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  1. Theo Rochette - Why isn't anyone picking him? https://thehockeywriters.com/theo-rochette-2020-nhl-draft-prospect-profile/ Heading into the beginning of the season Rochette was considered one of the best passers in the entire draft and it wasn’t by accident. He has above-average vision and can thread the needle with a hard, accurate pass. He possesses the ability to read plays at a high level and can find teammates with a wide array of passing options. Whether it be a cross-ice pass, saucer pass or backhand pass, he often makes the right choice. Rochette is one of t
  2. https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/video/get-know-canucks-draft-pick-joni-jurmo/ May have been posted. Apologies in advance.
  3. A couple of scouting reports... https://lastwordonsports.com/hockey/2020/06/15/jacob-truscott-scouting-report/ Skating Truscott is a very good skater and he uses this to be effective in both ends of the ice. He has a good first step and strong acceleration in both directions. His top-end speed is also well above average. The strong backwards skating is combined with very good lateral agility and helps Truscott to defend against the rush. He is difficult to beat in one-on-one situations. His edgework and pivots are also very good and allow Truscott to change directions or tran
  4. Theo Rochette - originally thought to be a very high first round pick that has seemingly been forgotten.

    Swiss/Canadian center. Has represented both countries internationally.

  5. I would like to see Theo Rochette picked. Edit: He was formerly projected to be a first round pick that has slid down significantly.
  6. Why are you outraged about getting a qualifying offer, Jake? Want to go somewhere else? I'm pretty sure you could still get traded, so don't worry
  7. I don't like his term and salary, but I definitely can see why you'd be scared off by this situation
  8. Kunin has roughly half as many points as Virtanen, and is 2 years younger. He also has better AHL stats than Virtanen. There's no questions about Kunin's work ethic. The 2nd and 3rd round picks, plus Bonino is a really good return for Kunin though.
  9. Virtanen isn't worth Bonino, come on. Bonino has far more playoff experience, and he's won a freaking cup to boot. MAYBE virtanen has a higher potential, but Bonino at this point is a proven entity. Virtanen is not.
  10. His most eye popping stats happened 5 years ago, roughly, and he had noticeably declined stats wise. However he has a very accurate shot from the point, albeit on the left side. He almost got 10 goals as a defenceman. It's not bad.
  11. He is an excellent defenceman. He scored a lot of points for a pretty mediocre Arizona team. But the salary and term are dreadful. He's not going to be LE.
  12. The buyout is a gamble. If you remove Sutter from the roster, you save 2.33 mill, but then you might have to put someone like Graovac and/or Gaudette who may not be ready to take on that role. Alternatively, you could promote Beagle and put the above two on line four. Every million saved means something. And if you're trading away other people, you could save even more. We do have players who can fill in, but the question remains, are they good enough to stay there? If not, we will have exactly the situation you described.
  13. Loui is the worst buyout candidate because you don't actually get any savings due to his bonuses that count against the cap. As you suggested Baertschi might be a better candidate.
  14. Yes. Unless Tanev has explicitly indicated that he wants to test UFA market, which he hasn't, we should try to find some way to keep him.
  15. Too bad you're not describing your buddy Trump. He lacks a basic moral compass.
  16. Seriously? You're taking the conversations from gamers in MMORPGs as a source?
  17. Yes, this link makes it crystal clear. 50 percent of MAF's salary on cap space for 2nd round pick is an enticing price, but that's why they're offering it! And teams are right not to jump on this.
  18. https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/free-agent-brenden-dillon-love-sign-canucks 4 days ago, he said he loves the Canucks. 4 million dollars later, he loves the capitals for four years. I know it's part of negotiations but this is just blatant toying to get a better deal from Washington.
  19. It seems intentional that he spelled it as "whine"... I could be misreading it though.
  20. You do know that Virtanen can be traded later right? There is no reason to throw Virtanen away right NOW. So much for your understanding of deadlines, Mr. "Negotiator". Qualifying Virtanen extends the deadline.
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