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  1. Pink Salmon is mild as well though its lacking in fat content. Farmed is preferable in sushi bars because its usually served fresh not frozen. Wild fish needs to be frozen before you can consume it raw. The fat gives it the desired texture when eaten raw. I rarely buy farmed salmon but I do when my mom asks me to make cold smoked salmon. The smoking process tends to get rid of the "farmed" taste.
  2. How many in here are closet amateur astronomers? ✋
  3. yep and add to the fact that its only 500K because of restrictions and lockdowns to prevent people from getting it (something we don't do with the flu).
  4. But there is something about Hathaway though. Her eyes? Maybe I've seen more of her movies than Kendrick's.
  5. If you are just trolling, I suggest you get some help for that. If you are not, you just stuck out your middle finger to all the nurses and doctors on the front line by calling this a regular flu. Maybe if you have any guts at all, go up to a nurse that just treated a COVID patient that died and tell him or her it’s just the flu. Also don’t bother even saying that most of the people that died were in long term care and they were going to die within a year anyways. I value one year of an LTC patient more than the entire lifetime of young covidiot morons out there. I am so done with people like your and your attitudes.
  6. There is no bubble this year. Players are free to go home to their families and are subject to the same rules as normal citizens off the ice. The NHL has a lot at stake here. Especially here in BC, they needed some special considerations in order for them to operate. I'm sure part of the protocol is to minimize contact with other players even with those on your own team. Especially prolonged contact in a small room with a group of players.
  7. Sigh, Almost a year in and we still see posts like this. So much stupid.
  8. Are the HF boards shut down or something? Seems like a lot of idiot posters here lately
  9. As much as I agree with how reprehensible the couple’s actions were, I find this more serious: at some point, you would think that after repeated offenses, that there would be some way he would lose possession of his condo. This a$5wipe is going to keep on doing it and no amount of fines will stop him.
  10. Kind of like our major breweries here have the license to brew Guinness or Heineken? I wonder that myself. What kind of capital outlay does it take to mass produce a vaccine? Should we have been prepared to do it. Rather than spend money on coming up with our own vaccine that will probably not be ready until most of us will have already been vaccinated.
  11. Too friggin late!
  12. It’s because fox’s audience is trailer trash and Biden does not speak that language