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  1. Never mind about Martinez. I erred in mixing him up with Voynov.
  2. And this is really funny because I was, at one point, a Gillis supporter. Most of us were at one point or another. I am sure many of us appreciate his contributions to the teams he had helped construct. I will be a fan of the next GM who comes in, provided they make positive contributions to the team I'm cheering. I am not necessarily latched onto Benning, unlike some people who think Gillis was a "Good GM", which I now reflect on in a more negative light. Opinions change over time.
  3. There is nothing wrong with being critical about a situation, and having concerns, especially based on the past. However, I find it hilarious that you say the bolded, given how you've spent ALMOST ALL OF THE FA PERIOD in the poolman signing, which you have previously admitted was something you "didn't mind". HMMM. The fact that you said that "if the other side were to understand this", implies your 'side' is superior. At the same time, you've grouped everyone who disagrees with you as being in a category that supports Benning I think your post ha
  4. Cool, so you're so scarred by previous incidents that you feel justified that you won't jump back into the pool. Not to invalidate PTSD, but that's why people have the gall to be a GM. But one thing that's applicable to you: it's easier to criticize than to produce anything of substance. You've admitted your bias. People have called you biased. You call them naive.
  5. WOW, what a complete fall from grace. Couldn't even get a 1 way contract? Glad we didn't get this guy at all. I remember some ppl on these boards were very high on him.
  6. First off, it's safe to say the latest FA signings involving Barrie, Hamilton, Ceci are overpaid. By nature, they are, because they have a bigger name attached to them. So you've COMPLAINED about overpaying in previous signings, and now you would've added them. Really? Also, FYI, Dougie Hamilton joins Devils on $63 million, 7-year deal - so no, OEL doesn't have a 'worse' contract than all of those guys. Tyson Barrie plays pretty sketchy defense and would not have helped the Canucks, period. The fact that you're advocating for these 'big name' UFAs contradicts your previous complain
  7. There are a lot of teams that have fallen into this trap, so this is hardly a 'Vancouver' thing'. The other points that you make will make it clear why I take this angle. The so-called 'trend' of 1 million too much has been applied to practically every single signing, INCLUDING the Pearson one, which ISN'T an overpayment (even though many people will say it is). What I am pointing out is that just because someone says it is overpaid, it doesn't mean it is ACTUALLY the case.. Often, it is fueled by bias. Now I'm going back to the 'national media' part. It's i
  8. Then IMHO, Juolevi will likely stay on the main roster. He's a cheap option to have.
  9. Would OJ really be claimed? Does he really have a spot in the NHL, other than Vancouver? I think it's pretty unlikely. The most value Juolevi has is to Vancouver.
  10. Who did you want on defence? Barrie? Hamilton? Ceci? You complain about 'overpaying', and then you complain about having reliable players at reasonable costs.
  11. I don't think it makes sense to trade Juolevi, especially for the so-called 'more developed' prospect. 1) Juolevi is probably very cheap to re-sign, unless he wants out and/or management is done with him (both of which I think are unlikely possibilities). Moreover, he can be buried in the farm if need be. 2) Juolevi likely has little value WORTH trading away for. 3) You won't get a more developed prospect back unless he cost too much (also nonsensical)
  12. I can envision some people saying that as management's decision to 'justify' the signing.
  13. This is most likely to be false. Benning had a cap problem. Given that Garland had been signed, having Schmidt was not necessarily the wisest decision. Other GMs knew this and COULD HAVE asked for a king's ransom. The Canucks still had to sign Petterson, Hughes, and Dickinson (Juolevi too). It wouldn't have been wise for the GM to pigeon hole himself with the space. This arguably shows that Benning has positioned himself for future moves (moves that we saw recently, for example), as well as any potential risks of offersheets. Instead, the Canucks passed on the savings they got from
  14. Why else would Schmidt get a 3rd after having an OBVIOUSLY bad year from Winnipeg? Winnipeg could've offered a 4th and made a statement. (This is in reference to the fact that Benning got a 3rd for Schmidt originally)
  15. Lol. I have read your posts with little discrimination. I have agreed with you on things - sometimes completely. But mostly I'm in disagreement with your stuff, especially with how you approach things. Look no further that you've spent the bulk of your time debating in the Poolman thread, often with little relevance to the player himself, but to the GM. To me, it's obvious to me that you've got a slant against the GM, so much so that it bleeds into your posts.
  16. Considering that Tampa is getting a pretty jammy treatment from other teams, it's obvious that enticement is not necessary. There is a blatant collusion going on with some GMs.
  17. Lol... it is just as lazy, naive, and irresponsible to say, definitively, that it IS crippling. You're one of the last ones on the board qualified to talk about this. That's the point. A lot of the arguments, especially in this thread, have been rehearsed dribble from the same crowd of people who have little interest in discussing the overall pros/cons of a GM, but focussing on the negative ones. That is blatantly a one-sided argument.
  18. Guddy should be an assistant or something, or a commentator. I don't hate the guy. When he came here, he was severely overpaid, which I KNOW oldnews will disagree That being said, Guddy did give it his all. I don't think anyone can deny that from him. He might not have an offensive game, but he's a character guy.
  19. He definitely does. I think it's just like Datsyuk and playing at a high level. Very interesting decision by Krejci.
  20. Or maybe they have a good relationship with each other - professionally of course.
  21. The recapture penalty for Luongo was also a case of changing the rules for what was supposed to be legal within the frameworks of stuff. The NHL actually approved the contracts, so they should've been honoured/grandfathered during the NHL change. NOPE.
  22. FWIW, Sportsnet gave Jimbo a D+, but gave Edmonton a B+, and Toronto got a C+...
  23. If you watch the highlights, you'll see Garland drives to the hard areas. Guy is fearless, like Hoglander. His play will rub off on A LOT of players. And it's interesting because Garland is actually 5'8, not 5'10. He confirms this size difference in the interview, but you'd NEVER see this size concern from last season's clips.
  24. Why the &^@# did the teammates engage in this $&!#? Jonathan Toews I heard is a solid character off the ice. But this inaction just reverses everything he has done.
  25. Totally agree with this. I'm definitely warmed up to this pick after watching more video of this guy. I completely get it why Benning is so excited about this guy. That being said, letting him go to the KHL will allow him to take his time and develop. There is no need to rush him. He can develop the leadership skills while he's at home in Minsk. He's still just a kid. I'm sure Benning won't push this kid to come over so soon, but I could be wrong! Maybe the AHL will fast track him to success.
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