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  1. Too bad. I thought he'd be ready to be a decent bottom-6 player next year. Burrowslike.
  2. The last team to win a Stanley Cup and have the letter "V" in the club name was 2001 "Colorado Avalanche". In other words: in 20 years no team with a "V" in its name has won a cup. That's zero percent. "L" and "P" on the other hand are pretty frequent cup winning letters. In order to increase their chances they should change the name of the franchise to "Pancouver Calucks", "Lancouver Capucks" or "Houston Bettmannlovers". You cannot win with the current name!
  3. Does anyone else feel that 3-3 overtime in a world cup final is wrong?
  4. My wife and son are Finnish, so I would have to support Finland in this one. But I hope Stecher scores three goals and is named mvp.
  5. Cage match with Wilson. Last man standing wins. Loser is suspended for life, winner for 20 games.
  6. I'm just happy they didn't accidentally draft some other guy with a name that sounds a bit closer to what was pronounced.
  7. Possibly one of the reasons that he didn't get to play much down the stretch.
  8. A friend of mine did the same in our high school yearbook 20 years ago in Germany. We had several pages censored in it, but this particular bit was left untouched. Was good for a couple of laughs among dumb teenagers. Nothing more.
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