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  1. Never said he can't do any wrong. This offseason is an A grade at minimum, but seeing your comments, looks like you'll never be happy with anything.
  2. Enough said about your objectivity. You say maybe one line of praise, and the overwhelming sentiment is, as you said in another comment, about you grabbing pitchforks toward Benning. Biased. Prove me wrong?
  3. Very well deserved. This guy has shown early on how to get the most out of his players. Seems to be a very positive motivator, a player's coach. I was thoroughly impressed with how he brought those wins when Ottawa was thought to be crappy.
  4. And yet you commented so little on it, instead spending the bulk of your posts on criticizing. Everyone else can see you and the others are incapable of staying objective. At least some of us who are a little uncertain about the Poolman signing is able to see the obviously good moves he's made. Yes, you're biased af.
  5. Have to say I'm thoroughly enjoying all the Benning bashers reaching today. Lmfao. It's proof that none of you actually like the team or none of you can stay objective. Maybe both.
  6. This guy doesn't have a good thing to say about the positive super cheap signings of Benning. Better disregard him!
  7. Oh look, another anti-Benning patrolling at full force. If you can't see Harmonic is an excellent Tanev replacement, you're not a hockey fan. Go watch cricket.
  8. He's just reaching for things to chirp. Squam is very prominent in the other threads like Poolman and Harmonic.
  9. Sure you can. Haven't seen a single real positive comment out of his several good ones, but a lot of noise about Poolman.
  10. Halak? SUTTER? Your boy Av is out criticizing Benning signings; I guess you got to fight the 'good fight'
  11. Funny how squam says absolutely nothing about the obviously good signings. Can we ban this guy already? All he does is antagonize fans without bringing anything meaningful here.
  12. Pretty dishonest if that's what you call a good comment. Benning absolutely deserves an A+ for overhauling his previous mistakes (with help from owner) and loading up players that will make a difference. He just finished his team in 1 day (not really) And all you can say is one step forward, one step back. I only question the Poolman deal, but everything else you literally can't complain at all. You're the one who is not objective.
  13. Maybe he'll surprise. One thing for sure is Benning lived up to his words. Excellent offseason.
  14. So Benning can multi task after all. What a surprise. Look, a GM that learns from his mistakes! Suck it anti-Benning
  15. As usual, no comment on the better signings. I, too, question whether 2.5 for that long is a good deal. He has literally no offense.
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