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  1. So I'm still laughing at how the negative posters are nowhere to be found this entire time. We've had nothing but good news, and yet they aren't here to nag about these signings. Wtf Benning!!! Spend time signing Pettersson and Hughes!!!!!!1
  2. Wallstedt can be an amazing starter/backup for Demko. This can be an awesome pick because we'll be set for goalies, and we won't have to worry about spending any additional money in that department. I'm FOR Wallstedt if he's BPA.
  3. Meh. Madden wasn't clearly in the Canucks plans.
  4. WD WAS able to foresee Megna's greatness. I actually feel bad for crapping on WD throughout these years. I always knew he was a good guy, and didn't necessarily have the luxury of having the best rosters. In fact, he probably did more out of scraps and bolts than Green did.
  5. I think he'll be fine. He just needs some hands-on coaching. He has all the tools and attitude to succeed.
  6. Oh, this is just rich coming from you; the poster that blamed everyone else except Dahlen. Dahlen didn't get traded because of a concussion. That much is clear. Having the concussions afterward are unfortunate incidents. I wish them on no one. But the fact remains: Dahlen had a chance to play with Pettersson. All he had to do was play out the AHL year and shut up. Then train hard for the summer, come back for training camp and force his way into a lineup. But noooooo. Here's something from after the Dahlen trade. Did Benning lie about this? https
  7. Motte is found money for Canucks. And they give him for nothing? Not a chance.
  8. I fully agree. I don't think Baumgartner did a great job last season, but if the players wanted him gone, he would've been. There's probably more to him behind the scenes than what we can see in-game. Maybe Baumer is a positive, humble, hard working guy that players really can relate/respect. When the team sucked like ass, maybe Baumer tried his best to keep players motivated, without resorting to finger pointing. Hughes said Baumer was good during the exit interviews, FWIW.
  9. I don't think there's a need to throw away assets at this time. Shaw is going to improve a player like Juolevi, FOR SURE. Also, my understanding was that Shaw would be involved in everything, and given how he has so much experience with the D-Core, Baumgartner is never going to be solely responsible for it. I think you can rest easy.
  10. Yes. Also to be mentioned, this is, I believe, Dahlen's third season there. As someone else pointed out, Karlsson is 2 years younger. I am not impressed with Dahlen's stats at all, given how he didn't actually improve from the year before.
  11. He (Dahlen) actually regressed when you look at the stats. I have a very sour taste over how Dahlen handled himself here. All this talk about being buddies with Pettersson, but couldn't even finish the year in the AHL and got himself shipped out.
  12. I can see Brad Shaw turning OJ into an absolute stud that he was supposed to be in the first place.
  13. What's hilarious about this is that Dahlen didn't even wait the SAME YEAR, let alone wait until training camp/the year after to pout about his ice time/usage. He just assumed that he'd get his ice time, and yet didn't enjoy his stints on TWO AHL teams (the one in SJ as well). SJ was near the bottom of the standings at the time of the trade, and STILL couldn't earn the trust of his team to provide offence. Tiimrafan is just gonna make excuses, as usual, about "neanderthal" coaching. Instead of blaming his Dahlen for being self-entitled. I was actually pretty happy about the trade
  14. Why would this news leak out, if Columbus could trade him at the highest value?
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