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  1. https://bcchr.ca/news/vancouver-adults-antibodies-against-sars-cov-2?fbclid=IwAR2_uPfNooMt9yi2rzZZPVxexfqkTgV9x97VTrRmpIrIj5j51KAQGOMXAM4
  2. it came across as overdramatized and so did Ian's fear porn piece.
  3. https://undark.org/2020/11/25/complicated-rise-of-eric-feigl-ding/
  4. Is Dipietro still with this team? I cannot find him.
  5. off topic but cannot seem to find any info on M. Dipietro? Anyone know?
  6. anyone tell me what is going on with M. Dipietro? thanks.
  7. LA's new daily pass system - wow! https://achieve.lausd.net/dailypass
  8. For the Canucks now it is about righting the ship and not worry about making the playoffs now. Guys like Jake need to be getting lots of minutes.
  9. Ian Mac thinks the same thing as well about not wanting to spend.
  10. is it me or does it seem like we have taken a lot of penalties late in the third that have either halted a comeback or caused a loss?
  11. owners do not want to pay more salary. Green is gone for sure at the end of the year.
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