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  1. unless the team is planning on carrying the minimum 20 players on their active roster.. Eriksson is here to stay even if it's in the press box lol. Ferland will probably try to play the season and gets knocked out again so we really can't use his cap space.. we prolly burned every bridge with Baertishi so i doubt he'll ever play on the canucks ever again.. let's just say we pencil in Maceawen.. that'll leave Eriksson as the 13th forward to sit in the pressbox.. unless you guys think sitting a Lind or Hoglander in the pressbox every night instead of playing 15-20mins in the minor is good for their development.. Eriksson is here to stay lol..
  2. Oh I'm sure putting 3 players on a line they will figure out where they suppose to be? Or they need to be spoon fed what position they need to play on the ice? You name 5 players and the defenseman will go and play center right because you didn't put him in the correct spot on a piece of paper? I mean Miller takes the face off majority of the time and EP lines up on the LW even though he's listed as a Center so I guess thats not allowed either coz they then pencil him in the correct spot on a piece of paper
  3. oh whoopie doo i really care about putting a guy on the left or right. do you tie your left shoes first or your right shoes first? does it matter? apparently to you
  4. i dont see as better than last year as it stands. Tanev played all 69 games in the regular season last year Edler is 1 year older Holtby have been on a steep decline the last 3 season.. he's pushing 3.00 goals against every season the last 3 season on a capital team that doesn't give up a lot of shots they were consistently bottom 3rd in the league in shots against. i don't see how you can compare Holtby on a steep decline every season vs Markstrom who's been getting better every season the last couple season an upgrade. we lost toffoli in the top 6 Boeser still seem to be struggling with scoring but at least he's still putting up points. Pearson on the top 6 is another year older and who knows if he's even a top 6 anymore our top 6 is once again full of holes Boeser/Petterson/Miller Pearson??/Horvat/Virtanen?? that top 6 doesn't seem scary at all... if Boeser not producing on the top line with EP and Miller we just toss in virtanen or whomever and hope it works? i think it'll be a struggle and we'll be fighting and competing with other borderline team for the wildcard again.
  5. lol there'll be 30 other teams lining up to sign a 0.5 ppg defenseman for 700k even as a 7th defenseman which he is not.. he's been avg close to 0.5ppg every year except 2
  6. before he's signed everyone here wants to trade vritanen and a bag of puck for him he's great blah blah blah.. after he's signed he's a overpaid 20g scorer Montreal is a clown, they deals too long etc etc etc.. you do know if decent/good players have the advantage.. most if not all wouldn't take deals with short terms low cap just to benefit the team
  7. Everyone is going crazy about Schmidt and his 5 year 6mil contract that'll take him to 34 35 but everyone is trashing OEL calling him a liability in a couple season. I thought you guys are all against player having big contracts till they are mid 30s?
  8. Lol ya, but this team tbh never tanked. The year they finished near bottom.. they just out right sucked, not like they traded anyone from their roster to tank
  9. you take on 3.45 + whatever it takes to sign cernak.. Johnson and Killorn is not a top 6 at this stage of their career.. and instead of handcuffing the team with eriksson for 2 years.. you handcuff the team with johnson and killorn at 9mil + for 3 years for 1 and 4 years for the other.. makes 0 sense..
  10. lol so you are telling the canucks to take add another 3.5mil to their cap space when they already don't have much for 3+ years for 2 guys that'll end up on the bottom 6? so instead of loui at 6mil 2years you are paying Johnson and Killorn for 9.5 for 3-4 years? ya we should add more cap to our bottom 6 just what we need
  11. stop tanking? when did we ever tanked? they win meaningless games down the stretch during the rebuild to give ourselves the worse possible odds. the Matthew draft came to mind lol winning the California 3 game trip at the end to beat out Toronto.. although we more than likely won't win that 1st overall anyways
  12. or those + draft picks for literally nothing in return is a lot more enticing to any team than eriksson + anything.. at least those guys can play and make contribution and great character guys.
  13. so why they don't give cernak to the cap floor teams for free if they are willing to take the other 1 or 2 cap dump and have 0 caps coming back? or even retention on 1 or 2 of them? why would they dump 9 mil worth of players just to save 4mil? the 2 cap dump can still play in the league unlike eriksson just not worth the cap hit.. they can prolly find a cap floor team to actually take them with retention or no retention depending on what kind of sweetener they are willing to give up without taking any dead caps back that can't even play.
  14. or tampa bay can easily trade those guys for a 2nd or more without the eriksson? why do they want eriksson again?
  15. I dunno the defense looks bad defensively last season and barring some kind of trade its going to look worse this year. Hughes is going to be overworked and Edler is another year older. Who on the team can eat up big mins beside hughes and maybe Edler? I doubt green would be comfortable playing juolevi and Rafferty 15+ mins a night.. same with Benn or Fantenberg if we re sign him. Not much left in FA in terms of defenseman that would make a difference other than AP. If we try to trade for a top 4.. I dont want to imagine the cost. We keep saying our cap issue will be fine in couple years well ep and Hughes will combine for prolly 14-16 mil compared to their 2mil now.. so that really eats up all of eriksson sutter luongo caps. Bo will prolly get a slight raise his next contract the following year. We also have a bunch of players to sign so I dont see how we all of a sudden have plenty of caps to play with.. unless EP and Hughes signs a friendly bridge deal.
  16. Lol all we have done this off season is qualify jake and now gonna waste 3.5+ mil cap space on him to be out of shape by start of next season. Imagine arbitrator gives him 4mil just based on his goals and not caring about how he plays
  17. All depends youll need at least 4 hub cities.. and I dont see how you just play the same team over and over again jn thr same hub city
  18. As long as the government ain't letting players family in the country I dont see any player willing to go thru the entire season away from family. NHL team owners prolly better off wiping the season not paying then have to go thru an entire season in any bubble with no fans. Look at the number of cases spiking everywhere. Its not even wave 2 yet
  19. But markstrom will continue to be elite and get better till he's 35??
  20. Ya they aint gonna play a season in a bubble setting lol no players would agree to that
  21. Like more beagles rousell ferland bargain?
  22. I'm referring to the ppl on cdc just read thru the 150+ pages lol
  23. Lol most on CDC will say OEL is declining or will be declining a lot etc etc to fit their narrative of lowball or nothing offer. They are the same ppl that are willing to sign a pietrangelo markstrom etc all to mid 30s and apparently those guy will continue to be great.
  24. I dont see as being a playoff team if we drop markstrom tanev toffoli. That defense defensively simply ain't good enough and losing a tanev and replacing it with rookies? I dont see demko being able to stand on his head the entire season with an even more inferior defense.
  25. lol so what if markstrom start regressing after 1-2 years? most average goalie don't continue to peak past 30. mostly it's just the big name elite goalies that age well into their 30s.. Markstrom is not one of them.. we keep talking about OEL contract going into 35 years is an anchor yet we are willing to give markstrom a 5mil+ going into 35? he's going to be untradeable if he regresses are we buying him out? or would we be forced to get another starter and have close to 10mil invested in goalies so we don't waste the prime years of hughes and Pettersson possibly still on a bridge contract?