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  1. 66% of of the total cases with only 16% of the population.
  2. Victor Hedman, Roman Josi, Alex Pietrangelo and John Carlson are all the same age. Are they all over the hill as well? Not saying that he's in that tier right now but the guy just turned 30. To me, age is not a factor with this contract. Maybe if its 6 years from when he's 33 or 34 but not from 30. As for waiting one year to get rid of the dead weight, this gives us more flexibility now to sign EP and Hughes and possibly upgrade our team further with the added Cap room.
  3. You can download the bc services app on your phone. You then register and after approval it should have your vaccine history (as well as other info) on the app
  4. Unfortunately, not everyone was given a choice at the time they went for the second jab. It was either take what was offered or rebook. Since the priority for most of us was to get our second shot asap, and that we were assured that it was ok to mix the two on advice from the pho, it was not a hard choice to make. I am not a epidemiologist so I rely on the advice that was given on whether mixing was a good idea. I was told it was fine.
  5. If those quotes were not taken out of context then that was a totally irresponsible thing to say. The fact that we've been told time and time again that mixing is ok and maybe even provide greater protection flies in the face of what those statements were saying. I swear, the handling of the info about the Vaccines has been one cluster you know what. First it was the stigma surrounding AZ, side effects, effectiveness to the the point where it may not even be recognized as an approved vaccine for international travel. Then we have this. Another victory for the Anti Vaxxers.
  6. https://www.rawstory.com/olivia-guidry/?fbclid=IwAR0TrPHcIKt75aMCoOyB9ECCJCT635TsnUk4p8bHhsRaRQUPUlQo8NGi1NA
  7. This is the problem I have. It puts the onus on the businesses to come up with their own plan. Without provincial mandates, there is nothing the business can do to enforce their own rules or policies. I don't like wearing masks like most of us here but as BCNeil has pointed out, we are far from having the majority of the population with double jabs and studies have shown that you are only 30% protected against the Delta variant with only one jab.
  8. Bingo. I hate that they take away the mandate and then just leave it up to the individual to decide. haven't we seen what happens with that? What's wrong with keeping the mask mandate in place while relaxing the other restrictions? Why not err on the side of caution?
  9. We have all thought about our mortality at one time or another. The important thing is whether those thoughts are consuming our lives to the point that it affects our enjoyment of being alive. In recent years, I've had some friends and family pass away, some of whom are around my age. My philosophy now is to live life to its fullest. Don't wait until you are retired to do the things you want to do. This keeps me busy so I don't really have time to think about death. But like Deb says, counselling may help to allow you to rationalize your fears
  10. you aren't protected against the Delta Variant unless you've had both shots.
  11. Cabo is my favorite place to visit in Mexico. A bit more laid back than Cancun. Also doesn't have the big city Vibe that Puerto Vallarta or Mazatlan has. Many visit there to fish for Marlin and Tuna as it is famous for its excellent billfish opportunities. As you probably can tell, the surf on the Pacific Side beaches is much too rough for wading or swimming but there are plenty of other beaches that will allow that. Judging by the picture of your resort, you seem to have easy access to the harbour. I recommend taking a water taxi to Lovers beach and the arch. I can literally visit thos
  12. It doesn't work for everyone to be sure. It took a lot of discipline to just shut my computer down when my work day was done. Disconnecting from my VPN was the first step as I had the habit of leaving my computer logged in all the time. It got so bad that one week I completely forgot that it was Saturday and checked in for work.
  13. I work in government and the plan is to adopt some sort of Hybrid model going forward even when Covid becomes endemic. In terms of work productivity, and meeting deadlines, it doesn't seem that our department has been adversely affected by working from home. Yesterday, I paid a visit to the office to pick up a couple of things and saw a few co-workers in other departments that I used to talk to. I didn't realize how just working from home full time had affected me. Zoom meetings are not the same as actual face to face conversations with your colleagues. My whole mental well being was impr
  14. Is this an omen to come? Playing the stanley cup finals in Be a pro right now. My player is actually playing for the other team.
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