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  1. Now this article just looks plain dumb.

    This article was a badly disguised jab at Gillis being complacent. He wasn't. He made a very necessary trade that turned Grabner lovers into Ballard-likers. That's amazing! I can't wait to see Ballard step onto the ice. I wonder if we'll have enough cash to do Mitchell and Hamhuis as well - maybe not.

    The impatience of fans here is just ridiculous.

  2. I didn't feel necessary to write a comment on this article, but I disagree entirely on how people perceive people to be "busts". Patrick White is still in college and people take time to mature, some longer than others. He's a little slower on development than say a few other people, but to call him a bust now, is far too premature.

    A bust, by definition, would include Alexandre Daigle. He's actually SEEN NHL time and was highly touted to be the next "Wayne Gretzky". His NHL numbers certainly don't reflect that. Arguably, you could say that Gilbert Brule is a bust too. He's actually been given chances to go in the NHL.

    I find it very unnecessary for you to include that part of the article. That comment simply strengthens the image that the fanbase of the Canucks are classless. People easily forget, this guy WORE Canuck colours IN Minnesota happily. But what's done is done - I'd just thought I'd write this in for the underdog. Ironically, the underdog supporter doesn't support Patrick White.

  3. There's definitely intent then.

    Someone who knows you well then and is trying to push buttons to see what would happen.

    To some extent, I wonder why the admins seem complicit about this issue. If the blog was under the account Canucks_Admin_2 or something, I guarantee a much swifter response. :rolleyes:

    Don't get too riled up - I sense that if the imposter wants to piss you off, he wants to see action. He probably doesn't get any in his offline time. Cheer up :)

  4. LOL Dazzle, take your own advice, its sports related entertainment, nothing more, but you would be PO'd too if the main canucks page started a Dazzle's Corner that you had no knowledge of: and the new replacement dazzle was a bit of a nob gobbler.

    Yeah, I think it is utterly stupid that someone would take someone else's name from the forum and hog it up like that. I don't agree with that person and agree with you.

    However, I made that post because I don't think there's much you can do about it. If the admins are not responding, they must think it's not very important. I can see why you're mad though, don't get me wrong. Dazzle's Blog, if it was a knob who was writing it, would certainly get me mad. But I wouldn't think I could do anything about it.

    I think it is a friend you know that is on the forums trying to piss you off for fun - it's just a guess.

  5. 1) Nobody cares :P

    2) It is an internet persona - Optimist Prime is hardly considered an original name. If anything, Mattel Entertainment should be suing you for using its products' name in order to gain 'legitimacy' in your posts :P

    3) Unless that author is making posts that would seriously harm your reputation, both online and offline, I wouldn't worry about it. It is not "your" property and you have no standing copyright on the usage of the name.

    4) In real life, you'd need a lawyer. This however, is a forum and should not constitute as 'real life'.

    Give it a rest.

    It wasn't me who made that blog so that's 49999 more or so people to investigate. :)

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