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  1. Hi. Just wondering if you remember predictting back in july of 2009 that Hodgson would be centering the Sedins?

  2. thanks for the game!!!

  3. What was that thread about? The one you made and requested to be locked? Just a bit curious.

  4. theres Canucks' models/ cheerleaders??? or is that just a local photo shoot, that incorporated the Canucks jersey

  5. I don't believe we have ever chatted before lol.. or am i crazy and have a bad memory?

  6. o... damn. Mr. Habitat you're still around. i thought you left for good. Its nice that you're still here

  7. yea i thought it was, looks like you took him out though, it didn't really make sense to have him in there cause he didn't move on or stay behind. well he did move on but not to the playoffs.

  8. yep that Yashin, in his KHL team jersey

  9. is that alexi yashin in your sig?

  10. Your signature is awesome. Awesome to the MAX.