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  1. It broke my heart loosing out on Guenther. I firmly believe that he and Eklund will end up being the best players to come from this draft. But God damn does that trade look good right now. As much as I would love to have Guenther in the system, I would much rather have OEL and Garland.
  2. What a gutsy win by the kids tonight. Reffs did everything they could to take that win away and give the home crowd something to cheer about. They could have come out flat and defeated, but they came out swinging in OT. Horvat is such a beast, man are we lucky to have him. Garland is going to be a fan favorite here for a long time. Watching him skate is just a thing of beauty. Thought the D looked good tonight, Hughes has had a really solid start to this year. OEL and Myers were both solid. Pod was looking really good for the time he was playing. Not entirely sure why he was benched, didn't look like a liability to me. Love this team, I'm such a huge fan of what Benning has come up with this year. That OEL/Garland trade may go down as one of his best moves as GM once everything's said and done. OEL looks like a new man.
  3. There was also a holding of the stick call about 45 seconds before that missed trip. Both were super obviously a penalty that was just not called for whatever reason.
  4. Can he? Good to know. Based strictly off what we have seen this preseason I like Chaissons game more then Zacs.
  5. Ferland was a bummer. A rare mix of a player who can play the game and also play tough. But this off season alone he extended Hammonic and signed Schenn. Both a top 4 D, and a depth D that play with snarl and will fight for the team. It's unfortunate that Travis is dealing with issues, but it's still part of the team and was part of Bennings plan. It's not like Benning has abandoned players of this type.
  6. I don't think loosing Gadjovich is fine regardless of the situation. He had progressed positively every year, and had clearly done a good job starting to resolve his biggest issue, skating. I just don't think it's a healthy mentality to allow players to stay on the team I'd they didn't earn the spot. Zac didn't earn the spot. It's a shame he was picked up, because yes having him in the system would be better then not. But I would much rather him be waived and picked up then be allowed to stay when he didn't earn that spot. Benning has always said that players earn their position on the team. He's just staying true to that.
  7. And that's fair. Loosing Gadj who could play with toughness but had potential to be better for nothing was a huge loss. I don't agree with sending Lockwood down either, because he at least made the team harder to play against. But Mac played himself off the team. I think having a breakdown over this player is just being dramatic and hating for the sake of hating.
  8. I swear some people here just whine for the sake of whining. Some of the posts here are absurd. How unhappy must you be in life to get this worked up over loosing a guy who played himself off the team.
  9. He was given 34 games last year and could only muster 2 points. He looked even worse this preseason the last season. He had plenty of chances and after a disappointing season it was his job to come in and force his way on to the team. He didn't so that. Some people's management hatred cloud their judgement. This is a prime example.
  10. It's time for playoffs, regardless if it's Bennings job of the line or not. The media had a field day when Petey said he wanted to play for a winning team, but it's true. The kids want to start winning games, and if this team is going to win a cup it's going to be because of them. It's time to move forward, it's time for playoffs again.
  11. Yup. Benning seems to think we have reached the point that if you can't make the team better, you can't make the team. I personally don't agree with that. I would rather play young players with higher potential upside then players who are slightly better with nearly no potential to progress. Benning wants what's best for the team, he believes that's what's best for the organization. It's yet to be seen whether his vision is, or is not what's best for the team.
  12. You're entitled to that opinion. I think recently your posts have been so blantently anti Green that it's hard to take anything on the subject seriously. Benning is, like Green, arguably one of the 32 best at his job. He still beileves in Green, so he clearly can't be as bad as you say he is. Like I have said before, I have no issue criticising our management. But I also think some people get consumed by bias, whether it's pro or against the Benning/Green.
  13. Not that I agree with him being waived, but clearly there was more going on in managements eyes. If you're only seeing that much ice time in preseason them coach must have not thought he was doing very well. I have no issue with criticizing management or coaching, but I do also think it's important that these people do this for a living. They know far more then anyone here. People calling calling for greens head saying he had no idea what he's doing is just dumb. Guy is a NHL coach. You could argue that makes him one of the 32 best people in the world at doing his job.
  14. Well then that's just silly. Gadj is a good young player. He was a fringe player this year, but personally I would have rathered him made the team premature then loose him for free.
  15. Love his game. I was beyond stoked when we got Pod that draft. Russia was up and down, but near the end of his tenor there he really found his stride. We have been spoiled the last few years with our young guys. I'm tempering my expectations for pod this year. Excepting him to play a solid, hard working game with only flashes of offensive brilliance. He's going to be a hell of a player for us moving forward though.
  16. I vaguely remember him being ranked that high too, but I can't find anything now. He was generally ranked 3rd overall in the mid season rankings that year. He dropped in the final months due to a lack of production and being signed to a Russian contract. I believe we got a top 3 talent with him once it all plays out.
  17. Where are people saying that? I Read back a few pages here and doesn't really seem to be the vibe in this thread.
  18. 22 plays listed. I assume Gadj is the 23. Not sure why he's not listed yet though.
  19. Why? From my eye test I thought Mac was mediocre this preseason. For a guy fighting for one of the last spots on the roster I don't think he did nearly enough to hold that spot.
  20. 21 and requesting a trade because he didn't make the roster? Must be other things going on. Don't know much about him, what kind of player is he? Looks like he has good size.
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