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  1. thanks for the b-day wishes

  2. no way! I went 38 and 3 until the ones I skipped came back and finsihed with 85% 40/47. Good luck

  3. pretty good, got my license, went golfing (closest to hockey as I can get :P) how about yours?

  4. thanks :) happy late b-day to you! sorry I was so busy on the weekend, couldn't wish it to you on the day.

  5. haha, bound for greatness for sure :P

  6. ooops :$ well i hope you have a good b-day!

  7. haha, yeah pretty sure I am :P nice to know someone has the same b-day as me on the boards :P

  8. haha, nice. where did teh whole walrus thing come from?:P

  9. no, im not teh walrus :S are you?lol

  10. haha yup, 4 sure

  11. haha, yeah you would get to see the hometown of... Dallas Drake, Jackman,McCarthy,Tambellini(our dude),Deadmarsh and some other people

  12. haha that would be a pretty long walk

  13. if you like pasta come to trail... :P

  14. helllooo.. whats up?

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