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  1. lol the season he won his calder he played a lot of PP time with tavares he had like 25+ points with tavares and he hasn't reached that mark in points per game or powerplay points ever since. if you are going to compare linemates. EP played with eriksson and goldobin the 1st year along with boeser. his production didn't really increase or decrease with the addition of Miller on that line. one can argued Miller production went up playing with EP.
  2. ya he's better than barzal that's all. .95 vs .89ppg first 2 season?
  3. lol every year he comes into camp out of shape.. last man on first man off the ice at practice etc etc and his inconsistency unwilling to play physical unwilling to give 100% effort every game.. and then this year he's even worse... the only reason benning re-signed him is he would look like a fool picking him over others in the first place.. and have nada to show for in the 2014 draft. as far as expansion draft goes.. there's hardly anyone on the team that's a MUST PROTECT other than the core.. why are we even worried about it trying to get this guy that guy to exposed lol.. alm
  4. Lol pettersson and hughes will sign for the bare minimum to keep playing? OK I guess it's done 8 years 700k per each?
  5. i don't like the gaudette trade one bit.. i would move him for draft picks.. not another plug that can barely play in the NHL.. we'll have just as good of a chance to draft a plug that can play a couple games in the NHL like highmore.. and bowey? we could have had him for free on the waiver and we had to downgrade a draft pick for it?? sure it's only a 4th rounder to a 5th rounder.. but you guys rave about his drafting all the time.. i give him a D for what he traded and what he got in return.. bowey is for expansion draft? there's plenty of ppl u can pluck off waiver for expansion draft.. and
  6. Lol I would have preferred a draft pick to gamble on than pick up this Highmore guy.. chances he will play a few games here and there and then not re signed
  7. boeser had 116 in 130 games when he signed his contract EP have a much bigger sample size i mean yes we don't know what they are pushing for but they are definitely going to look for 7+ even on a small bridge barzal's contract will prolly be a starting point
  8. 153 points in 165 games and if he didn't hit like 10+ post to start the season he'd also be leading the team in goals that's pretty impressive compare to horvat and boeser
  9. lol horvat pretty much got what he's worth.. he's not like a petterson or hughes lvl almost ppg guy.. he's like a .5 .6 ppg guy when he signed his contract so 5.5 is about reasonable.. boeser maybe got like 1 1.5 less than what he prolly coulda gotten.. but he's coming off multiple injuries and he's also structured to pretty much gurantee 8mil+ on his next contract as his qualifying will be 7.5+
  10. i doubt you'll see them willing to sign a 2-3 year bridge deal.. their agent will prolly advise them signing a 1 year 6-6.5mil deal and go at it again next season when the team have more cap. there's literally 0 reasons for them to sign anything more than a 1 year deal as i doubt they gonna have to worry about not getting a contract offer or risking a career ending injury
  11. why not? montreal offered aho so it's not unreasonable for a team to do it. columbus in theory could too since they can't lure any stars to that city. there's plenty of reason certain teams would do it
  12. lol why would seattle take eriksson for just gaudette? the asking price to take eriksson is minimum a 1st.. and prolly even more now with a flat cap
  13. don't really get the hate with pearson 3.25mil for a 15-20 goal scorer is consider terrible nowadays? he's still on pace for more than 15 goals this season if it was a full season and this was an anomaly year.. 3.25mil even in the bottom 6 that can score 10-15 goals is better than any of the bottom 6 deals we have signed ever since JB took over.
  14. lol what kind of logic is this? we should be allow to forfeit all the remaining games so we can have the worse record and win the draft lottery? i guess all the other teams that were affected by covid at some point should have all their game/season forfeited too since they weren't gonna make the playoff.. you logic makes 0 sense.. all the other teams might as well have some positive covid test and forfeit their season to win the lottery too then.
  15. the ideal way to make this work is to cut the canucks schedule and make it so the canucks play each team only 6 times as oppose to 8.. that way it'll still be fair to the teams battling out for home ice advantage as they all get to play the canucks the same amount of time to pad their standing. with the exception of montreal who already played all the games against the canucks i mean it's pretty much all a foregone conclusion they'll be the 4th best team.. if calgary somehow gets within 3 points of montreal after montreal finish their 56th games? then maybe schedule 2 games vs the canucks.. if
  16. so let's just say the players are done quaranting and comes back negative. is the league going to force the team to play even if the players are still having issues like breathing and stuff?? are players allowed to say i'm negative but i'm still suffering from covid and not play? or will the league penalize them? coz they are trying to finish the season?
  17. i guess it depends how many players recover in time and ready to play? samsonov had covid and wasn't he like out for 3-4 weeks?
  18. if anything they want to max their money now as who knows if covid will have a lingering effect on them long term performance wise
  19. Non of those plays center and 2 of 3 plays in the top 6. We can complain all we want about Gaudette production, but it's not exactly like he's put with players that will help his production either.
  20. coz he's avging .33 ppg as a bottom 6 player playing on the 3rd/4th line in more of a defensive role despite his horrendous season stat wise?
  21. i rather sign them to a long term contract at around 8mil than risk their agents going year to year and then get a massive contract regardless of cap going up or not.. i doubt pettersson is going to take a short term discounted contract. not sure where all the i feel like they won't squeeze every penny assessment comes from.. i'm sure most the players that signed massive contract didn't feel like that either till they signed it. Pettersson switched to the same agent as hughes for a reason.. why switch to a hard ass big name agent if you have no intent on maximizing your value?
  22. Okay? So we going all in next year buy everyone out and spend to the cap just so we can make the fans happy? Even though this team won't be good enough to contend for the cup? The goal I guess is not win a cup but to keep handicapping the team with dead cap every season just to make the fans happy. After buying these guys out then we'll prolly be talking about buying Myers out then whoever next the following season. When was the last time the canucks even had a full cap to spend and not have any cap retention buy out penalty.. or cap sitting in the press box buryed in the minor? Oh right never
  23. so instead of getting a filler dman next year since we prolly going no where again with our current defense you want to add a cap hit on the following year where we should be active and pushing? why are we wasting cap space on a flat cap with these buyout? save cap space for next year when we prolly ain't contending and then add it to the year where we should be contending?
  24. Um makar is in conversation for Norris before he was injured hughes is in conversation as one of the worse defender this year.. offensively they are about the same. Defensively makar wins by several country miles. Also what am I looking at for the hughes vs makar boeser vs barzal? They both have better ppg than hughes and boeser and both are far better defensively?
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