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  1. After 6 games OJ is the only +-player on the team (+1).
  2. That was a brutal performance, pathetic. Especially in the third period hard to bear. I hope everbody picks it up and gives a better effort next time in the GDT/PGT. Come on CDC! As far as the team is concerned, they'll be fine.
  3. At least Tryamking with Hughes would look funny.
  4. OK. Outsider's perspective. I have no horse in this race. I'm European, not living in North America nor am I planning to ever do so. Not watching CNN nor FOX but following lots of different sources. There are some great shows, websites and podcasts out there. There are some points that I do not disagree with. Politicians should first and foremost serve their country and its people, overly well-paid side jobs and resulting conflicts of interest are an issue. Some big media groups and their social media channels have too much influence and there is danger that it could be abused. I'm also not a big fan of restricting expression of opinion. Multifaceted and differentiated opinions are important and for the most part echo chambers are too easily built nowadays. And sure, to a certain extent media shapes perception. But... considering all the knowledge that we have access to, all the sources, interviews, numbers, laws, messages - directly and unfiltered from the president himself, calling "the left" (whatever that's supposed to mean...), media and politicians hypocrites, grifter, liers, calling for transparency and common sense, and then defending Trump? I don't get it. I really must be too stupid.
  5. Kesler, Bieksa and Burrows were tussling and fighting in practice and even before games and they turned out best buddies for the most successful stretch in franchise history. Hopefully it's nothing but competitive guys being competitive. Quote by Bieksa: "We would fight in practice all the time. How many drills would we have 3 on 3 down lows, and it would end in a stick swinging or a punch in the head or an insult?" Burrows: "We had a lot of fun battling, that's for sure." Bieksa: "When Kes got mad he wouldn't talk to us for like a week."
  6. Considering how often Kesler and Bieksa went at it during practice, I'm not too worried about Motte and Gaudette. Maybe they'll turn out best buddies as well.
  7. "Hey, you're wearing my number. Upside down." "No, You are wearing MY number upside down." "Come on. It's MY number and you..."
  8. They did it in 2003. In my Franchise Hockey Manager 6 game. I only had to get rid of Cloutier, put Linden with the Sedins and trade for the young Sami Salo and Ville Peltonen. Bingo. Stanley Cup. Did I mention that Salo was injured in the play-offs?
  9. It would just be nicer if more people had the strength and sense of altruism to just act sensibly.
  10. It passes. Here in Germany wearing a mask in shops has been mandatory for a week now and it quickly turned from feeling awkard into pretty natural.
  11. You mean the website that used a picture of German national football player and world champion Lukas Podolski to illustrate how African immigrants use jet-ski to reach Europe? Cannot take them seriously. Seriously.
  12. There are many. Our playgrounds are locked down. Still there are lots of parents with their children playing there all day long. You are not supposed to have gatherings, still I know of more than one private party. Everbody talks about it, but there is no real urgency to be felt out here.
  13. Ja, ist hier ähnlich. Und mein Bruder mag die Rangers *kopfschüttel*