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  1. There were reports of a fight, and/or having fallen down some stairs in the basement. While there was blood at the bottom of the basement stairs, it never made sense to the family that he went that way. There was nothing in the basement and he would have had to have gone well out of his way to get there too. Among other things, his car wasn't parked in the right place, his car was locked (he never did that), his uniform and boots were put away in the proper places as well (something he never did either).
  2. Hey, so it's been probably more than a decade since I posted anything of significance here, but I promise I used to be one of the more active members. I also know that this is going to be an incredible long shot, but I've taken a lot of them with this and it has paid off immensely, so here goes another one: My grandfather (Bernie) was in the army (a member of RCEME) and he with my grandmother (Annie), and their four sons were stationed at Camp Gagetown in Oromocto, New Brunswick in February of 1968. On the night of February 8th, 1968 my grandfather went out
  3. Oh yeah, there are some names I recognize. I hope life's been good to everyone.
  4. Well, hindsight is definitely 20/20. I had to go on it as part of my job, and part of the "tour" was talking about how they have to react in various kinds of emergencies. It was terrifying to think about, especially considering we already had casualties on their maiden voyage here. Of all the places/postings possible in the forces, I think being a submariner would be the most terrifying.
  5. But ours are cool and retro! Actually, in all fairness, ours have had some pretty significant upgrades. There wasn't a lot I was allowed to take pictures of, but this was one of them.
  6. I have five, but I also have high standards and slightly obscure tastes. 1. Milana Vayntrub 2. Krysten Ritter 3. Alicia Vikander 4. Jennifer Lawrence 5. Shailene Woodley I can't possibly be the only Milana Vayntrub fan here, right?
  7. I hope this thread isn't too old to reply to. I've been away for a while so forgive me. (Also, since when has CDC started letting you upload photos directly? I used to have to upload them to Photobucket and then link to them using BBCode, this is awesome!) My girlfriend and I recently picked up a mirrorless Canon EOS M10 and have been tinkering with it a bit, plus I have an LG G5 which probably had the best camera in a smart phone at the time of its release (and I haven't found a phone with a significantly better camera since either). I do absolutely no photo editing at all
  8. Sir Colon Dee! How have you been?!
  9. *Taps mic* Is this thing still on? I've been a member since March 2003. I haven't posted since March 2010. I've gotten married, divorced, no kids (thank God), am currently living with a new girlfriend. I had kind of a funny thought that lead me here. Back in the day I used to be *very* anti-conspiracy theory (and still very much am) but in the last couple of years I've been investigating my grandfather's unsolved murder from 1968, which is looking more and more like a government conspiracy and cover up. Made me kind of laugh to think
  10. I mostly agree. Ninja Pro on most things, Steady Aim pro on sniping is usually my way, but on certain levels I'll put SitRep on (if I die from even ONE claymore, I switch to a nubetoobing, RPG-ing, Danger closing, SitRepping class). The best kill I ever had was a double kill by seeing and shooting a claymore through a wall and killing two people.
  11. When I hear people whine about the way I play (Cold blood, Ninja, Silenced UMP) I ask them how they would like to be killed, and if there is some way I can kill them that would make them happy. Most shut up, but if they suggest something I go with it and usually kill them like that too. I bitch a lot, but only when I legitimately don't understand what's going on. I've had some weird stuff happen to me lately: - Wasn't allowed to walk up any set of stairs - Pressed reload (after getting 6 kills and only 1 away from a Harrier) and ALL of my weapons disappeared. They stayed gone until
  12. I just prestiged for my fourth time. My first game after prestiging, Underpass (may favourite level), I started as the running class (I like the UMP). The very first kill I got, the guy dropped my favourite gun (Silenced UMP). I finished the match 39-1, I went up to level 6 in one match. I'd have to say it was 70% personal skill, 10% team work (they actually talked/listened and we organized!) and 20% luck. I never did use marathon/lightweight before, but it seems to work well with a silenced gun. I'm already back up to level 26 and I just prestiged this morning. My overall
  13. He definitely said he had one, and that he had earned it, but couldn't use it because I EMP'd before he was done using his chopper gunner. He certainly sounded legitimately pissed. I would be too.
  14. Do Pavelows not count towards kill streaks? I had my kill streaks set up as: 9- Pavelow 11-Chopper Gunner 25 - Nuke I got my Pavelow, and my Chopper gunner, and had a 25 kill streak (including some kills from my Pavelow) and I didn't get my nuke. Are there others that don't count towards kill streaks? I still have not used or earned a nuke. Though I did use an EMP to prevent someone else's nuke. That might have just been more fun than getting a nuke. (I used the EMP after I noticed someone was 25-0 before they were able to use their nuke, our team went on to win before the
  15. I like having Ninja Pro (silent footsteps) and cold blood on to sneak up on campers. The only time I "camp" is if I've come across a group of enemies I'm near I'll kill what I can before getting noticed, then I'll drop and hide (camp) in a corner temporarily until I've killed everyone coming after me. Then I'll move because I don't want people finding me. Generally it's only for a max of six kills. FMJ is another good way to get rid of campers (and get exp points).
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