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  1. 3 minutes ago, Alflives said:

    Sounds like GI is coming, so might as well accept that, and look for some (potential) positives.  Removing the obstacle of no available jobs by providing GI sure would help people move to affordable small towns.  Could be a boom for small towns across the country.  





    It's not law yet.




  2. 1 minute ago, goalie13 said:

    As reported elsewhere, they don't even have anywhere to play this season.



    I honestly think the team knew this was happen, hence the move to scrap all the parts for draft picks.


    Also, the Coyotes do have a place to play THIS season. It's next season that the team is no longer in Glendale.

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  3. 4 minutes ago, Alflives said:

    I’ve been trying to see positives in GI.  This program could help people, who need housing but can’t afford it in the expensive areas, to move to areas they can afford.  They don’t need a job in the new location.  A young couple could move to small town Canada and collect 4,000/month.  

    I really hope you aren't managing anyone else's money except your own.


    This is beyond awful with regards to money management.

  4. 16 minutes ago, Dixon Ward said:

    What if the richest people in the country build and own 1 million rental units across the country.  They would pay no property taxes.  They would pay no capital gains on the increased value of the land.  They would write off all of the costs against their income taxes.  They would collect no rent.  The government would decide who would receive the units.  Every year they would build another 250,000 units and after 5 years they could start charging rent or sell them to someone who could.  


    I'm not sure this would work exactly as I have laid it out, but with billionaires and homeless in the same country, there has to be a way that both could win. People with mental health issues,  addiction, and unemployment need a home.  This would help solve many other societal issues as well.


    But what do I know?

    Who pays for the maintenance of the buildings?

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  5. 34 minutes ago, Alflives said:

    Lots of available housing in smaller communities around Canada.  People can move to those places.  They don’t need a job, because the government will pay 2000/month guaranteed.  A young guy and girl (not married) can get 4000/month together.  They would live a very comfortable life in small town Canada.  Plus, they never have to work, so there is no need for jobs where they settle down.  No need to stay in expensive places.  

    Where is this money coming from? You have no basic grasp of economics.

  6. 15 hours ago, wai_lai416 said:

    i find it hilarious that when the team sucked last year the fans here made so much excuse for the team. schedule sucked.. covid.. lack of practice.. too many back to back etc etc etc. but when it comes to the player struggling none of those excuse applies. Hughes is trash he can't play defense even though he's tossed to play the #1 defense pairing role against other teams big top players even though he has a new defensive partner that can't play defense either

    A hilariously bad take.

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  7. 3 minutes ago, Alflives said:

    With 2000/month guaranteed income people can buy houses in lots of markets all over Canada.  Three or four people get together, and that’s 6,000-8,000/month.  They can live in some nice town, that’s inexpensive, and have very comfortable lives.  No jobs there; it doesn’t matter.  No more housing crisis.  

    Where's the money coming from? Taxes?


    And no jobs while paying for a house, which I assume has little to no downpayment on? This is nuts.

  8. 9 minutes ago, RU SERIOUS said:

    Look at this way.  If you had an underaged 14-17 y.o. daughter walking down the street with her girfriends next to Rogers Arena, would you like some beedy eyed alleged rapist from Abbotsford peering down on her?  What kind of sick parent would allow that?


    ................and BTW, you're correct that he has not been conviceted yet, so to appease you and be fair, I agree, that we should only call him an "ALLEGED psychopathic underage young girl serial sex abuser from Abbotsford" for now - until he's convicted and sentenced by the courts for these crimes he ALLEGEDLY commited.

    but remember, where there's smoke (especially from multiple girls) there's likely fire!


    I rest my case...

    You better not rest that case. In fact, you should return it from wherever you bought it from.


    Jumping to conclusions is dangerous. When you form an opinion based on incomplete information, you are putting yourself in a dangerous spot of trying to 'justify' what you are thinking. We call this a confirmation bias.


    Having multiple allegations against Virtanen is bad. Still, you would THINK there would be evidence to lay charges with seven people involved.  Where is it?


    The criminal court requires heavy evidence for something to proceed. Hearsay is just not admissible evidence. Right now, this is just going to a civil case, where the two can sort their issues out.

    This isn't to say Virtanen didn't do what he is accused of doing. This is to say we don't know.

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  9. 1 hour ago, Alflives said:

    It’s been posted in the Virtanen thread that reports are 7 other women (some were under age when incidents with Jake happened) who have come forward.  This banner should have been taken down when the first girl came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against Jake.  

    Clearly the club missed on this.  It’s something they need to get corrected, and not let linger like it is now.  

    I don't think the club missed on anything.

    Reporters like Patrick Johnston are clearly trying to find something to write about. They weren't the first ones to report on trades, so that tells me they are reporters who are trying to make a living through tabloid-esque articles.


    The Canucks didn't take down Virtanen's videos on Youtube either. :rolleyes: 


    His article is trying to stir things up, which wallstreetamigo says is the media's job. This sensationalist journalism is the reason why we can't get unbiased, informative literature, but instead we have "something to talk about".


    Honestly, I don't think there's any journalistic integrity in Johnston's article. This is an example of a completely unnecessary.article.

  10. 13 hours ago, Junkyard Dog said:

    Meanwhile some of the media in China that's backed by their government.



    Read the comments section.


    This type of $&!# isn't nothing new with their affiliated media but this outlet really goes all out. The crap they say tops anything I have ever heard on Fox or CNN.  They always slander and threaten Taiwan, the US, even Canada. They're not the 'big' name news outlet though. 


    Do with any information as you may but make your own conclusions.

    Misinformation/disinformation is nothing new. The US does this too.

  11. 4 minutes ago, Junkyard Dog said:

    I will state I don't much care for Biden or Trump. I don't have any biases towards or against either.


    I don't put flak on who's the President with militaristic decisions. Whether it be Biden, Trump or someone else, the US would be pulling out. The only thing that was different would be the timing of it which was minimal in the end and compared to having a proper plan. Trump had eventual plans to pull out earlier(back in May 1st) prior to leaving office, plans that the Biden Administration scrapped and put forth a September 11th deadline. 


    1st Source




    Trump wanted to do a rapid withdrawal as early as last Christmas initially(which was way too quick at the time) and his aides suggested otherwise.  Wanting to pull out of Afghanistan and withdrawing troops actually put Trump at odds with some republicans. These same republicans would criticize Biden for following through, albeit with a different timeline.


    Overall I wouldn't blame Trump or Biden too much. I question the security aides and military leaders and the lack of considerate planning. The recent security advisor stated that there's plenty of responsibility to be spread around as stated here which helps lead me to have this mindset.




    Trump took 'credit' for laying the 'groundwork' in his eyes(Trump thing to do) but I believe the US wanted out regardless of who's in charge personally. I believe the responsibility of the chaos following the US withdrawal shouldn't solely fall on Biden. I hope more information comes out about the planning of this withdrawal. The US public needs to know more of the decision making process when it comes to these sort significant situations so they can properly spread the blame or praise when things go right or wrong. Otherwise they are just gonna turn to the President as a scapegoat which isn't necessarily the correct way to go about things IMO.


    2nd Source




    Really well thought out. I like this approach. Blaming Biden is way too shortsighted for something as massive as this.

  12. What an absolute crapshow.


    Biden looks bad, but this failure happened in 2001, as some posters have already mentioned. Yet another example of the US wasting its defence budget and not being able to 'defeat' terrorism and all that bad stuff.


    I know it's hindsight thinking here, but man, those trillions of dollars would've been helpful for the American people.


    How can one of the richest countries in the world, if not THE richest, have such $&!#hole places within its own country? The border towns of US/Mexico are basically a warzone. Some places are so desperately poor.

    And the billionaires. Yeah, there's more billionaires every year, and they can't take of their own people.

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  13. 16 hours ago, ZH96 said:

    Elias Petterssons recent interview comments are not “that concerning” but more-so slightly odd and not exactly what we want to hear from an organization that wants “community-focused, mature, example-setting, leaders”. Do you think the Sedins ever said back in the day at Petterssons age before their new contracts “we just want to be where there’s a chance of winning” ?. No. They committed to this organization and trained and played like their lives depended on a cup win only here every year. Kevin Bieksa once said “I’ll go down with the ship” before Benning traded him to Anaheim. We’re not just building the right skill-sets and playing style here. We’re building a culture and a mindset. We don’t need more “I want out and to win now” 
    Ryan Keslers and Nate Schmidts. And what Pettersson said the other day personally did not impress me and no I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it but also the last thing we need is him signing a 3-4 year bridge deal and walking as a UFA later on if we don’t have a cup by then (or walking regardless which could happen). Yes he’s quite young and has been developing and filling out his frame.. but a six game absence concussion, five game absence knee injury, one game absence lower body injury shortly after, and now a 30 game absence wrist injury, is starting to be concerning. Personally while his value is high and while he’s young and still basically healthy, I would trade him and build around..


    Garland -Klimovich- Podkolzin

    Miller -Horvat- Boeser

    Pearson -Dickinson- Hoglander

    Motte -Focht- Lockwood

    *?*?Gadjovich -Highmore- MacEwen

    Plasek -McDonough- Rempal*?*?

    Ekman-Larsson - Hamonic

    Hughes - Poolman

    Juolevi - Myers

    *?*?Rathbone - Schenn

    Utunen - Woo*?*?






    I have multiple scenarios here so read through carefully.


    Hurricanes acquire: F Elias Pettersson

                                    D Guillaume Brisebois

                                    F Lukas Jasek

         (Conditional) 2nd Round Draft Pick 2024


    Canucks acquire: F Martin Necas

                                 D Brady Skjei

                                 F Seth Jarvis

                               1st Round Draft Pick 2023

                              2nd Round Draft Pick 2023





    Stars acquire: F Elias Pettersson

                           RW William Lockwood

                           3rd Round Draft Pick 2024 


    Canucks acquire: F Jamie Benn

                                 W Denis Gurianov

                                 F Ty Dellandrea

                               1st Round Draft Pick 2023





    Red Wings acquire: F Elias Pettersson

                                     RW William Lockwood


    Canucks acquire: W Filip Zadina

                                 D Gustav Lindstrom

                                 F Tyler Bertuzzi

                              2nd Round Draft Pick 2022

                               7th Round Draft Pick 2023





    Panthers acquire: F Elias Pettersson

                                 RW William Lockwood

          (Conditional) 3rd Round Draft Pick 2024


    Canucks acquire: RW Owen Tippett

                                 W Grigori Denisenko

                                 F Eetu Luostarinen

                                 D Michael Benning

                               1st Round Draft Pick 2023





    Predators acquire: F Elias Pettersson

                                   D Travis Hamonic

                               4th Round Draft Pick 2024


    Canucks acquire: D Dante Fabbro

                                 F Philip Tomasino

                                 F Yakov Trenin

                                 F Colton Sissons

                               1st Round Draft Pick 2024





    Devils acquire: F Elias Pettersson

                            F Aidan McDonough

                            2nd Round Draft Pick 2024


    Canucks acquire: F Pavel Zacha

                                 F Yegor Sharangovich

                               1st Round Draft Pick 2024





    Islanders acquire: F Elias Pettersson

                                 F Jonah Gadjovich

                                 RW William Lockwood

                               1st Round Draft Pick 2024

          (Conditional) 3rd Round Draft Pick 2024                           


    Canucks acquire: F Mathew Barzal

                                 F Kieffer Bellows

                                 LW Ross Johnston

                              2nd Round Draft Pick 2023

                               7th Round Draft Pick 2023 





    Rangers acquire: F Elias Pettersson

                                F Lukas Jasek

                               7th Round Draft Pick 2024


    Canucks acquire: F Mika Zibanejad

                                 F Dryden Hunt

                               1st Round Draft Pick 2022

                               7th Round Draft Pick 2023

    {Rangers re-sign F Mika Zibanejad before trading him to the Canucks in this deal.}





  14. 4 minutes ago, King Heffy said:

    Won't be giving my money either way.  This trash makes an absolute mockery of the sport.  Voting with my wallet here.

    I feel like this might be a tad of an overreaction because most team sports have advertisements. The NHL was one of the few that didn't have that. The other one I'm thinking of, but maybe misremembering, is football.


    We already have players being sponsored by certain products, and players have no issue advertising for companies that give them free stuff. If more money can be infused into the game, the more exposure there will be, which will actually increase the competition of the NHL versus other sports.


    I don't really see what the outrage is about. It's capitalism. There's going to be good and bad parts about it. Advertisements aren't really that bad, given how bad capitalism can really get. The European leagues, as someone mentioned, have so many ads. The fact that we have resisted for so long is pretty incredible.

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  15. On 8/15/2021 at 10:09 AM, Fred65 said:

    If I recall right Rypien had needed a lot of time off during the seasson and Gillis wanted him to take a year off and seek professional  treatment. Really really sad. You'd have thought the NHLPA would have been more into the treatment, but heck maybe theyr were

    Unfortunate about the events leading to Rypien, but if true, Gillis deserves some credit for recognizing that Rypien needed help. I'm sure it must have been gut-wrenching to his teammates, including Burrows, that their friend was suffering so much. For all the faults Gillis had as a manager, I think he really cared about his players/clients.

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  16. 2 hours ago, Googlie said:

    On today's 650 People's show, Dickinson confirmed ...


    He'll wear #18

    His nickname is Dicky

    Favorite chip is Ms Vicky's Original

    Has a German Shephard, name is Lola

    Prefers playing Center, but likes the different challenges of playing wing from time to time 

    Always sets goals, but tweaks them during the season... for coming season, double digit goals and 20+ points

    Will arrive in Vancouver (from Ontario) around labor day



    That's a nice change from the previous #18s we had... I have no doubt Dickinson will flourish under Green and this team.

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  17. 7 minutes ago, CBH1926 said:

    You had me on board until the bolded sentence. Even before all this in 1996 Taliban hung Afghanistan president Najjibullah on the street lamp post. They held public stoning, stadium executions, flogging, and terrible abuse of woman. Lets not pretend that this is Switzerland or Norway. 

    There are multiple groups of people with different motivations. I think it's important to know that a small group of people doing this doesn't actually represent the millions of people who live there, even it may seem that way.

  18. 8 minutes ago, Boudrias said:

    The country was in a mess before the fallout from 9/11 led to invasion. The 'Coalition of the Willing' didn't go there to 'save' the country of Afganistan. They went because it was a training ground for Al Qaeda, no? 'Saving' the country from Islamic extremism became a useful propaganda tool. If it was a question of moral authority then where does all the other allies fall in that judgement? The Americans stayed when most others disappeared. 

    Wait a minute, the US started the war, did they not? Why would they be the first to leave?


    For a country that spends so much money on the military, they sure have difficulty keeping their own country safe :rolleyes:


    The capitol riots, given the strong military presence, shouldn't even have happened. There should have been a crackdown the moment that people were going to storm the building. The point I am going with this is that the American military can't even protect its own citizens from themselves - why would they think they'd be able to control Afghanistan? And really, it's not the people there that are the problem; it's everyone else who's meddling, including the US, but also China and Russia.


    The way I look at it, the US is no different than China/Russia, in that they use strong-arm tactics to get what they want done on the political arena. Each country is equally guilty of corruption and greed. Each country is just as dirty as the other. Solely blaming Russia and China would just be ignoring what the US has done throughout history.

  19. 1 hour ago, tas said:

    just the defensive aspect of it. and really only by canucks fans, as far as I've seen. 

    Yes, I meant to say the defensive aspect of it. I still don't know who on the board has actually said his defensive game is Selke worthy. I haven't seen it. Bo's defensive game is competent; he doesn't cost the team games, and it seems like he works on every aspect of his game every year. We've seen him elevate his offensive game in the playoffs, despite the fact that many in the fanbase didn't think he was much of a playdriver.

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