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  1. I think this series shows you still need that high-end skill to win a Cup.

    1. Dazzle


      @Alflives That is a very poor interpretation of this series. Caufield is far from being the problem. The Suzuki/Caufield combination is quite good.

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  2. Cheering for Tampa

    Im too salty for another canadian team to win

    1. Dazzle


      Why the hell do you want Tampa to win?

      They've been spoiling their fanbase rotten, plus the NHL is letting them circumvent their cap. Until the NHL penalizes Tampa for using a legal loophole, in the same way that the Canucks did, then Tampa is essentially bankrolled by the NHL.


      MTL all the way.

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  3. I just had a terrible thought… Benning trades for Drouin! Yikes

    1. Dazzle


      I'm actually with canucktravella on this one. Drouin is overrated ;)


      TBH, Drouin is not what this team needs. He's just a name that everyone recognizes, but it doesn't mean he'll do well here. He didn't do well under a local microscope. Why would he do better in another Canadian market that makes up news about Hughes being on IV? Add to the ego reputation. HARD pass.

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  4. So I keep seeing these coulda/shoulda Pod/Caufield comparisons popping up.  Don't the Canucks already have something very similar in our little swedish


    1. Dazzle


      There's also no proof that Caulfield would be able to make the same impact that he's having in Montreal. Podkolzin's going to be a gamer.

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  5. If you are in the minority of people yet to get a single jab what are your reasons? Curious to know...

  6. If you are in the minority of people yet to get a single jab what are your reasons? Curious to know...

    1. Dazzle


      There's more than enough of a sample of vaccinated people to make a determination about what to do. If one thinks that vaccination is worse than getting COVID, then those people weren't going to get vaccinated anyway, nor do they think COVID is that serious. (There's more than enough COVID deaths to realize that this is not the ordinary 'flu'. We also know about the lingering effects of it). There's nothing you can do to convince the ignorant that they're ignorant.


      The ones who 'think' they know the answer about COVID look pretty stupid right about now. Of course they can still choose not to be vaccinated, but it is ALSO your choice that if something happens to you, you're SOL.

      Why should the rest of the people be on the hook for someone else's stupidity?

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  7. You're coming off a your 3rd year off an ELC- you got 2 options- sign a fat paycheck and take 8 million to play top 6, top 2D pairing.... your family will be set for life money wise, your children and grandchildren will be rich, you will have the best house on the block and nicest clothes. More importantly if you get injured half way through your 8 year deal, you wont be left bald and bankrupt because you have been forced to retire...


    Now would you rather take a 10% cut compared to similar players, settle for 6.5-7M and potentially lose 8 to 10M over 8 years, BUT this gives the team more space to find better players to play with you and potentially win a cup if not multiple....


    What would you do?

  8. &^@# these refs, man. Totally in Vegas' pockets

  9. have the Canucks ever advertised the message boards during Canucks games? whether that's in the arena or on tv?

  10. I don't get why our local media need to spend time talking about the riots 10 years ago. Isn't there anything more positive to talk about the Canucks and the fans during that time?

  11. Nice to see the Tampa LTIRs go down in game 1. Go Barry. 

  12. They really be letting anyone ask questions


  13. Jets fans: how mad is the fan base at Scheifele? 

  14. lol if canucks fans were loud as islanders all of them would have been kicked out by ROgers Security 

  15. Holy Diver!

    Known you far too long, so you can't fool me...

    That's not a peeeeeenaltyyyyyyy!


    Blind-ass Meier!

    Made the call, though the stick wasn't in his feet...

    He'll make it fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive on threeeeeeeeeeee!



  16. I am trying to read up on the prospects in this draft. I have come to this conclusion; no one has a clue if the draft is strong or weak. Heavily under scouted. At 9th we have a huge opportunity.

  17. "Oh what a move by Stecher"


  18. Craig Button has LA picking Luke Hughes at 8th, and the Canucks picking Kent Johnson at 9th.


    His list of NHL comparables for each pick is also very interesting.

  19. The Taylor Hall luck strikes again! That's the 5th number 1 overall draft pick he has managed to get for a franchise.

  20. The Bee movie should have won an Oscar.

  21. That Leafs collapse made me happier than any individual Nucks win this season, still riding high 

  22. If Reaves does not get suspended the AVs have zero counter for this man. Nothing. It will amount to Vegas getting an edge later on as he wears them down. However IF Reaves gets suspended then it will actually fire up the Avs and they may sweep Vegas.

  23. Apparently my dog is a very good defenseman, He takes the ball away and never gives it back! 20 mins in a period big guy!

  24. Apparently my dog is a very good defenseman, He takes the ball away and never gives it back! 20 mins in a period big guy!

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