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  1. I was thinking about Tanev yesterday during the game - what was our record with and without? What I was also noticing was that green used to lean on him constantly- we’ve always had holes in D but with Tanev in it didn’t look like it. I’ve been hating on Green in my mind honestly, but with this response it’s probably a combo of things. or maybe it’s just the leafs and Habs are that effing good right now and we need a 20 game summary before we can make any judgement. I agree on Tanev though, 100% They’ve lost their papa! Papa!! Where did you go papa??
  2. So the question being is it 4d chess or horseshoes up his arse in the long run.. or maybe he was thinking both. Ie maximum upside, with a long term contingency plan?
  3. @DarkIndianRises Do we want to be competitive NOW and have a very short window, or do we want to begin our REAL window in 2022-2023 and have a boatload of young talent in our system at cost controlled cap hits? That’s the premise I’m hoping you’re right about and it makes sense. im also hopeful on Tryamkin, but that remains to be seen. I think if the cap went up as it should have non Covid we would have seen him here as a 7th man to work his way in...or not. you’re forgetting Woo, who should be coming up in the next year, that will be exciting also! im not one for speculation but I think you’ve got the most plausible reasoning for how the team is structured right now.
  4. Great post, very insightful, just what I needed to read about the team today!!
  5. It’s like bumper bowling, no one gets to feel bad and everyone has their own truth! it’s beyond ridiculous, bring back the minus (-)
  6. I’ll have to wait until the preseason is over to have an opinion here, but if we drop another 3 in a row he may not have a job anymore in this shortened season format. I don’t see us working as a unit buuut in the playoffs they did, buuut we all know Green sucks at adjustment, and can’t read players that well. I think sometimes we win despite TG. (Well that’s a lot to unpack there) there are a lot of positives he brings but I can never think of any during a losing streak.. what have you done for me lately right?!
  7. Listening to opinion even when you think it is wrong is a good thing. If the opinion is incorrect then why be afraid to confront it, it should be an easy discussion to disprove. Your remarks endorsing the shutting down of peoples freedom to express their own belief is moral authoritarianism...
  8. I always try my best not to antagonize but am only human. But yes, there are more than enough pages of the spite spiral on these boards. LOL I appreciate ya man!
  9. Ya maybe it was a little dickish..
  10. Where do I imply anything of that nature? I'm merely saying just don't be a dick, this is a message board, if you're afraid of opinions, maybe this is the wrong place for you..
  11. I'm so glad you are such a moral superior here, 3 cheers for you.
  12. Hopefully... I'm getting tired of moving goal posts. And wheres my antibody test FFS
  13. People just don't want to be told what to do. I for one wear a mask if a business requires me to. No big deal, a private company has the right to request these things. I also wear shoes and a shirt when I go to a restaurant in the heat of summer. If I can help people feel more comfortable and do my part, then who cares! I think, though this is a mis step by Aquaman, people should have a right to their opinion. You may hate people speaking against masks and restrictions, but, there are also Cowardly politicians. Sheep citizens, and chicken little running around. There is more nuance to this than right and left. Should we live in fear? No. Should we run around yelling at people that ask us to wear a mask? No. But we should be able to express our opinions, or has the government also become our moral betters? I thought this was Canada, the land of cynicism and distrust of the government. Or do we all just want to pretend we will all be ok if we just do what we're told. My fear is that this is the leading edge of authoritarianism becoming more rampant. Once we are programmed to listen to rhetoric based on fear, we are done for. So cheers for the ones who are fighting against this even if they may be morally wrong in the short term, you may find they were right in the long term. I personally feel as though most of this lock down hysteria is completely hypocritical. Go ahead and protest, riot and loot in the hundreds and thousands, but you can't get together with the family at Christmas (That's the real danger....ok). Face it, most people don't want to think, they want to be told what to think, then fall asleep psychologically with their favorite vice and watch Netflix..Nothing to see here. SMH
  14. If we cross examine this: with this: This should solve most of the debate.. I have work to do, I shouldn't have stepped in here.. lol
  15. This is true, as in Sweden they did exactly this, the numbers are the same infection / death rate relatively per 1000000 people, and because they decided not to lock down they shouldn't see another spike... We need to be careful health wise, but at the same time we need to be careful about our rights and freedoms being infringed on, its a balance, there are idealistic folks who just want to see people be ok, and tyrannical ones also that want to claim power, its dangerous in more than one way, we need to remember that. Also, I'm happier than ever to be a Canadian living in BC, despite our beloved Premier, I'm still happy with how things have been running here. I'm also lucky as I am technically essential, so didn't see much lag in work except for the beginning of March. And lets not forget the happiest fact of all, its obvious our good doctor is a Canucks fan! I have avoided this thread like the plague. This is way too political, we ignore the science when politics come into play. That is all.. Continue the debates everyone, I love you all, and can't wait for the damn season to start