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  1. What are you talking about? She sent those messages at those times. 6 hours, 2 hrs, 2 hrs, all on the same freaking day, presumably.
  2. I wouldn't really know. Since everyone is basing this latest story on what she has published, would it not be relevant to know how often she has spent writing those messages? Furthermore, if you look at her IG moments, you'll see that she's quite well travelled, including driving along the seaside. Having lived in a poor household, I don't know when the &^@# my mom would be able to do half the things she's done. That's why I think her story is faulty.
  3. Yes. Here's the evidence. See the time stamps. Tell me I'm not accurate in my description. 6 hours, 2 hrs, 2 hrs.. so forth. No?
  4. If you actually re-read what I wrote, I said: There's so much that has been said about Kane that little has been said about what's she's typed up already. For some reason everyone is just automatically confirming their biases toward Kane, but there's more to the story. I haven't concluded anything. I don't know Kane or the wife. I just know there's more to the story than what she has published (and has now since deleted).
  5. All I'm saying is that there are more sides to this story than just the one. I don't entirely buy the wife's story, especially with the types of messages she's leaked out, which actually reflect on her immaturity more than anything else. She talks about being poor and accusing Kane of not providing money for 'formula'. She accuses Kane of threatening to murder her and the kid. Serious $&!#. There are so many things that are just so alarming from what she said. How do we know what is true or what is false? We don't. We can only see what she allows us to see, which is
  6. We don't know for sure. The fact that he spoke out against it, despite legal advice, tells me he cares about what people think about this particular scenario. Maybe he's confident that he won't get caught? I don't know. It's undeniable that he has HUGE financial problems, and it's not a stretch at all that part of this was due to gambling, and how it is used to recoup his losses. Nobody will dispute that.
  7. Notice how she shifts her argument? She claims that her perspectives are controlled by the media because of who she is. Are you kidding me? I haven't seen a single article that talks about Kane being a good man because it's actually the paper's incentive to talk about this wild public spectacle. The bigger the story, the better. The papers have no legitimate reason for suppressing the story of a public figure, especially these juicy details that have yet to be verified. Kane is manipulative, but so is the wife. She's using this so-called psycho ex-wife platform to criticiz
  8. Does this type of post convince people that MAYBE there's two (or more) sides to the story?
  9. You are projecting. I never once said it was a woman's duty to raise kids and stay at home, or anything sexist like that. You should actually re-read what I said because you're so off-base to my actual position. I was raised by a single mother, so I have great respect to those who can pull it off. You have absolutely no freaking clue about what you're talking about. Someone like Anna Kane knows nothing about poverty, so don't ever lecture me about what it means to be poor and what it means to have a woman busting her ass working. Anna spends her time on IG travelling, living the go
  10. Timrafan is a huge defender of Dahlen, to the extent that he's willing to warp evidence to protect his master. I'm not even joking. Dahlen had a huge opportunity to play in the NHL. He thought he was NHL ready. However, his coaches (such as Green) did not. As a result, a conflict brewed, which Benning remarked that there were some young players who felt entitled to step into the NHL. Anyway, Dahlen demanded a trade mid-season in the AHL, at least according to Benning who was ALSO the same GM who acquired Dahlen in the first place. JP Barry was non-committal on the issue, and Dahlen
  11. I really don't think IBatch is an anti-Benning poster. I don't know the circumstances behind how much heck he gave you though.
  12. I never defended Kane at all. I'm setting aside another angle to look at it, which you obviously refuse to do. In no way does my criticism of his wife CONDONE ANYTHING KANE DOES. You are deliberately twisting my words, such as accusing me of using a qualifier, as some kind of false proof that I'm defending him. In fact, I have openly acknowledged his poor reputation (very few people can legitimately defend him). At the same time (which has NO BEARING ON HIS REPUTATION), his wife has typed some really nasty stuff, on the level of revenge. I have always said there are t
  13. But that still doesn't explain how he got so many assists in the process of doing so. Opportunities don't always pan out, and add to the fact that you have a legitimate chance to score (and win the game), you just throw away the puck and SOMEHOW pray that the guy scores on you. It's a conspiracy theory and not a very good one.
  14. June 2021 Article on Zlodeyev, talks about playing in the NHL one day, praises Podkolzin. https://canucksarmy.com/2021/06/09/want-start-playing-hockey-soon-possible-canucks-prospect-dmitri-zlodeyev-massive-year-ahead/ Here's a juicy passage from that article Zlodeyev confirmed that he and his agent have had conversations with the Canucks throughout the past year and have talked this offseason as well. His agent has spoken with Ryan Johnson and Chris Higgins about Zlodeyev’s upcoming year. Getting to the KHL as a 19-year-old would be a huge step in his
  15. People just need to think for a minute instead of rushing to conclusions. The amount of stuff that has been said to confirm ppl's bias against this guy is disgusting. Yes, Kane is a questionable person. His reputation is arguably worse than Virtanen's escapades (before the latest accusations). That being said, one can still separate the fact that Kane is a POS, but still think, "wait a minute, this doesn't make sense". Now this is not necessarily proof that he did or did not throw a game, but I feel his stats make a persuasive case that he didn't 'throw' games.
  16. I'm gonna take a stab and just say he is probably obnoxious. He probably has a huge ego and maybe he is selfish. Teammates can pick up on stuff like that. It wouldn't surprise me if he told people how to do their job better. Then add to the fact that he's an embarrassment off the ice. I think it would be pretty bad to be playing with this dude. But I'm just speculating everything up to this point. I don't understand why despite Kane's horrible reputation that people automatically side with his wife. I don't know if people are just biased or what not, but when you actual
  17. I actually had a post about that re-signing which was buried earlier in this thread because of the arguing. We got the better of the Poolmans. Maybe Treliving was trying to do some next level scouting, hoping to get Colton groomed so that a) he'd join the main roster b) Tucker would join. I'm sure if any other team signed Tucker for 2.5 x 4, people will unanimously be saying that it's a good signing.
  18. BUT THE TERM AND CAP WAS BETTER THAN POOLMAN! PAY PLAYERS WHAT THEY WORTH! It's the same old rehashed arguments that never address what Poolman does. I just saw another post by certain posters that were praising the signing of a 1 x 2M deal. Such dishonest commentary. Anyway, the more I think about Poolman and Shaw, the more I am excited. Hopefuly Poolman learns to play the top 4 with some consistency. That was a concern in Winnipeg. He doesn't have to worry about scoring, so he can just focus on defending.
  19. Just laughable. Ryan Murray, as other posters have said, has been hurt his entire career. I think if Canucks were looking long term at a defenseman, I don't think Murray's the right choice.
  20. Did you even read my message? I said there are two sides, maybe more. Maybe it's just me, but I see your bias because you are completely glossing over the types of messages she wrote to Kane on IG. She was very vindictive, which is quite different in my mind as frustrated. Her messages were akin to revenge. She took them down because they're honestly not a good look. They were super unprofessional.
  21. You haven't made a single good point since you've been in here, nor have you critically engaged the original post. Dismissing this post as some kind of propaganda, without explaining why is just ignoring evidence. Given your unhealthy obsession of defending Dahlen, you should be the last person talking about propaganda.
  22. Timrafan is Dahlen lol. No I'm half-kidding. He is just obsessed with bashing Benning, even though we have two way better Swedes in the lineup, like Petey and Hoglander. I despise people who shift goal posts, or pull evidence while ignoring the preexisting ones, to advance their own opinion, which they have no intention of changing. Wouldn't that be as bad as anyone who blindly supports Benning? I don't know of anyone (not personally anyway) that would say Benning has been perfect, even in drafting. But as this super long post highlights, Benning has largely hit on his
  23. People are gonna say Hakannpaa, even though he's played half the games of Poolman. There's always going to be some excuse to badmouth Poolman on the basis of a contract being supposedly overpaid. It's just an endless cycle with no real explanation on the critic's side about the player himself.
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