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  1. Works, but not will never work again? She joined the wrong industry if she thinks vaccines are infringing on her rights.
  2. I'm gonna presume that you already had a vaccine of some kind before COVID. Almost all Canadians fall in this category.
  3. Sorry about that, I missed it. Thanks for the refresher.
  4. You are so disingenuous about what you say you stand for. If you weren't, you wouldn't have dismissed the other problems of society, which involves emergency beds being used up/ICUs at full capacity that were directly caused by COVID. Why does dismissing COVID have to be about trying to promote mental health? Why can't it be both? 26,000 people died because of this disease - usually the elderly, but sometimes the young. Many of these were preventable deaths, much like suicides. But you don't care about this number all that much, probably because you live in a world whe
  5. How is it that Podkolzin's work visa would take so long, but not Klimovich's? Weird. Stierlitz answered it. TY.
  6. I don't give a crap if you think 1 percent is insignificant or not. There's 26,000+ people that died in Canada. Do you understand just how much of a selfish shmuck you sound? Probably not.
  7. Based on what you said, Green didn't utilize Eriksson to be a scorer, at least not primarily. I don't really understand why Green decided to use a butter knife to cut a steak. I think Eriksson has been a little slow for this team, and I think part of his decline has been the massive financial losses he has been suffering in Sweden's restaurant business. Eriksson should've been pretty damn good.
  8. It's possible that the driver lost focus while driving. It's 3 am. Maybe they were all tired. It's hard to say if speed was a factor at this time, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was the case too. Regardless, very sad news.
  9. Don't you think it's a waste of space for you to just shoot down the post without actually contributing towards it? Telling him to summarize something doesn't do an analysis justice. He literally did a deep-dive on Eriksson.
  10. Knucklehead presented a pretty interesting take on Eriksson and how he was utilized. You can agree or disagree with it, but you didn't even bother to address it. What did you do instead? Ignore everything, and then look for everything else to support your preconceived points.
  11. Hollywood is super hypocritical. Not all are bad, of course. Many are very good people doing what they love. But the ones who are especially political often don't understand the hypocrisy that they're spewing. The refugee issue is hardly a new thing. Her talking about women/girls seems like she's virtue signalling. Fix your own goddamn country before trying to reform another country's systems.
  12. I think this is a good signing as well. I know people freaked out about Stecher walking (a completely different timeline), but between Stecher and Poolman, it's clear that the latter can play harder minutes, while Stech has to be sheltered. I'm just saying we had been in need of upgrading our defense. This is one way of doing it. Stecher was definitely nice to have, but he wasn't gonna come cheap either.
  13. I feel like they don't care about hockey because of its past poor performances. Phoenix wasted a lot of years under Gretzky as a coach.
  14. You really need to know how the political system works. This is BARELY the start of the process. At any point in time, it could get shot down. The process is very, very long. So no, it's "not coming", which implies that UBI has been approved, which it clearly has not. You might as well prepare for the end of the world, because "it is coming".
  15. Giving away money is not the solution, period. Please do some reading on basic economics.
  16. I honestly think the team knew this was happen, hence the move to scrap all the parts for draft picks. Also, the Coyotes do have a place to play THIS season. It's next season that the team is no longer in Glendale.
  17. I really hope you aren't managing anyone else's money except your own. This is beyond awful with regards to money management.
  18. Who pays for the maintenance of the buildings?
  19. Where is this money coming from? You have no basic grasp of economics.
  20. Where's the money coming from? Taxes? And no jobs while paying for a house, which I assume has little to no downpayment on? This is nuts.
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