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  1. Someone's just taken their first puff of marujuwana. Also, these are FREAKING predictions.
  2. That's such a shame. Surrey boy, only 26. He'd be living a dream I think.
  3. Why is it so bad? High crime? What are the shady things that are going on?
  4. What's the deal with Jujhar Khaira? Are they not considering this guy as well?
  5. Ron Francis, who is one of the newer legends of the game, and one that I think was highly regarded as a GM earlier, somehow is pulling out the worst performance ever during expansion. I know people say there's a lot of moves to be made, but if his expansion picks demonstrate anything at all, they show a GM who thinks he is overthinking the competition. That's not good.
  6. Collusion. It's probably the reason why Schmidt went for a 3rd. These are fair deals because no one wants to screw the other over. In some cases, they'll just bail them out. Maybe there's even a mandate to do it.
  7. Combover doesn't have a brain. He's just good at hating Benning as a political figure.
  8. I think there's something to gain from this. When GMs are in desperate need of help, others will certainly take advantage of it, sure, but ultimately if all GMs just stood around watching a team be drowning in cap waters, I think that would be a bad look for everyone. I dunno. It's just my theory that Winnipeg bailed out Vancouver with their trade for Schmidt. Benning's got a decent rep around the league. Cap space is definitely a luxury to have. That being said, I don't understand why Holtby wasn't in fact traded, instead of bought out, if my theory makes any sense. Ah
  9. Says the guy who TRIED TO ARGUE in failure about Gillis' magical GMing abilities, while completely disregarding his failures. Yeah, I remember that. You suck.
  10. I'm proud to cheer for the Canucks team, regardless of who the freaking GM is, unlike some people. Apparently we are somehow the "benning bros" - what a ridiculous statement.
  11. Horvat's the captain, in case you're still pretending to watch Canucks hockey, which I doubt it.
  12. And it's hilarious because the so-called "one side" is actually more balanced because we ACKNOWLEDGE Benning's mistakes, but we're able to recognize the good - like, you know, DRAFTING. Apparently Benning sucks at drafting according to you, if we were to take you as a representative. You STILL cling onto the Gillis legacy days about how he was "building a winning team", so he somehow had the excuse to suck at drafting players outside of the first round. It's all about balance - and the so-called "anti-Benning" crowd only criticize, but never recognize the good parts. In fac
  13. It's totally BS. EVERYONE knows that Seabrook is not playing - much like the Clarkson contract. Lightning takes on something to maximize its space. It's pure cap circumvention. Meanwhile, we're stuck with a Luongo retention + Ferland LTIR.
  14. What issue? Horvat was especially happy that Pearson was signed. That means something.
  15. Pearson's signing was fine dude. This false narrative that he's overpaid keeps getting perpetuated lol.
  16. Leafs fan confirmed. I bet the 1st round cough up for Marleau's cap space was brilliant too for you.
  17. 2JZ engine, no sh*t This car will decimate all after we put about 15 grand in it or more - overnight parts from Japan.
  18. 100 percent. I hate the confirmation bias that some people have. People like combover, scottdzik, squamfan are just itching to talk about how crappy Benning is as a GM. If OEL doesn't do the trick, it's gonna be someone else. 100 percent.
  19. They couldn't have picked a worse picture. LOTS of caption potential.. "CRAP, I'm gonna do this lame breakout play again." "CRAP, I hate this team." "CRAP, my contract sucks and nobody likes me".
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