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  1. 4 hours ago, RU SERIOUS said:

    By the sounds of it, after reading all these post, pretty well everyone was reasonably fine with the effort tonight, given we played with half a team full of new players for the first time.  The real surprise is that only a few were calling for Greens head on a platter.  Which is very unusual after a loss.    So in all - a pretty good night!

    I was one of those people before the game who would've welcomed a coach change. That being said, I'm not blind to what's in front of me. Seems like he had a good game.


    I am, however, not entirely convinced that Green will do a good job this season, at least not yet. Once we make the playoffs or look like we will go there, my mind will change for sure.


    The reason for my hesitation in supporting Green is that every game we have a situation where the Canucks have a poor second period. Arguably yesterday's game was a lot better in that regard. But too many times have I seen the Canucks play to defend the loss, which really is a curious thing to see. Additionally, there's always a too many men penalty of some kind in the game (maybe Green gets a free pass last game, bit the point still stands). Moreover, our PP needs to be show improvement this year because of the overhaul of roster players. If the Canucks aren't a winner, that's on Green (and probably on Benning also). 

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  2. 4 hours ago, tas said:

    green laughed out loud in a reporter's face (well, over zoom) last year when asked if macewen might get a shot at center when the team was beaten up down the middle. 


    lammikko will be fine. macewen isn't an nhl player. 

    That is terribly unprofessional on Green's part. No surprise that Macewen wasn't going to get more of a shot on Green's team.

    Horrific coach.


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  3. 2 hours ago, RakuRaku said:

    And.... why didn't JB get this guy instead of Petan/Dowling?? I know Sceviour is damn tough and can pop in a few goals!

    Sceviour also played under Travis Green on the winterhawks, if I'm remembering this correctly.


    Maybe he doesn't like playing under Green ;) - or rather, Green doesn't like him ;)

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  4. Green should've waived Macewen first before Gadj. If we're gonna lose Gadj who was a good player - showed much better than Macewen, then so be it. If Mac had cleared, then we would have been stuck with him in the AHL.


    I'm not really on the 'toughness' train, but it's hard to argue that these roster decisions by Green are solid. We do lack toughness in the lineup. The fact that Chiasson got a spot instead of Gadj speaks volumes about Green's doghouse.

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  5. 3 hours ago, wallstreetamigo said:

    Being a tough team to play against is a real weakness of the Canucks and has been for over a decade.


    The “play for the PP” approach started by AV and continued by both Desjardins and Green leaves far too much control in the hands of the refs (Torts tried to make a roster incapable of it tough to play against but it didn’t work).


    Until this team has leadership - management, coaching, and on the ice - that values a team sticking up for each other, even if they aren’t the toughest, we won’t see any change in being the most easily intimidated and bullied team in the NHL. Mac would not change that. It’s the culture.

    I totally agree. This is a long standing theme that goes beyond coaching. This is perhaps something that was in place during the Gillis era as well because the Sedins would get punched numerously and there'd be no call. Moreover, the penalties placed on the Canucks for roughing were heavily enforced.


    I think we all remember when Burke said that the Sedins are not Swedish for being punching bags (or something to that effect)


    For all his faults in management, he demanded respect, but was respectful to others as well. Gillis was too extreme in his approaches, and Benning has been too cordial with the league (arguably).


    I wouldn't go as far as to say the refs are against the Canucks, but they certainly don't do the Canucks any favours either. The coaching/management throughout the recent Canucks history had been seemingly kowtowimg to the league and their refs, except there's never any reciprocal respect from the league.

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  6. 9 hours ago, N4ZZY said:

    then forget it. He'd ride the pine here under Green. 


    We've seen it before with players like Goldobin. Couldn't cut it defensively, he didn't play. Green wants two way players - good offensively and good defensively. If you're both, you're going to play. If Kratsov isn't good defensively, it's just going to be more frustrating for the player in a different organization. 


    Green also overplays Rathbone, who's made a number of defensive mistakes. Should he get benched too?


    I wouldn't trust him to see players objectively.

  7. 10 hours ago, Canuckster86 said:

    People want to say Green gave Virtanen a chance....HAHAHAHA ya right! Kid got coached by him in the AHL and where was he in that lineup, bottom 6! Did Green ever play Virtanen in his drafted position of LW...UHHH NOPE! But did Green play Hoglander on his off wing as a rookie UHHH YUP.


    This team will never win jack $&!# with a $&!#ty coach like Green, the team should have moved on from him but the GM has NO balls or the OWNER doesn't...he sings the praise of TO maple LAFF waiver claims last year, what does he have to say about the recent top 6 picks gone and 2 2nd rounders gone in favour of a PTO player and AHL signings in Petan, Burroughs, Hunt...


    Take your homer glasses off people, this team has messed up HUGE under this GM and Coach

    Can't say I disagree with any of this. This preseason was a major wake-up call for me with regards to how this coach handles his players. It's so obvious this preseason that I can no longer support this guy. I can still support the team, but just like AV, you know when a coach has to go.


    The favouritism shown by Green on his players is pretty awful. We've seen tons of his project players come in (and go), and they've often been given gifted opportunities. Other roster players like Rathbone were gifted with minutes and PP time. Someone like Juolevi who I was watching closely this season didn't really get the chances that Rathbone did. I also noted that the Canucks were in deep trouble with PK, and Green consistently used Juolevi in those situations, but not giving him a sniff in the PP. 


    Rathbone also had a number of pizzas - things that should drive a coach crazy, but not Green. You can bet if Goldobin did them, he would have been benched (and that has been the case).


    Let's not pretend all coaches don't have favourites, but a good coach will use every roster player available to him. Someone like Macewen is used sparingly by Green, an indication that no matter how hard you work, you'll never get out of the doghouse. Gadjovich was spared this crappy treatment.


    Chiasson was given so many minutes this preseason, especially on the PP. Did anyone realize how awful it was? This guy's gonna be a Jayce Hawrlyuk, and that's being generous.


    Green's had so many opportunities with different rosters and most of the time, the team falters. We also see that a number of characteristics about Green's coaching involve: too many men penalties, the waste of a timeout, no line adjustments, mindless blending, and the overuse of his same strategies. The way he wants his players to play is the same as how he did in the bubble.


    I still think he overachieved at that point. I'm not surprised if that's his highlight as a coach. Keeping him was a huge mistake. They could've just hired another veteran coach.

  8. 4 minutes ago, Canuckster86 said:

    If Chiasson gets more minutes and opportunity over Podkolzin....the team needs to fire the Coach, they should have moved on from Green last off season...JB has a get out of jail free card he can use in the first half of the season if we stink and younger players get limited ice.


    When I go to a game I want to see the young guys get given a chance, Pod has shown good drive to the net and will only get better with...MORE ice time.


    Welcome to the Canucks 1st RW Chiasson...hopefully you'll be on waivers within a month or 2 when we get some players back

    Green doesn't actually like developing young players, from what it seems. He's only doing it because he gets forced to. Once a player is in the doghouse, he's not getting out.


    Look no further than the fact that he preferred a bunch of AHL vets over young players playing meaningless preseason games. You do not want your younger players developing under Green, in general.


    Jett woo barely got any action. Lockwood, what about Persson? What about the other prospects?


    All I have been watching was Chiasson on the PP a lot. It wasn't like he was scoring either.


    Our preseason record was godawful, with no chemistry. That is all on Green.

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  9. 31 minutes ago, Teemu Selänne said:

    I don't get this critique? Green has given lots of young players chances/starts

    Not really.


    Gadj had a vastly improved preseason - where does he end up? Waivers.


    Jett woo barely played in the preseason.


    Lockwood had some looks, but was ultimately shelved in the AHL. Some other players didn't even get a game in.

  10. 1 minute ago, wallstreetamigo said:

    Hoglander gave Green no choice really. Gaudette, Virtanen, and Goldobin, the young guys probably most comparable in the situation, all did not really get an opportunity that fit with their strengths and weaknesses. Virtanen got more rope in terms of playing in the NHL but really most of that was in a role that he wasn’t particularly suited for or good at. 

    The other guys played games on a much $&!#tier overall team.


    Green is pretty transparent about what he thinks of offense minded young guys who aren’t as good at defensive play as he feels they should be.


    This kid would be on waivers in a month if he was traded for.

    Yes, Green appears to be transparent that he has favourites that can make mistakes with no repercussions. But the ones who make mistakes that are in his doghouse are unfairly punished.

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