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  1. 1 hour ago, thedestroyerofworlds said:

    No, just a reasonable guy fighting the good fight.  Totally earns the People's Party of CRAZY.  




    People's Party Leader Maxime Bernier Has Twitter Frozen After Targeting Journalists

    After Maxime Bernier sent out the contact info of journalists and told his followers to "play dirty," the information was reposted by white nationalists and the journalists were set upon by 4chan trolls.

    Next time, do better research on what kind of leader you want for Canada. Everyone else knew Bernier was bad news, and this truly demonstrates why.


    Harper muzzled climate scientists. Bernier doxxes journalists. I don't care what party this guy belongs to; this has no place in politics.


    Hard to imagine some conservatives still want Bernier back. This party is truly lost.


    Harper/O'Toole/Bernier - all garbage politicians because they all are cut from the same cloth

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  2. 41 minutes ago, KoreanHockeyFan said:

    Not for Trudeau. This election was essentially a preemptive contract extension for him - he just "re-signed" for another 4 years.


    I'll mention it again. Harper pretty much did the same thing in 2008. Don't hate the player, hate the game (aka our political system which enables this behaviour). 

    Kinda hilarious that this perspective of "FIRE BENNING" is the equivalent of FIRE JT. People are still rambling about how Trudeau is bad etc etc, but can't really formulate why he is bad, or rehashing old arguments. The amount of straws that the Conservative voters have been grasping to bash the guy is hilarious, especially in the comment section. Trudeau's handling of COVID wasn't perfect, but it sure was better than what O'Toole would've done.


    To put things into perspective, O'Toole avoided bashing Kenney's godawful handling of COVID. O'Toole THOUGHT he could sit on the fence on the issue in Alberta, not realizing just how unpopular Kenney was in Alberta.


    Source: https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/federal-election-2021/o-toole-refuses-to-say-whether-kenney-got-it-wrong-on-covid-19-management-1.5587900


    In short, O'Toole's version of the Conservatives - much like Harper - would tend to avoid the science, in favour of politics. Harper/O'Toole's Conservatives are really their own worst enemy.



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  3. 9 minutes ago, johngould21 said:

    The curse of Harper continues, the almost insurance salesman, then the guy who couldn't and wouldn't answer questions, thrown his way. Right out of Harpers playbook. They haven't figured out how to attract the urban vote in the three major cities in Canada. Talk about taking Canada back, not saying who is vaccinated while running in his campaign, opening a can of worms with assault weapons, is there any wonder?

    The conservatives need a major shakeup. As you touched on it, their position on vaccines is wishy-washy because they were trying to attract the vaccine hesitant people. Conservatives have proven themselves to be rather anti-science, especially their position on climate change. Harper muzzled climate change scientists and that was partly why he lost the election. He also dabbled about Trudeau's hair in the campaign ads. Just terrible.

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  4. 19 minutes ago, SID.IS.SID.ME.IS.ME said:

    Wonder how many more seats the Libs might add when the mail-in ballots are counted?


    Looks like a Liberal gain of another 2-4 seats (and a loss of 1 BQ, 3 CPC) is definitely possible, which would up the LPC tally to somewhere between 160 and 162.


    Libs could also close the gap in the popular vote, when all’s said and done.

    CPC is only up by <300K votes currently, and that popular vote lead is almost sure to shrink, once the mail-in ballots are added in.


    EDIT: NDP might steal a seat or two away from the LPC though, but I still think the Liberals could break 160.

    I thought maybe the LPC would lose so Chrystia Freeland could take over. I think the Libs could really surge with her at the forefront.

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  5. 10 hours ago, -DLC- said:


     I know someone irl who is openly an antivaxxer. It's hard to find people who announce their stupidity, and back it up with "where's the research on vaccines on preventing covid? You still get them"


    His wife and I were on friendly terms, but given what she said about vaccines, I stopped talking to her. These people are &^@#ing stupid.

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  6. 2 minutes ago, CanucksCountry said:

    The same way Annamie Paul (green leader) does?  Bernier will more then likely move his riding. his riding voted Cons to stop Trudeau getting in. also like i said 2 year old party at 5% of the nations votes

    Bernier is gonna step down as PPC leader. That's what he did this election lol.


    Paul was super divisive with her party too. She's gonna step down as well.  Both these parties are/were jokes this election.

  7. 14 minutes ago, CanucksCountry said:

    How i am dreaming? everything i said in my post was factual? was it me saying the ppc could finish with around 850,000 - 1,000,000 votes? Elections Canada said their could be up 3 Mill mail in ballots. They said they aren't counting them till tomorrow if you take 5% of the 3 million you get 150,000 (5% being what the % of votes are ppc right now and the actual number of votes being 813,411)  so 150,000 + 813,411 = 963,411 just shy of the 1,000,000 i said they could get so once again i ask how I am dreaming? 

    If PPC was so good, how does a leader lose their riding?


    Bernier is an embarrassment.

  8. 32 minutes ago, CanucksCountry said:

    Sorry if I am reading this wrong but PPC doubled the greens in vote total tonight. for a party that is 2 years old that's pretty impressive. Yes I understand they didn't get a seat but i am guessing next election that will change. it took the greens almost 30 years to get a seat in parliament it wasn't until 2006 they reached over 500,000 votes. The PPC tonight are over 800,000 already. When all the mail in ballots are counted I wouldn't be surprised to see them from anywhere to 850,000 to 1,000,000. This was all done without news coverage I wouldn't be shocked at all if they win a few ridings in western Canada in 18 months when Trudeau calls another snap election  

    Keep dreaming.

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  9. 32 minutes ago, drummer4now said:





    I have never voted for the other two main parties always for the fringe… whether it be NDP or others.


    For me the viewpoints of the PPC makes sense at this time. 

    I don’t care if it bothers people after all we live in a democracy. 

    The PPC is still a new party and if the greens don’t get their act together the PPC could be fourth fiddle in a election or two. 


    Doubt it - not in this lifetime. PPC is an extremely radical party, and I have a hard time imagining that many Canadians would actually outvote the Greens, who actually have a platform.


    PPC is such a mess. Of course it's a democracy, so you are perfectly entitled to vote whoever you want. Like I said, it says a lot about the voter who wants to vote an extremist party into power.

  10. 3 minutes ago, Coconuts said:

    How does one jump from NDP to PPC on the political spectrum? 



    The PPC plan to boost employment involves cutting the corporate income tax rate to 10 per cent and eliminating taxes on personal capital gains. The idea is to leave more money in the hands of business owners so they can invest in productivity-enhancing equipment. The party says it would eliminate all government subsidies to businesses, including regional development grants and conditional loans and loan guarantees.




    Yeah, it's not even CLOSE. This platform sounds like pure capitalism. I think it says a lot about the voter more than anything.


    Some people don't know what party they're voting for. All they look at is the name of the party. OH LOOK, PEOPLE'S PARTY. IT MUST REPRESENT ME! :rolleyes:

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  11. 44 minutes ago, drummer4now said:

    I was torn between voting NDP or PPC but picked the PPC at the last minute..


    Nice to see the party gain some traction and get near the Green Party. 

    Hopefully they will gain for years to come. 

    PPC is a fringe party and will remain that way.


    People’s Party: Founded by former cabinet minister Maxime Bernier, this far-right populist party won no seats in its 2019 debut and got just 1.6 of the popular vote. Party-preference polls in this campaign have shown it doing as well or better than the Greens, but it’s faced criticism for spreading misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines and being endorsed by white-nationalist groups for its anti-immigration policies




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  12. I doubt it was the Sharks. Larionov's (the son's) numbers aren't eyepopping good. The only real reason he'd get a PTO from a team is if there was some kind of connection to the player. IMHO, people are right to speculate that it's the Canucks or the Red Wings.


    Not to dump on the kid though; reading through his twitter feed makes me appreciate his personality. He seems to be well-liked among his followers and he responds with quite a lot of apparent maturity. Hope he gets to live his dream later on.

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  13. 54 minutes ago, wai_lai416 said:

    he might still turn out serviceable or decent 2nd/3rd line C. not all 1st overall a meant to be superstars in this league, and i wouldn't label the kid a bust yet after 1 full + 2 covid shortened season.. i mean most of you were unwilling to call virtanen a bust until this year and all the allegations against him.

    The dude had been a major disappointment for Philly. He didn't produce bad numbers. He didn't produce 2nd overall numbers.


    Nolan Patrick has had so many injuries. This guy is made of glass. I hope he is injury free, but another injury for him, especially his concussions, and I think he's gonna retire early.



  14. 12 minutes ago, Angry Goose said:

    Kind of reminds you of Bieksa no?

    It's funny. In another interview, Bieksa's name was brought up and Woo said he heard about it, but he hadn't seen any of his games. But yeah, the Bieksa comparison is definitely not a new one.


    Here's a video of Ryan Johnson. For some reason, they didn't upload all the videos onto Youtube, even though they clipped a part of it into the "Sights and Sounds of the Canucks Rookie Camp" one.


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  15. 23 hours ago, combover said:

    Almost as bad as 

    Erik Gudbranson and a 2016 fifth-round pick to the Vancouver Canucks for center (1st rounder) Jared McCann, a 2016 second-round pick and a 2016 fourth-round pick. 

    A bit misleading because McCann actually got moved around several times before he 'got it'. If there was something to criticize, it's the fact that they didn't understand McCann very well when they drafted him. He was not the character guy they were looking for, but took a gamble on skill. The trade for Gudbranson ended up being Pearson. Not a bad return.


    Anyway, combover, seems like you're just biased about this GM because there have been awful trades around the league that you fail to point out, including our previous GMs.

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  16. 2 hours ago, bishopshodan said:

    I hear you.

    Just looking at Alana shows to me that she got all the 'benefits' of the testosterone etc that comes with developing into a full grown male.

    I know everyone is on a spectrum in this regard. There was some natural born females that were excluded from their sport do to too high of naturally occurring testosterone. 


    Also, Amanda Nunes (UFC champ) has been known to knock out men in some gym fights in her day. 


    That said if you had an open to all division, IMO the top 100+ at least fighters would be those that were born as male. 


    So, the females fighting Alana may be elite but I disagree that it would be enough to over come the natural occurring gender differences. 

    There was another trans fighter called Fallon Fox, she has fractured a girls skull. She said she enjoyed doing it. 


    I suppose if the fighter signs up for the competition and the bout is sanctioned, then these things should be allowed to happen.


    It's funny you mention her because Alanna says she wants to continue Fallon's legacy. That is a disturbing fact if she 'enjoys' fracturing a girl's skull.

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  17. 34 minutes ago, bishopshodan said:

    She used to be a male special forces member.


    She just won her MMA debut




    I have a hard time supporting this.

    There are all sorts of questions about fairness, but in reality, some people are 'built' for this type of thing. Many women (I use this term loosely) are stronger than men (also a loose term in this context). There is a tendency that men are physically stronger than women, and in many many cases, this is true; it is a minority for women to be beefier than men, overall.


    For a man to be in the special forces, he is absolutely elite. So now that Alanna transitions from that life to here, Alanna has inherited what her past life had. But even though a man is generally stronger than a woman in most 1 vs 1 confrontations, the MMA is for the absolute elite, so gender differences could be overcome.

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