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  1. Totally agree that lifelong learning is valuable. Not sure if critical thinking, common sense and general knowledge necessarily require up-to-the-minute information and to what extent the internet can help develop these skills. Heck, I had Latin and ancient Greek at school. Can't say I learned much about internet culture there, but it certainly taught me about life, death and values.
  2. Intelligence is alright. It's education and culture that's dwindling.
  3. So you suggest trading our captain, who is also a great 2C, a 1LW, a top D-prospect and a 1st rounder for an injury prone 1C with almost the same cap hit as the package combined, and filling the holes created by that move with UFAs? Not sure that sounds like a winning strategy. I wouldn't mind Eichel on the team, but the price is too steep.
  4. Was it the Holm-experiment? Philip?
  5. Yuk. I wouldn't mind a Baertschi in that lineup, for some skill at least.
  6. a) They came really, REALLY close twice. b) Not sure how whining, complaining and bitching about it helps the cause. Do people believe lofty expectations and public pressure increase the chance of success? If so, they are mistaken. c) Reality is no video game, no matter how much some want it to be.
  7. Blackhawks rebuild 1997-2008: 11 seasons (1 cancelled due to lockout); 1x play-offs, no series win; worst season (03/04): 54 points Panthers rebuild 1997-2020: 23 seasons (1 cancelled due to lockout); 3x play-offs, no series win; worst season (01/02): 60 points Avalanche rebuild 2008-2017: 9 seasons; 2x play-offs, no series win; worst season (16/17): 48 points Canucks rebuild 2013-2020 7 seasons, 2x play-offs, 1 series win (+ play-in win); worst season (16/17): 69 points Not sure what your problem is...
  8. The less lottery, the more tanking. Not sure I like it...
  9. The funny thing is that Jagr is still playing.
  10. After 2011 there is no way I would let that smug, hypocritical crybaby anywhere near the team.
  11. Find the odd one out: - Nicklas Lidström - Matthias Öhlund - Markus Näslund - Nicklas Bäckström - Däniel Sädin
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