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  1. Truth be told the chemicals in the junk food we eat are probably more toxic to our bodies than any of the ingredients that vaccines are made of.
  2. I heard that you can trade the sinovac vaccine for 10 to 1
  3. I was a bit more worried about the availability of the second dose with AZ. I'm working full time at home so I was able to wait. Let others that don't have that choice get an AZ shot earlier.
  4. I know we are supposed to get the first available Jab, but when it was my turn today and the lady said "you will be getting Pfizer" I felt like I won the lottery.
  5. Not only did he throw a helmetless featherweight Panarin to the ice, he throws punches at him while he's defenseless WITH his gloves on. Honestly nothing will happen until mainstream media picks this up and starts mocking the NHL as a goon league that can't be taken seriously. They put in the instigating rule to appease mainstream viewers by taking fighting out of the league but they still allow this crap to go on. If someone did this in any other sport they would be gone for the season and maybe the next.
  6. I get phizered or Modernad next week
  7. Unfortunately, I’ve added to Jeff Besos’s trillion $ net worth
  8. Living your life as normal without any restrictions would eventually result in way more deaths from COVID than any increases in suicides. Other studies show no appreciable increases in deaths from suicides because of the restrictions. Which study do you believe?. You can also argue that if governments around the world opened everything up, the number of suicides would go up as people lose loved ones and or have severe long haul symptoms that decrease the willingless for some to live. We've been at this for how long now? Its getting irritating to still hear this stupid argument about suici
  9. Also, who says we can't be an net exporter of vaccines ourselves? Not every country wants to deal with the US. We could, with the help of the UK supply all the commonwealth countries. These viruses are here to stay just like there will always be Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Hurricanes etc..
  10. Don't know why you would want to go there regardless. The restaurant could serve Michelin star quality food at burger king prices and I still wouldn't support them. They were just a hangout for covididiots and anti maskers. Wouldn't have surprised me one bit if they were stretching the laws when restaurants were open. People like her should never be given a business license ever again.
  11. I've started following Dr. Campbell the last couple of days. He gets his info from official sources. Interesting analysis and summary of what's going on in the world with COVID.
  12. Need to have 14 day mandatory quarantining in a quarantine hotel. No exceptions. None of this pay my fine and opt out. Without these variants, our case counts would be declining or at least be half of what they are which is manageable until the effects of widespread vaccinations kick in. Hell, I don't care at this point if we have to foot the bill. We absolutely cannot have our plans derailed by this.
  13. Which is why I think a non-essential travel restriction should be based on distance from your home rather than health regions. Some regions are large and some of the borders make the current restriction non sensical. i.e. can't travel greater than 80 kms. They encourage going for a walk at a park but my closest park may be in Vancouver even though I live in Burnaby. I know what the intent is and I agree common sense needs to prevail, but for some people, common sense is lacking.
  14. Thanks Deb. So I can travel to a lake near Hope! (not that I plan to)
  15. They really need to clarify the travel between health authorities. I live in Burnaby close to boundary road which is the boundary between Fraser and Vancouver Coastal. So technically I can't travel for something on Renfrew St. for a non essential purpose but someone from Vancouver can go to Whistler for the day since its part of Vancouver Coastal? Also, Fraser Health is divided into 3 subregions, so does that mean I have to stay in my Subregion?
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