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  1. 41 minutes ago, thedestroyerofworlds said:

    Here's an example of a soft mandate (New York).  Die from Covid and are unvaccinated, you family loses out of benefits.  Wouldn't be supprised if insurance companies adjust their policies going forward.





    MTA Yanks $500K COVID Death Benefit From Unvaccinated Transit Workers

    I know it sounds totally heartless, but this approach is the only way to get it through some people.


    People are yammering about rights and freedoms when they're barred from going to establishments that they want to go to. However, that's capitalism - and those people have every right to go to ANOTHER establishment that allows unvaccinated people to go in. The power of choice should mean that the unvaccinated (for whatever reason) should face the consequences of not being vaccinated.


    It doesn't matter if someone is unable to vaccinate due to medical conditions - THEY are the ones to take extra precautions to avoid covid, while everyone else are taking normal precaution as well. People who bleed easily (hemophilia) need to take caution about bruising. Similarly, people who NEED to be cautious about covid (especially those who are immunocompromised) need to do the sensible thing and vaccinate. There's a wide range of vaccines available. No one is forcing people to take one specific brand of it.


    We've seen a number of previously unvaxxed people repent on their prior claims about vaccines/covid. Sometimes it's too late for others to do it. IMHO, just let them figure this out on their own. If they don't want to be vaccinated, society needs to take the hard route and let them die on their own.

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  2. 23 hours ago, combover said:

    Almost as bad as 

    Erik Gudbranson and a 2016 fifth-round pick to the Vancouver Canucks for center (1st rounder) Jared McCann, a 2016 second-round pick and a 2016 fourth-round pick. 

    A bit misleading because McCann actually got moved around several times before he 'got it'. If there was something to criticize, it's the fact that they didn't understand McCann very well when they drafted him. He was not the character guy they were looking for, but took a gamble on skill. The trade for Gudbranson ended up being Pearson. Not a bad return.


    Anyway, combover, seems like you're just biased about this GM because there have been awful trades around the league that you fail to point out, including our previous GMs.

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  3. 2 hours ago, bishopshodan said:

    I hear you.

    Just looking at Alana shows to me that she got all the 'benefits' of the testosterone etc that comes with developing into a full grown male.

    I know everyone is on a spectrum in this regard. There was some natural born females that were excluded from their sport do to too high of naturally occurring testosterone. 


    Also, Amanda Nunes (UFC champ) has been known to knock out men in some gym fights in her day. 


    That said if you had an open to all division, IMO the top 100+ at least fighters would be those that were born as male. 


    So, the females fighting Alana may be elite but I disagree that it would be enough to over come the natural occurring gender differences. 

    There was another trans fighter called Fallon Fox, she has fractured a girls skull. She said she enjoyed doing it. 


    I suppose if the fighter signs up for the competition and the bout is sanctioned, then these things should be allowed to happen.


    It's funny you mention her because Alanna says she wants to continue Fallon's legacy. That is a disturbing fact if she 'enjoys' fracturing a girl's skull.

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  4. 34 minutes ago, bishopshodan said:

    She used to be a male special forces member.


    She just won her MMA debut




    I have a hard time supporting this.

    There are all sorts of questions about fairness, but in reality, some people are 'built' for this type of thing. Many women (I use this term loosely) are stronger than men (also a loose term in this context). There is a tendency that men are physically stronger than women, and in many many cases, this is true; it is a minority for women to be beefier than men, overall.


    For a man to be in the special forces, he is absolutely elite. So now that Alanna transitions from that life to here, Alanna has inherited what her past life had. But even though a man is generally stronger than a woman in most 1 vs 1 confrontations, the MMA is for the absolute elite, so gender differences could be overcome.

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  5. Oh nooo. Jonsson spoke glowingly of Hoglander in particular, having scouted him personally. I'm sure he also had a big influence in scouting the other European players, which led the Canucks to pick Hoglander, despite him 'slipping'.


    Indeed a big loss for the Canucks.


    If one's life ends at 50 something, this puts into perspective that some of us could very well have 20-30 years worth of living left. Maybe even less for others. Health is really important. Stay safe.

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  6. 15 minutes ago, grandmaster said:

    Where does that end? What about a man identifying as a woman? Biological differences do not care about how someone feels or identifies as. This is a slippery slope. An athlete with a male body will always have an advantage in these type of sports. 




    Instead of learning about gender, you proceed to talk about gender like you know it. Everyone is most likely well aware of your 'concerns' about male vs female. The so-called slippery slope ignores the fact that there are people who do not identify as male nor female in the sports. Testosterone levels are different with people. Trying to fit these people into the traditional gender model is problematic.

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  7. Just now, Ilunga said:

    Correct me if I wrong brother however I am betting those bunch of people were older white men ?


    I think some of them were, but it was shocking that some posters who claimed to be female were outraged by the name change as well. I feel like it's just a bunch of trolls on CBC's comment section.

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  8. I think it was CBC or something that had a bunch of people criticizing this move. Why? If it was men playing, no one would say a thing. However, since it's women playing, this name change appeared to reflect the 'wokeness' of this time period, and how "society was going downhill".


    It's beyond stupid that people would think about criticizing this. This is undoubtedly a GOOD MOVE to reflect the realities about multiple genders.

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  9. 5 minutes ago, bishopshodan said:

    Been reading a bit about Otoole when he was under Harper.


    He stuck it to the Vets and championed Harper's trade agreements with China. The same China that he made noise about boycotting for the Olympics. 


    He's been saying some good things, dragging the Cons to the center, but since his party doesn't officially recognise some of his statements...


    Lipstick on a pig? 



    O'Toole has definitely lied to his people, after doing some research as well.




    I'm pretty sure the Toronto Star is conservative, but even they are calling him out for his outright lies. Aka Trump 2.0 It's a paywall, so I can only trust the headline on that one. I wasn't satisfied, so I kept looking.




    It's a forum, granted. However, it's from 2020 and they are already talking about how O'Toole apparently sells out Canada to China.


    Then there's O'Toole's blog, which justifies the international trade relations with China, and how they're such a huge economic powerhouse.




    Last fall, Prime Minister Harper gave me additional responsibilities for International Trade as the Parliamentary Secretary. While my focus remains centered upon being an effective and strong voice for Durham as the Member of Parliament, I am also directly involved in growing new markets for Canadian goods and services. It is an exciting mandate to be given because Canada is rapidly growing new trade relationships around the world given the strength of our economy and great reputation our country has around the world. In fact, when I meet with foreign political leaders or their diplomats, they state they are envious of Canada’s strong economy and our place in the world.

    Trade is also more important than people think. One in every five jobs in the Canadian economy is directly attributable to international trade. The United States remains our most important trade relationship by a wide margin, but in the years since the global recession, the US economy has been sluggish and exports to the US have not been as strong. To counter slow exports to the US, the Prime Minister embarked on a very ambitious set of negotiations around the world to ensure we had new markets to help make up for the slowdown in the US. This has led to the most ambitious trade agreement Canada has ever negotiated with the European Union and a deal with South Korea, which represents our first free trade agreement in fast-growing Asia.

    Agriculture is one of the sectors that will benefit most from our trade agenda. Beef, pork, grain, fruit and oil seeds will all have large new markets in Europe and Asia to sell to. This not only gives them some security against protectionism in the US as we have seen lately with beef, but it will give farmers and processors more choice in markets to sell thereby securing higher prices and less risk.

    We also see the one in five jobs attributable to trade right in our own community. Adamson Systems Engineering manufactures some of the best and most sought after loudspeaker systems in the world. Concert goers from Germany to Japan might not know that the amazing sound from their favourite band comes out of a speaker manufactured in Port Perry. Similarly, many car seats assembled in other parts of North America have tooling and molds assembled using some of the most cutting edge manufacturing in the world based out of the AWC Company plant in Courtice. If Adamson and AWC were limited to selling their goods and services only in Canada they would be limited to a market of 33 million people. With trade agreements, our government has negotiated with the European Union and South Korea and our exporters will now have access to an additional 550 million consumers.

    Canada has free trade agreements with countries that we have strong relationships with, but we are also signing trade protection agreements with developing countries or some nations that pose unique risks for our exporters. Our government recently moved forward with such an agreement – known as a Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements or FIPA for short – with China. We have almost 30 FIPAs in place with countries around the world. These were negotiated over the last two decades and most came into force with no coverage at all, but a lot of misinformation is circulating about the FIPA with China, based on fears or uncertainty related to China. China is now the world’s second largest economy and our exporters are trading with China and they want more protection in that market. China’s legal system is not as fair and developed as Canada’s so the FIPA allows for a fair and impartial way to deal with disputes that Canadian companies might have in that country. In many ways it simply levels the playing field because Chinese companies operating or trading in Canada already have access to our courts, which are some of the most fair and sophisticated in the world. Canadian exporters – like those here in Durham – need the certainty and protection in China that the FIPA provides, so that they can continue to grow the jobs that rely on trade.

    For more information on FIPA’s, read:

    Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada – Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection (FIPAs)

    Maclean’s: “Don’t Fear the FIPA”


    But yeah, I guess O'Toole changed his tune in 7 years.


    I'm not defending Trudeau at all here. I just think you are right to point out about his inconsistencies (deliberate or otherwise). This guy is indeed cut from the same cloth as Harper, and god forbid Canada has to go through another Harper-lite.


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  10. 6 minutes ago, NewbieCanuckFan said:

    I expected another screen to give me an option to save it to phone when I clicked the "done" tab.  I realized I should've just screenshot it first (but I read on the website we'd be given the option to save it to the phone or print it out - neither such option was available).  


    I'll try logging in via website (blech & wait another half an hour in the queue again) rather than download the app (have to verify oneself via sending a video or equivalent if you want to use this method).   

    If you're getting this vaccination done, your name should appear on their side (medical staff's), so it shouldn't be a 'surprise visit'.

  11. 43 minutes ago, Ilunga said:

    When I listened to this today while bunching my flowers it blew me away.


    So many injustices and so many events in the middle east over the last 30 years that can be traced back to this "operation" including 9/11.





    Operatives risking Jail time speaking to him.

    Contraventions of the Warsaw Convention Act.

    Western governments totally betraying their people and then trying to cover it up for the last 30 years.

    The list of crimes seems never ending. 


    As soon as the lockdown ends I will go straight to my bookshop and order the book.

    You're the resident history buff. It's always nice reading about your perspectives on these politically charged issues.


    I'm curious about the journalist who was bombed for investigating the Panama Papers... many government officials, as well as celebrities, hid their money with this shady accounting firm which has now since been closed down... there is a lot of corruption.





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  12. 37 minutes ago, Fred65 said:

    Some posters are antagonists other want to challenge the norm, Cuporbust was the former in my mind, but I likely fall into the latter :)

    Challenging the norm only makes sense if you don't stretch out the truth, while openly disregarding other 'perspectives' that seem to undermine your original position.


    Simply being the black sheep for the sake of it is not a great strategy.


    Someone like wallstreetamigo, for example, openly ignores evidence because it differs from his core beliefs. It's no surprise that he puts people on ignore when he 'lost' the arguments.

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