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  1. Halloween is upon us, and I will be making Flyer video montages throughout the month, to celebrate the color orange and black. Enjoy! Danny Briere http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1_cCmTpUXY Jake Voracek
  2. I take a look at the draft history between the Canucks and Predators. The focus of this information was to discover which team had drafted more steady NHLers since Nashville's inception in 1998. I won't list any trades regarding picks, because that would be another article in itself. Let's just say in this time frame, both teams have moved a 1st round pick for a franchise player on the decline, and neither of them panned out. (Trevor Linden [VAN] & Peter Forsberg [NSH]). Also note, because of Nashville's 'start from scratch' creation, they had a little bit of advantage in the position of their 1st round picks. Still, note the kind of players missed out by both teams, even in latter rounds. (Plus, there are alot of excellent players not listed here.) CRITERIA FOR TEAM PLAYERS (VAN or NSH) - Must have been a 1st Round Pick, OR played 2 full seasons worth of games, OR be on a current NHL starting roster CRITERIA FOR NON-TEAM PLAYERS (Drafted by rest of NHL) - Must have been selected as an NHL All-Star, and selected AFTER a team player Format: (TEAM) DraftRound(OverallSelection) VIEW THE DRAFT LIST HERE -JULES <3 ( twitter.com/julesocean)
  3. About to upload new article CDC!

  4. A second line left wing. That is what Mason Raymond is, that is what the Canucks need. Raymond already a part of the team and a suitable role for that position, so it's natural the Canucks pursue resigning him. Raymond is going through arbitration now, because he feels he can fetch more dollars than what he was offered. The rumblings are that his agent will present a strong case for making upto 4 million per year. Is that worth his value? Should Canucks decide to walk away from him, let's take a look at a list of players who can realistically replace him. Please note: I am including UFA's AND RFA's, because both categories are plausible signings. The list is in no specific order! My price range is no one who I think would make more than 3 million dollars. Paul Kariya: 43 P in 75 GP. This has to be his worse point per game year yet, which makes him a viable option for a low-balled contract. Could thrive one last time in the right system, if conditioned enough. Tomas Fleischmann: 51 P in 69 GP. Injury problems have plagued this young skater's career, but this guy can play either wing, and has been played as a center with the Caps for part of last year. Slava Kozlov: 26 P in 55 GP. This unpredictable veteran has had seasons that range from just over a point per game to the stat that is beside his name. He is 38, so this may just be his swan song, instead of an unfocused year. James Neal: 55 P in 78 GP. Only 22, and in just his second season of the NHL. I would speculate the 3 million limit I've set would be a great deal to catch Neal under. He will either continue or improve his game next year. Jere Lehtinen: 17 P in 58 GP. More of the same mold as Kozlov. An old, streaky player, and throw in injury problems too. With that being said, this 37 year old fetched 37 P in 48 GP just three years ago. 50 points in a full season is not out of reach for Jere's last gasp. Fabian Brunnstrom: 11 P in 44 GP. Given the past drama surrounding Canucks trying to sign him for his rookie NHL season, and his disappointing work once arrived in the NHL with the Dallas Stars, this player may not ever be an option. Worth noting, as he is skilled and capable, IF disciplined. He tallied 29 P in 59 GP 2 years ago in his rookie season. Alexei Ponikarovsky: 50 P in 77 GP. Poni boy is capable of 20 goals per season, as accomplished with the Leafs for multiple seasons. It seems like forever since he winged to Mats Sundin, but he is only 30. Ruslan Fedotenko: 30 P in 80 GP. Doesn't look too good? Well he accomplished 39 P in 65 GP the year before. He has only reached 40 points once in his career, even while playing aside Malkin and Crosby. He is 31 with room for improvement, but Fedz may be better suited for a third line, or a team with lesser offensive power than the Canucks. Matt Moulson: 48 P in 82 GP. Having a breakout season, Matt has finally stuck in the NHL for a full season at the age of 26. This late bloomer shouldn't be overlooked. Fredik Modin: 11 P in 44 GP. The 35 year old's best stat year was 57 P in 2004 with Tamba Bay. He has seen a natural decline because of age though. Alexander Frolov: 51 P in 81 GP. This playmaker who is arguably in his prime right now, will surely fetch the 3 million limit I've set if I am too include him in this list. That's about it for my scouting report, alot of older players who probably won't even be looked at, and alot of RFA's that will probably be resigned by their current team. However they are all possibilities and all capable of being productive second liners playing alongside Kesler and Samuelsson. Who do you like the looks of? Have another suggestion? Leave a comment and let me know! @itzJULES
  5. Yo I'm down for the fantasy league, I added you to MSN, let's talk about it.

  6. <img src=http://cdn.nhl.com/canucks/images/upload/2009/11/nov2909_luongo3_t.jpg" class="imageFloatLeftFramed">We've had expectations since the moment Ohlund played his last game. Who would sign? Who would grow from last year? A bunch of labels have been put on the top 6 since the moment Schneider signed. Now, let's compare these expectations, to some realistic feedback. Post your own expectation grades and reality grades! LEGEND: (E) = EXPECTED. ® = REALITY. O = OFFENSIVE PLAY. D = DEFENSIVE PLAY. Bieksa (E) O: B- D: B- Bieksa ® O: B D: B NOTES: Bieksa has played pretty much as well as last year, with alot of people seeing him as going downhill, he has been consistant in his play (good and bad) Edler (E) O: B+ D: B Edler ® O: B D: B+ NOTES: Expected to be the top offensive D-man alongside Ehrhoff before Schneider's arrival, he hasn't quite matched the tempo of Christian offensively, but has played reasonably well defensively. Salo (E) O: A- D: B+ Salo ® O: C- D: A- NOTES: A healthy expectation of Salo was to be up there in the top 3 or 4 of point getting D-men, utilizing the powerplay, he has been lackluster in that area and disappointing. Perhaps trying to prevent injury, he has fallen back into just his solid defensive work. Watch for him to become more active in the push for the playoffs and into the series itself. Mitchell (E) O: C D: A Mitchell ® O: C D: A- NOTES: Arguably our "shutdown" D-man, Mitchell was never expected to put up points, and has been keeping top lines at bay fairly well. Has been strong so far since looking a bit worn out in the last half of last year's season. Ehrhoff (E) O: B+ D: B- Ehrhoff ® O: A- D: C+ NOTES: So far the best acquisition in the off-season, Ehrhoff has matched and exceeded expectations in his offensive game, leading the squad in that category. His defensive play has looked a bit sloppy at times, a decline from his performance with the Sharks. Schneider (E) O: A- D: B- Schneider ® O: B- D: B- NOTES: The seasoned vet brought in to help the powerplay, and replace Ohlund's experienced leadership. A decline in his production was expectated, but so far has been more than predicted. His defensive play has been as advertised his whole career. He has been looking better lately, look for him to start to step up more.
  7. Ahahaa win!!!!!!!!! Henrik I love you. lol, I like the Leafs! They are fun to watch (ups and downs). Favorite Canuck, and why? gogogo! I'm undecided right now or else I'd answer first. Maybe by next reply I'll have one.

  8. Ahaha, don't worry no one robbed you. sigh. Wings got lucky.. oh well.

  9. I see you. O.O

  10. Week 6 is beginning, and you've got some more moves available to you. Who do you pick that is gonna help you in the long run? Let's take a little rundown of some suitable players, base on their last week's performance! [C] Jay McClement, earning this mention by topping the league in faceoffs won with 49. He isn't going to get you many (if any) points though, with 3 goals and 3 assists on the season. Unless you are continually getting killed in the dot, I would use him as a last resort, as the Blues are struggling to find offence. [C] Paul Stastny, the young star racked up 5 assists playing on Colorado's topline. If you have been sleeping on the Avalanche's reputation from last year, pick him up immediately. He is a plus 8 on the season, and will get you your fill of helpers. [C] Henrik Sedin, having the only shorthanded point of centers, has been quietly holding his own without brother Daniel. If you are not already giving him primary playing time, consider benching someone else! [C] Matthew Lombardi, picking up his production lately; has 4 assists, 3 of which are on the man advantage. Keep an eye on him, as he is capable of steady points. [C] Derek Roy, on a 3 game point streak, has 3 goals and 1 assist. 3 of those came on the powerplay. He has been strong in faceoffs too, a possible under-the-radar pickup. [C] Anze Kopitar, if there is anyone who should never be benched right now, it's him. 3 goals and 3 assists, with a very appealing plus 4 to throw in! Continue to roll him. [LW] Alex Tanguay, after a very slow start, has looked to finally turn it on. 5 points (2 goals) and a plus 5 rating means it may be time to open a utility spot for him. [LW] Ryan Smyth, also carrying a 5 point (2 goal) tally, has a plus 4 rating. This veteran has been Kopitar's (left) hand man, so keep him active! [LW] Nigel Dawes, 4 assists on the week. A very sleepy choice for some secondary goal feeding, if you are in need. [LW] Zach Parise, accumulated 3 powerplay points. Keep him in rotation as his numbers will continue to grow, especially with Patrik Elias returning. [LW/RW] Tomas Fleischmann, 3 goals and an assist, showing that Ovechkin can take his injury time and the Caps will still score. A plus 4 rating also makes him an option. [LW/RW] Loui Eriksson, also 3 goals an assist, is going to have a stellar year if he continues to play alongside Brad Richards. [RW] Mike Knuble, doing what he came to the Caps to do, scoring 5 points (2 goals) and possessing a plus 5 rating, he is probably the top pickup choice in terms of RW right now. [RW] Jarome Iginla, with October over, has started November off with 4 goals and 1 assist. 2 of those game winners. Iggy's slow start is over, so keep him off your bench when you have to choose! [RW] Maxim Afinogenov, along with the collective Thrashers seem to be scoring alot, which is a good sign for wishy-washy Afinogenov. 4 assists on the week should garner some attention. [D] Andy Greene, leading the week in powerplay points among defencemen with 3 is on a bit of a hot streak. I wouldn't take a chance on him yet, but keep notice. [D] Brian Pothier, with 4 points (3 assists) and a plus 6 rating is looking like a very strong pickup. Take the chance on him, as Mike Green can't do it all. [D] Chris Pronger, a goal and five assists, plus 5 rating. He is probably the most active D right now, so keep starting him! [D] Pavel Kubina, 3 goals, 2 on the powerplay. Quarterbacking the Thrashers offence from the blueline, is a streaky player, but shouldn't hurt you too much. [G] Ray Emery, 3 wins earns Razor the Goalie pick of the week. If you're still doubting him, stop! Well, there's my picks. Hopefully some of this insight will help you make a solid choice for you fantasy pool, good luck on week 6! Forecast the future by researching the past! -Jules
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