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  1. Agreed. If you watch his WHL highlight package his goals all look the same for the reasons you explained. Not sure why the scouts never saw that as a warning.
  2. John Cooper is a super nice guy. I know a lot of people in PG are proud. He was a superb lacrosse player.
  3. At this time there was also 'War Measures Act' which gave gov't the power to do anything it wanted. Civil liberties basically didn't exist in Canada during this period nor most countries.
  4. People were locked down in the winter/spring. And in some countries that has started again This was done without consent and done without any proper debate or discussion. This is what the deeper liberty at stake issue is and has been raised by some very well respected figures. And the fact that the OP thinks there is scientific agreement about the seriousness of the virus tells you another thing about 'openness' in our society.
  5. breathe deeply and try not to panic
  6. Early on they didn't see much use in widespread testing. Contract tracing works in situations where infection is extremely low (e.g Taiwan) and that only happened in countries that understood what was going on. Japan wasn't one of them. The genie was out of the bottle here well before action was taken. As a side note the experts in France think the virus was circulating widely in France Nov. of last year well before they knew what was going on. I suspect the same here. If you insist on taking a test you can get one. Otherwise you have to meet the protocols or be caught in contact tracing. The general consensus here is that it is widely spread but people are just not getting sick from it. Many academics think that something circulated in this part of the world that has muted the Covid impact in many countries in Asia. But yes if the gov't wanted to test everyone we would have high infection numbers for sure. Tokyo still has about 200 cases a day depending which day of the week. As far as Covid deaths I am sure they are verified correctly here. I joke with my friends that most places you go here it is the 'old norm inside the new norm'. By this I mean masks, sanitizer, 2 meter markers are all part of getting into somewhere but once you are in all that goes out the window. Line ups dwindle down from 2 metre spacing to 10 cm.
  7. Unfortunate for sure. About 150,000 people die everyday around the world. So in a year at the moment that 1 million of Covid deaths (if you trust the numbers) is 7 days of excess or extra death for the world.
  8. Is she lying? This was today. You mean exposures right? Henry noted that there had been no school outbreaks so far, but there have been approximately 30 school exposures.
  9. Petey read the original posts. The 'little johnny' narrative was debunked months ago by studies. It was used back in the spring and still used to scare people and to shame There are data-driven reasons why schools are open. For Tram's comments the main point is they don't know what is going to happen (they have different models based on certain conditions) but want people to practice an array of social distancing measures and for the various gov'ts to take necessary measures. I think most Canadians or at least the people I know understand this and have been doing this since things first went bad last winter. I listened to Trudeau's comments the other day as well. And just reaffirmed my belief he is one of the dumbest PM's we have had in decades. He says things void of any meaning. He is the idiot. The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle! Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player, That struts and frets his hour upon the stage, And then is heard no more. It is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.
  10. There is so much literature (e.g.studies) around the world that conclude my basic point. That is why schools are open. Here is just one of those countless papers.
  11. Not with Covid read evidence. Cases clearly show in the house it is primarily parent to child. Think what you think though.
  12. transmissions in the house are primarily from adult to child.
  13. says the guy who thinks people who test positive should be half beaten to death. okay cowboy.
  14. Yeah why is your son going out drinking at a 'bar' when those places have been singled out as spreaders.