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  1. Just now, IBatch said:

    The proof is in a well researched article in Jan 28 Rookie THN addition (cover story)  Like I said the way Benning worded it was giving credit to Delmore for his insistence to pick EP and he was the one who early on got them to view him...doesn’t say in there anywhere that he was the one who discovered him, that’s Kuzmas interpretation.   Delmore was contacted by the scout/hockey guy who viewed EP and Dahlén every game...and lives in Sweden.  Don’t take my word for it, go online and buy the mag, it’s 5.99 and they will deliver it to your door...

    If that was the case, maybe that scout should've been hired.

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  2. 2 hours ago, IBatch said:

    Exactly.  Loud voice would be the instistance, and of us saw him could be referring to Benning and Bracket specifically.   Listen i was hoping it would shake something loose with another CDCer that also reads THN mags, the entire story about how the Canucks discovered him is in their Rookie Issue from Jan 28 2019, EPs first cover.    Unless Delmore lives where EP and Dahlén were playing together and watching them every game, he’s not the guy that discovered him , he’s the guy that was contacted by the guy that did...it’s all in the story, feel free to spend 5.99 and get the issue and read all about it yourself.   Taking this statement and blanket giving the credit happens the be coming from Ben Kuzma of the province , lazy  journalism really.


    Im sure Delmore was a big reason for them making the selection, but saying he discovered him is  not giving credit where it’s due.

    Well Benning was the one who gave the credit to Delorme so... it's not Kuzma's fault that that happened.


    Based on what you said, maybe Delorme himself took credit for someone else's work, but that is a very serious charge and I'm not prepared to make this accusation without some kind of proof.


    The 'guy' you keep talking about doesn't even seem to be employed by the Canucks.




  3. 9 hours ago, ItTakesAnArmy said:

    What makes is a monumental mistake;

    VANCOUVER -- Alexis Lafreniere of Rimouski in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League will headline a strong class of prospects expected to be available in the 2020 NHL Draft at Bell Centre in Montreal on June 26-27, 2020.

    The left wing (6-foot-1, 186 pounds) was awarded the Michel Briere Trophy as the QMJHL's most valuable player after scoring 105 points (37 goals, 68 assists) in 61 regular-season games and 23 points (nine goals, 14 assists) in 13 playoff games this season.

    "He's special for sure; a gifted offensive guy who thinks the game very well and is strong on his skates," Troy Dumville of NHL Central Scouting said. "He's only going to get better as next year comes around."


    [RELATED: Complete NHL Draft coverage]


    Lafreniere has 185 points (79 goals, 106 assists) in 121 career QMJHL games, averaging 1.53 points per game.

    "He reminds me of Gilbert Perreault," Hockey Hall of Famer Wayne Gretzky told Sportsnet. "He can skate, handle the puck. He's just around the puck so much. When you have that much puck sense, that much speed, I can see him being a center at the next level."

    Lafreniere isn't the only player expected to attract attention in the QMJHL next season. Center Hendrix Lapierre (6-0, 165) of Chicoutimi, right wing Dawson Mercer (6-0, 170) of Drummondville and defenseman Justin Barron (6-2, 192) of Halifax are three blue-chip players projected to go in the first round.

    Lapierre was second on the Sagueneens with 45 points (13 goals, 32 assists) and first with 16 power-play assists. Mercer had 64 points (30 goals, 34 assists) in 68 games for the Voltigeurs, and Barron had 41 points (nine goals, 32 assists) in 68 games for Halifax, which finished second in the Memorial Cup.

    "The 2020 Draft class is looking like a well-rounded class in that there is a more even spread of talent throughout the leagues than what we've seen the past couple seasons," director of NHL Central Scouting Dan Marr said. "While there is top talent in every draft class, the past couple years have been lean years in certain leagues and in 2020 the initial view is that there is more depth to the Draft and it's spread all throughout North America."

    The USA Hockey National Team Development Program Under-18 team may not have as many first-round picks (eight) as it produced this year, but defensemen Jake Sanderson (6-2, 170), Brock Faber (6-0, 188) and Tyler Kleven (6-4, 190) and forwards Ty Smilanic (6-1, 167) and Dylan Peterson (6-4, 185) are potential high selections. 


    Sanderson, the son of former NHL forward Geoff Sanderson, is a mobile, puck-moving defenseman with elite skating ability and work ethic. Faber, according to 2019-20 U-18 coach Seth Appert, is strong on his skates and hard to play against. Kleven is a throwback type, capable of a few game-changing hits since he is a physically imposing player, good athlete and competitor.

    Smilanic, who had 38 points (20 goals, 18 assists) and eight power-play goals in 54 games for the U-17's, is an elite skater. Peterson, who had 29 points (eight goals, 21 assists) in 53 games last season, is a highly-skilled, point-producing power-forward down around the net.

    The Ontario Hockey League players to watch are centers Marco Rossi (5-9, 179), who scored 65 points (29 goals, 36 assists) in 53 games for Ottawa, Quinton Byfield (6-4, 214), who had 61 points (29 goals, 32 assists) in 64 games for Sudbury, and Cole Perfetti (5-10, 185), who finished tied with Florida Panthers forward prospect Owen Tippett for the club scoring lead with 74 points (37 goals, 37 assists) in 63 games. 

    Erie defenseman Jamie Drysdale (5-11, 165), who had 40 points (seven goals, 33 assists) in 63 games, could be a top-10 choice.

    The Western Hockey League might not have as many prospects at the top of the draft as it did this year, but defensemen Braden Schneider (6-2, 209) of Brandon and Kaiden Guhle (6-3, 187) of Prince Albert are players to watch. Schneider had 24 points (eight goals, 16 assists) and 106 shots on goal in 58 games and Guhle had 17 points (three goals, 14 assists) and 74 shots in 65 games.

    There's a strong group of International prospects, including potential top-2 choice Lucas Raymond of Frolunda in the Swedish Hockey League. The right wing (5-10, 165 pounds) had 48 points (13 goals, 35 assists) in 37 games for Frolunda's Under-20 junior team last season before playing 10 games and scoring two goals with the men's team. He had eight points (four goals, four assists) in seven games to help Sweden to its first gold medal at the 2019 IIHF World Under-18 Championship; he scored a hat trick in a 4-3 overtime win against Russia in the championship game.

    "Raymond is a highly competitive player with speed and skills," said Goran Stubb, NHL director of European Scouting. "He's always going hard for the puck, makes plays and is a force whenever he's on the ice. He's smart with great offensive instincts and a good understanding of his defensive responsibilities. He's going to be a top-three European prospect for the 2020 Draft."

    Right wing Alexander Holtz (6-0, 183) of Djurgarden (SHL), center Anton Lundell (6-1, 183) of HIFK in Liiga, Finland's top professional men's league, and goalie Yaroslav Askarov of SKA-1946 St. Petersburg in Russia's minor league are also considered blue chip prospects. Askarov (6-3, 163) had a 2.31 goals-against average and .916 save percentage in six games to help Russia to a second-place finish at the IIHF World U-18 Championship in April.



    Should have been trading FOR 1rst round picks

    We are not gonna do bad enough to get Lafreniere

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  4. 3 hours ago, IBatch said:

    Bennings not so much as giving credit as just making a statement about his insistence that they take him.  Delmore isn’t the guy I’m like 98% sure, tried to go back and look for the posts but it wouldn’t let me go beyond March for whatever reason... will keep looking at let you know when I can..

    No, that is incorrect. Credit was given to Delorme when Benning literally said “Ronnie saw him early and was a loud voice for him right from the start — even before any of us saw him,”


    I'm not sure at all how you can say what you said above.

  5. Just now, NUCKER67 said:

    The Canucks didn't offer him a contract, so I'm not sure why they would later. Seems strange to me but I guess it could happen. Some other team could pick him up too. Benning said he was going to overhaul the D, so my guess this is part of it. 

    It's a qualifying offer, not a contract. Hutton therefore becomes UFA, which allows Hutton to talk to other teams. However, I think he'll make every opportunity to re-sign with the Canucks. After all, Virtanen is one of his best friends here and I'm sure Hutton understands that he doesn't deserve an unjustified raise to 3-4 Mill. He can either go to another team or he can re-sign with the Canucks for a fairer price.

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  6. Just now, IBatch said:

    Nope..the source was THN, EP was on the cover and the lead story.  Went looking for it and went back to see if I could find some posts I made on it when it came out earlier this year.  The guy watched EP all the time and contacted other scouts in the Canucks .org to get them down there.   If I could figure out how to scroll back and look at previous posts from a few months ago I’m sure I could get the name... wife probably recycled the mag as it’s not in the recent pile or in the basement with the rest of them.  To be continued will try and get the specifics, but they are definitely on this site already.   If I find it and it’s Delmore I’m going to see a dr soon about memory loss ha ha.

    I don't know about the The Hockey News source, but I quoted a passage from Ben Kuzma (or Ken Buzma as I was about to type) from the Province.


    I mean... Benning could be giving Delorme credit because of blackmailed material, as the conspiracy theorists like to claim due to the fact that he has survived ALL the regime changes... I think at this point, we are better off just accepting that Delorme isn't garbage.

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  7. 4 minutes ago, NUCKER67 said:

    Do you think he'll circle back and re-sign with the Canucks cheaper? That would be a little awkward in the room. I think if he's gone, he's gone. It sounds like Benning is busy looking for at least 2 Ds. He's also been talking to Tryamkin's people and he seems confident Nikita will be back at some point. Is it possible that Tryamkin could be in a Canucks uniform this fall? Maybe Juolevi's recovery is going well and they expect him to make the team later in the year? Tanev could also be traded, so the D could look very different next season.


    Edler - UFA

    Tryamkin* - Hughes

    UFA - Stecher



    I don't think it's awkward at all. If you look at the comparables, Hutton does not look good with 4 Mill. It'd be actually AWKWARD if he got it and came into the room performing like has for the past couple of years.

  8. 8 hours ago, IBatch said:

    Actually he wasn’t.  There was a guy that lived near where he played and got Delmore to come and see him...I’m sorry I can’t remember his name right now but he was adamant that he come and wouldn’t leave them alone until he did.  He’s an old scout for the franchise I’d have to look through some old mags to find his name.   Delmore got the credit for it, and if course he deserves a lot of it,  but without this other guy this would have never happened and we’d have Glass.

    4 hours ago, GhostsOf1994 said:

    Was it not Thomas Gradin? Didn't he say draft 

    Petey or i walk

    Let's put this to rest.




    Canucks general manager Jim Benning first saw Pettersson at the 2017 world junior championship. And even though he only had one assist in six games (Sweden placed fourth), Benning couldn’t take his eyes off him.

    “Every time he touched the puck, he made something happen,” recalled Benning. “That’s the first thing that jumped out at me — his ability and vision to see where everybody was. And with the accurate release on his shot, he didn’t take much time and could rip it.”

    It was the same story when chief amateur scout Ron Delorme and director of amateur scouting Judd Brackett saw Pettersson do his thing. It got to the point where Delorme was adamant the slick Swede had to be on top of the club’s draft board.

    “Ronnie saw him early and was a loud voice for him right from the start — even before any of us saw him,” recalled Benning. “He was in my office and said: ‘We’ve really got to watch this guy.’ He loved his skill and hockey sense.”


    I thought (wrongly) that Delorme was incompetent, but clearly I was wrong.

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  9. 3 hours ago, IBatch said:

    Actually he wasn’t.  There was a guy that lived near where he played and got Delmore to come and see him...I’m sorry I can’t remember his name right now but he was adamant that he come and wouldn’t leave them alone until he did.  He’s an old scout for the franchise I’d have to look through some old mags to find his name.   Delmore got the credit for it, and if course he deserves a lot of it,  but without this other guy this would have never happened and we’d have Glass.

    This story sounds A LOT like how Benning retold the story of how Delorme 'insisted' that the Canucks look at Pettersson. Are you sure you're not misremembering this story?

  10. 2 hours ago, NUCKER67 said:

    Makes me wonder what Benning has up his sleeves to compete with Sakic and the other western GMs making big moves to improve. The Avs are setting up to build a dynasty.













    etc. Ridiculous. 


    I'm just impatient when I see other GMs making moves. Meanwhile, we're all waiting to see what Hutton and Schenn do, like it matters. I beleive Benning will sign 1-2 UFA Dmen, but I'm not very confident he'll be able to trade away Sutter, Eriksson and others that need to go. He'll spin it like: "We want good competition at camp for the young guys. Roster spots will need to be earned, blah blah".  

    Yeah but look at their picks. Yes they built it through the draft but were generally all high picks. Avalanche were bad for a very long time. Only the Oilers have been worse.

  11. 19 minutes ago, SID.IS.SID.ME.IS.ME said:

    I think it’s one of those jobs where they’re keeping him around in an advisory capacity because they like him, and also probably because he’s already getting paid guaranteed money on his contract, but Ian Clark is “the guy” when it comes to our goalies. The title of “Director of Goaltending” sounds like Cloutier’s higher up the ladder, but I doubt Clark is his subordinate. Apparently Cloutier took a step back in his duties, for “family reasons” (citing the travel demands as too much), and was given this new title for whatever work he continues to do with the organization.

    I think his inputs are still valued, as evidenced by Brackett referencing Clark AND Cloutier. For all the hate Cloutier gets for his playoff performances, it is truly undeserved when it comes to his time as an advisor of goaltending. People are so toxic. For a time, Demko in particular liked Cloutier, especially when they were working together. That was before Ian Clark came in.


    It's possible that the Canucks never thought Cloutier was 'the guy' but the fact that Ian Clark was able to come back, it was a no-brainer to snag him.

  12. 2 hours ago, Ghostsof1915 said:

    Delorme for all the wrong reasons. 


    7 hours ago, Silver Ghost said:

    Thats a good thing. 


    Look how much people talked about Delorme etc. over the years.

    Delorme was the first to identify Pettersson before Benning and his other scouts at 14 years old. Benning credits Delorme for his find.


    I think a lot of people, including myself, have been wrong about Delorme.

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  13. 19 hours ago, oldnews said:

    No. Suttter stays - at least until Gaudette is ready and perhaps even then if Gaudette assumes a different role.


    Regardless, Gaudette wasn't really NHL ready - let alone shutdown/hard minutes ready.


    The guys that are gone are probably Goldobin, Spooner, Schaller, and Eriksson.


    I'm not convinced the first three are gone - yet. Eriksson, yes - his replacement is either Miller or Pearson.


    Schaller's contract will expire pretty soon and it's not very expensive so he could still hang around.

    Goldobin is a RFA with not a huge amount of bargaining power, with prior experience with Petterson/Horvat, but he absolutely has to light it up this season or else, yes, he'll be gone.

    Spooner could surprise still, which would be great. Eriksson's time is for sure done though.

  14. Just now, skolozsy2 said:

     Forsling has no physical game whatsoever.  He is easily knocked off the puck, wins zero battles in corners, and gets tossed around the front of the net by opposing forwards.  If you're looking for a player with grit, you're gonna want to look elsewhere.

    His game is about offense though. His stats don't really suggest that he's useless in that area.


    3 g 6 assist 9 points in 40 something games is pretty decent. The only eyesore is the -9, which I also have no context, aside from him being the 4th lowest in +/-, but by far the better stats of all those four.




    4. Chris Kunitz (LW) 56 5 5 10 23 -7 |            
    25. Henri Jokiharju (D) 38 0 12 12 16 -7 |            
    26. Luke Johnson (C) 15 0 1 1 8 -8 |            
    27. Brandon Saad (LW) 80 23 24 47 12 -9 |            
    28. Gustav Forsling (D) 43 3 6 9 30 -9 |            
    29. John Hayden (RW/LW) 54 3 2 5 27 -12 |            
    30. Brendan Perlini (LW/RW) 46 12 3 15 20 -12 |            
    31. Brandon Manning (D) 27 1 2 3 21 -14 |    
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  15. 6 hours ago, *Buzzsaw* said:

    Carolina did not trade a 1st for Marleau... they received a 1st.


    The trade was a CAP dump by Toronto... because Dumba$$ had maneuvered himself and the Laffs into a corner by paying too much for his forward roster in the assumption everything would be fine and they'd win the Cup in 2019.


    Laffs are completely f*cked by the stupidity of their management.


    This was a GOOD trade by Carolina... they have CAP space.



    Oh wow, you're right. I did misread that until you pointed it out.


    I wonder why they didn't trade with the Canucks. It would've been a steal.

  16. 4 hours ago, Boudrias said:

    Marleau was traded to the Canes with the idea they would buy him out and that he could sign with SJ to retire a Shark. How is Erickson any different?  

    I remembered why Carolina decided to trade a 1st for Marleau.


    Rick Dudley and Don Waddell are running the team. Sound familiar? They worked together on the now defunct Atlanta Thrashers.


    Holy crap... how do they still have a job? That trade is/was AWFUL.

  17. Just now, CaptainLinden16 said:

    Lee and Ferland are available free agents with comparable ability.  They only cost cash.  Hell what would Chris Krieder cost?  Maybe not much more and I wouldve rather had him than Miller.  


    Its not just about the position or style on its own.  Its TEAM NEED too.  To this team the RHD is even more valuable than it would be from a general standpoint.  


    Baertschi, Leivo, Granlund, Goldobin, Pearson isn't awful.  Pearson played well with Horvat and Baertschi if healthy is a solid top 6 guy.  To me Pearson and Baertschi is more effective in their roles than Tanev and Stecher.  To me Tanev and Stecher's roles are substantially more important.

    So we are keeping the same top nine players that generally didn't do very good (with exception to Pearson picking it up near the end of the year)?


    You make assumptions that we'd land the above players. What if we do? What if we don't? There's too many variables that can't really be judged at this point in time. Baertschi is also recovering from a concussion last season. There is no guarantee he will perform like he has in the past. If he gets injured again, we do not have the depth (as proven last season) to keep up with the horses of the NHL.


    People are going to be whining regardless.

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  18. 29 minutes ago, Canuckster86 said:

    It is bad because that 1st they gave up was Bowen Byram. I understand they got a 1st back, but that pick had the chance of being Hughes...think the NHL did a solid making sure that didnt happen like they do by making sure Vancouver falls back every time

    Hindsight is also 20/20. They had no way of knowing that they'd do worse THAT year versus Tkachuk. If they gave up the first year (Tkachuk) and did better the 2nd year, people would whine about how they 'should've waited'. You know how it goes.

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