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  1. I agree with most of what you said here. JB has made some questionable moves, some of which turned out as mistakes, and who knows whether he will be able to assemble the right supporting cast for the team going forward. It may even be that change could be the better option. But... a) firing management is not automatically in improvement, it can backfire as easily as some of Benning signings and there are many examples of that. A new guy may have other strengths, but also other weaknesses. One gets the impression that some people on this board call for JB's or Green's head just
  2. That's speculation. That's the entire point of the draft. The other GMs didn't pick these guys, In Boeser's case 22 had the chance, in Höglander's and Demko's case every single team could have taken them and didn't. Benning did. Btw, there is no universal, absolute bpa-list. Just for fun: What would the team have looked like had the Canucks always picked the player that was picked right before their turn inthe first 2 rounds: 2014: MIchael Del Colle instead of JV; Conner Bleackley instead of Jared McCann; Dominik Masin istead of Thatcher Demko 2015: Ilya Samsonov istead o
  3. That's oversimplifies and dismisses so many facets that contribute to team success on this level. Especially in the playoffs the line between winning and losing is thin. They could have easily lost one more game to the Wild or the Blues. Would they have won a game 5/7? Who knows? Would Pettersson and Hughes have been able to do their thing if not for Beagle and Sutter taking some of the tough matchups? Would Bo have had the energy and freedom to dance through the Blues if not for his defensively responsible wingers? Did Edler's and Meyer's work in front of the net not contribute to
  4. We shouldn't forget that the "overpaid" veterans (Sutter, Beagle, Edler, Roussell, Pearson) played a big role in what was one of the more successful post seasons in franchise history last year. Even Eriksson contributed (a bit).
  5. Well, that's what I'm saying. If you go full rebuild (which the Rangers did and the Canucks did not), you will accumulate a lot of young players within a short period of time and you should be prepared to give them some breathing room to develop. If the firing was purely performance based, which was communicated, it was a short sighted/impatient move. Expecting a full turnaround in three years is unrealistic, especially if your most experienced veterans are Brendan Smith, Jack Johnson and Keith Kinkaid. Let's see how this plays out in the long run.
  6. With 8 first round picks (including a 1 and 2overall) in four years one should expect the team to have a decent talent pool. And once again impatience is taking over.
  7. If JB really wanted him here, he should have been able to get it done. Obviously it was not a priority and I wonder what is instead. Podkolzin and Tryamkin would surely have been a nice wrecking combo for next season and immediately added an enormous amount of size and strength. Too bad.
  8. It is the right decision. Jurmo struggled to crack the lineup of the worst team in Liiga. He needs to establish himself on the highest level in Finland before he is moved to the AHL.
  9. So 719 pages for nothing.
  10. So you are saying the reason vancouver has not won a cup in 50 years is a lack of expectations?
  11. If there is anything that OJ needs it is playing time. He sat out much of the season already, so I don't think it would help him develop rotating him in and out once again (unless for precautionary health reasons), just let him play. There are already enough young players that didn't get the playing time they needed due to the virus situation (DiPietro, Rathbone), let's not make it worse. Rather rotate Rathbone in for someone else, down the stretch probably every dman can use a break here and there.
  12. Prognoses and projections are typically just wild speculations poking around in the dark, but this one has to be one of the worst.
  13. I remember having some serious doubts whether they would ever get past Chicago.
  14. I wonder whether Canucks fans will have enough common sense not to hate on players, coaches and management should they dare lose one of the upcoming games.
  15. Totally agree that lifelong learning is valuable. Not sure if critical thinking, common sense and general knowledge necessarily require up-to-the-minute information and to what extent the internet can help develop these skills. Heck, I had Latin and ancient Greek at school. Can't say I learned much about internet culture there, but it certainly taught me about life, death and values.
  16. Intelligence is alright. It's education and culture that's dwindling.
  17. So you suggest trading our captain, who is also a great 2C, a 1LW, a top D-prospect and a 1st rounder for an injury prone 1C with almost the same cap hit as the package combined, and filling the holes created by that move with UFAs? Not sure that sounds like a winning strategy. I wouldn't mind Eichel on the team, but the price is too steep.
  18. Was it the Holm-experiment? Philip?
  19. Yuk. I wouldn't mind a Baertschi in that lineup, for some skill at least.
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