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  1. Giving away money is not the solution, period. Please do some reading on basic economics.
  2. I honestly think the team knew this was happen, hence the move to scrap all the parts for draft picks. Also, the Coyotes do have a place to play THIS season. It's next season that the team is no longer in Glendale.
  3. I really hope you aren't managing anyone else's money except your own. This is beyond awful with regards to money management.
  4. Who pays for the maintenance of the buildings?
  5. Where is this money coming from? You have no basic grasp of economics.
  6. Where's the money coming from? Taxes? And no jobs while paying for a house, which I assume has little to no downpayment on? This is nuts.
  7. You better not rest that case. In fact, you should return it from wherever you bought it from. Jumping to conclusions is dangerous. When you form an opinion based on incomplete information, you are putting yourself in a dangerous spot of trying to 'justify' what you are thinking. We call this a confirmation bias. Having multiple allegations against Virtanen is bad. Still, you would THINK there would be evidence to lay charges with seven people involved. Where is it? The criminal court requires heavy evidence for something to proceed. Hearsay is just not admissible evidence. Right now, this is just going to a civil case, where the two can sort their issues out. This isn't to say Virtanen didn't do what he is accused of doing. This is to say we don't know.
  8. What error? It costs money to arrange people to take down specialized equipment like banners from arenas. There's probably permits required to operate in the area. Furthermore, they can just change it at the same time as when they put in a new banner. What's the goddamn hurry? Furthermore, Virtanen has NOT been convicted of anything. Why are you acting like he is a criminal? At this point, the allegations are serious, but they are unproven in court. If the allegations had evidence remaining, criminal charges would have been laid already. This is why we should not react emotionally to a situation. The amount of people automatically calling someone guilty before the evidence had even been presented is scary.
  9. I don't think the club missed on anything. Reporters like Patrick Johnston are clearly trying to find something to write about. They weren't the first ones to report on trades, so that tells me they are reporters who are trying to make a living through tabloid-esque articles. The Canucks didn't take down Virtanen's videos on Youtube either. His article is trying to stir things up, which wallstreetamigo says is the media's job. This sensationalist journalism is the reason why we can't get unbiased, informative literature, but instead we have "something to talk about". Honestly, I don't think there's any journalistic integrity in Johnston's article. This is an example of a completely unnecessary.article.
  10. I was wondering who wrote it - Patrick Johnston. Is there any reason this dude is covering our team? He always nitpicks everything - and here is the proof. I bet this dude is endorsed by wallstreetamigo too.
  11. Misinformation/disinformation is nothing new. The US does this too.
  12. Really well thought out. I like this approach. Blaming Biden is way too shortsighted for something as massive as this.
  13. What an absolute crapshow. Biden looks bad, but this failure happened in 2001, as some posters have already mentioned. Yet another example of the US wasting its defence budget and not being able to 'defeat' terrorism and all that bad stuff. I know it's hindsight thinking here, but man, those trillions of dollars would've been helpful for the American people. How can one of the richest countries in the world, if not THE richest, have such $&!#hole places within its own country? The border towns of US/Mexico are basically a warzone. Some places are so desperately poor. And the billionaires. Yeah, there's more billionaires every year, and they can't take of their own people.
  14. I feel like this might be a tad of an overreaction because most team sports have advertisements. The NHL was one of the few that didn't have that. The other one I'm thinking of, but maybe misremembering, is football. We already have players being sponsored by certain products, and players have no issue advertising for companies that give them free stuff. If more money can be infused into the game, the more exposure there will be, which will actually increase the competition of the NHL versus other sports. I don't really see what the outrage is about. It's capitalism. There's going to be good and bad parts about it. Advertisements aren't really that bad, given how bad capitalism can really get. The European leagues, as someone mentioned, have so many ads. The fact that we have resisted for so long is pretty incredible.
  15. Unfortunate about the events leading to Rypien, but if true, Gillis deserves some credit for recognizing that Rypien needed help. I'm sure it must have been gut-wrenching to his teammates, including Burrows, that their friend was suffering so much. For all the faults Gillis had as a manager, I think he really cared about his players/clients.
  16. That's a nice change from the previous #18s we had... I have no doubt Dickinson will flourish under Green and this team.
  17. There are multiple groups of people with different motivations. I think it's important to know that a small group of people doing this doesn't actually represent the millions of people who live there, even it may seem that way.
  18. Wait a minute, the US started the war, did they not? Why would they be the first to leave? For a country that spends so much money on the military, they sure have difficulty keeping their own country safe The capitol riots, given the strong military presence, shouldn't even have happened. There should have been a crackdown the moment that people were going to storm the building. The point I am going with this is that the American military can't even protect its own citizens from themselves - why would they think they'd be able to control Afghanistan? And really, it's not the people there that are the problem; it's everyone else who's meddling, including the US, but also China and Russia. The way I look at it, the US is no different than China/Russia, in that they use strong-arm tactics to get what they want done on the political arena. Each country is equally guilty of corruption and greed. Each country is just as dirty as the other. Solely blaming Russia and China would just be ignoring what the US has done throughout history.
  19. Yes, I meant to say the defensive aspect of it. I still don't know who on the board has actually said his defensive game is Selke worthy. I haven't seen it. Bo's defensive game is competent; he doesn't cost the team games, and it seems like he works on every aspect of his game every year. We've seen him elevate his offensive game in the playoffs, despite the fact that many in the fanbase didn't think he was much of a playdriver.
  20. I don't know who would actually say Bo's game is overrated. Perhaps overstated, but not overrated.
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