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  1. That doesn't explain why they took on dead salary in like Gothisbere and other players for draft picks. Sure, it's short term pain for long term gain, but the rebuild plan was what they were going for. They didn't even keep Garland, as valuable as he was.
  2. Rod's gonna rip the $&!# out of Jake and DeAngelo. Might as well throw in HoSang and Merkley.
  3. Or as we can spin this story - Benning is a master of extracting maximum value out of the poor remnants of Gillis' regime, including a disgruntled Kesler, a middling roster player in Bonino, and an overpaid Garrison.
  4. I can't speak about his playoff performances in the future, but check this $&!# out
  5. Not a math guy either, but according to Capfriendly: https://www.capfriendly.com/teams/canucks
  6. You're not wrong as a whole, so I wanted to clarify that I only agree with part of what AV said. I completely disagree with how he said we could get OEL for next to nothing. We got Garland out of it - I suppose Dvorak would've hurt them more, but Garland is far from a throw-in. Just to avoid having to write another post... This is what we're getting out of Garland.
  7. He may be small, but he plays bigger than his size. He's got the fire of Motte/Hoglander/Pod.
  8. His bag represents Vancouver. He's re-signing with Vancouver, folks. e5
  9. Minor point, but still worth mentioning; Hughes is an RFA but he's not eligible because he hasn't played enough games.
  10. Actually no. Garland is a PHENOMENAL player, a major loss for AZ. He's also a fan favourite as well. Lots of hustle and plenty of offensive acumen.
  11. There's really a lot of that happening in the game. The skill level is insane and the amount of time to make decisions is so little, in actuality. I think a special mention should go to Stamkos coughing up the puck in the D zone for Boeser to score on.
  12. I normally don't agree with AV - and I will clarify that I only agree with part of AV's statement. AZ really wanted to get rid of OEL. You're right though, I think, that they weren't SO desperate to get rid of him for nothing. As a side point, I think we've learned that the AZ owner isn't entirely cheap/poor because he's taking on heavy money for draft picks, so that should mean something. Here are some factors for why this trade took so long: - Arizona has been BAAAAAD for many years, so the plan to rebuild is next to impossible with OEL around. - OEL
  13. Not ideal, but it's Aqua's money. I'm sure he just looks at it as part of the business.
  14. Taj on twitter i mean. I think the Taj on CDC is a different person, clearly
  15. Too bad. Would've liked him, but he's AHL material on the verge of maybe being an extra in the NHL.
  16. Rumour has it that Dhaliwal is Taj. Taj is Squam. Therefore Squam is Dhaliwal. Sup @Squamfan
  17. Um, no, it doesn't mean that at all. Quit trying to cook up a story. FWIW, Stecher was pretty bitter about being pushed out here too, and Boeser being friends with him wasn't overly happy either. But guess what? They both realize it's a business. Everyone involved also knows COVID/flat cap is in play here.
  18. Why the &^@# is this breaking news? I'm not meaning to knock Weekes because I like him, but this is a pretty mediocre deal.
  19. Lmfao.... So what does that have to do with him being unhappy if he's still willing to sign for 8M?
  20. If Seattle wants to do the deal, 2 first round picks, and a 2nd is worth it. Seattle is absolutely horrific on paper, assuming it's between 8.2 - 10 something More than that, as you said. LOL. Seattle would be stupid to do this deal. Pettersson would also get booed EVERY single time as well. I don't see Pettersson doing this deal at all. Not worth it.
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