s level.
  4. This is how I see it too, but I'm not sure how I feel about it. We traded expiring contracts at the end of next year (12M cap space) + whoever we would've drafted at 9th tonight + whoever we drafted at 2nd round next year for OEL + Garland. Obviously our roster is already vastly improved and moves could still be made but now our future cap situation becomes a bit more tricky. I'm not sure which I'd rather have but we're definitely a playoff team now.
  5. Garland would be good fit and he plays bigger than size. He also gets rocked a lot and has missed some time with injuries, which could be a concern.
  6. Sutter would be fine at a cheaper contract but I'd prefer a player that can stay healthy for the 3C role.. Sutter's injuries have piled up the last few years.
  7. He's going to have some nice pieces to work with in Zegras and Drysdale
  8. Didn't he struggle a bit in this year's playoffs? I remember seeing him being kind of a whipping boy for B's fans this year
  9. Former college teammate of Tyler Motte. Could be useful as fringe 4th liner, but nothing more. We've already got a lot of those types of players too.,
  10. I'm a firm believer that Miller played a big role in Marky's development.
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