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  1. Maybe. Then again, he didn't suffer from freak accidents (unlike Bieksa, if I remeber correctly). Maybe he has just not developed the off-ice attitude that one needs to have the body ready for the highest professional level. Maybe he did neglect flexibility exercises, eating or sleeping habits or preventive strength workouts a bit, which does not directly affect his hockey skills but makes him more susceptible to injury and illness.
  2. A part of it is probably this general phenomenon that - thanks to social media and a media landscape that relies on range and not on quality - an angry minority gets more attention than it deserves, while a large, content majority stays in the background. If you look at this forum, you will find the same handful of posters that invade almost every thread to constantly repeat the same arguments over and over again. Benning sucks, system sucks, drop pass sucks, fire Green, Aquilini sucks blahblah. One may get the impression that the fanbase as a whole is negative, but I believe (and hope) it is merely a comparatively small number, but one that KEEPS SHOUTING!
  3. I registered in January 2003, and I think I remember that the forums had been on for a while. Not sure how long though.
  4. Based on the interview he sounds like a really nice and humble guy. And that smile.
  5. Considering his team is (coached by Olli Jokinen btw) is last in the league, his -1 is quite impressive. He is also the 3rd best scorer on his team right now.
  6. Byebye OJ. Was rooting for you.
  7. So does disinfectant (or so I heard...). On I more serious note, I despise doping with a passion and hope Jasek will stay clean throughout his career, although it puts him at a disadvantage competing for an NHL career.
  8. Or some of these....
  9. A pretty condescending way of looking at things. He's a former 6th round pick. Top 6 shouldn't be anyone's expectation. A depth-versatility option, 12th, 13th forward, something like that, should be it. He does. He is extremely versatile, he is fast, he is tenacious. Granted, he doesn't have a lot of size and this may be one of the reasons he has not really been given a chance. Then again, he has the same height as Alex Burrows. Just sayin... May be that he never makes the NHL, but one can be a professional hockey player in Europe and live quite well on it. He's only 24 and has just entered his 8th season in a professional league. Imagine, it is even possible to have a career in hockey after one's playing days. Even in Europe. As a coach. As a club manager. As a scout. You make it sound like at the age of 28 Jasek, Palmu, Utunen and Costmar should hang it up and become electricians or firefighters to pursue a "proper" career.
  10. That was the very first thought that crossed my mind when I saw the news.
  11. Wonder if it will ever come for PC again...
  12. I get it that for aesthetical reasons people prefer their jerseys without ads, although you can be pretty sure to purchase them without them. What I don't buy is the entire "this is not my NHL, integrity of the sport"-crap. As long as the Honda Division plays games in SAP Arena, littered with stupid Gatorade bottles - which no serious professional athlete would ever drink from - you have no arguments.
  13. There are so many good ones. Soccer players are a great source. “I spent a lot of money on booze, birds, and fast cars. The rest I just squandered.” ― George Best
  14. I notice this thread hasn't been bumped in a while. Congrats on the contract extension, Burr!
  15. I read 'Lord Stanley' and was surprised that he could be signed.
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