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  1. Not so hot take - Seattle's expansion picks are absolutely horrific. They smoked pot.

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    2. NewbieCanuckFan


      @Dazzle Sometimes the best move is not to do anything (as in selecting an overpaid, past their prime NHL "vet".    We'll find out one way or another soon enough.

    3. Devron44


      Outside Dunn what does Seattle have “currently” for puck moving defencemen? We’ll find out real quick how good a team is with just defensive defencemen. 

    4. Roger Neilsons Towel

      Roger Neilsons Towel

      As a pot smoker I am offended by this. Except not really because I’m too laid back to care. 

      Also, they had a strategy to draft defense first and keep the cap low to weaponize cap space for trades and free agents. 

      Honestly a pretty solid strategy depending on what their next moves are. The next few weeks will be telling. 

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