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  1. And yet, did any of these events really solve anything? Communism may appear dead, but Cuba's still around. China/North Korea pretend that they're communists, when they're closer to being totalitarian capitalistic countries. Can we actually save the world? I don't think so.
  2. Hilarious. I didn't actually say the country is in the Middle East, if you actually read closely. Looks like you need to learn how to read, not just the American newspapers. The entirely Middle East crisis, including Afghanistan and all surrounding areas was largely aggravated by the Americans.
  3. George W. Bush? I have no idea who's the real owner of this throwaway account because this take from you is so utterly embarrassing. Truly American propaganda behind this. Fact: The Americans were "pressured" by the UN not to invade the Middle East. Guess what they did? Fact: Contrary to American propaganda, the Middle East was stable under dictators (not great lives, mind you), but stable. The actual presence of terrorists actually happened when US funded a bunch of rebels to help their cause. Guess what those guys turned into? History has shown that the Americans have continued to do damage with their world police act. Worst of all, these atrocities are paid up by the American population, and fooled into thinking they are doing the "right thing". The ones who profited are the arms manufacturers, and maybe some key military people, BUT not the soldiers.
  4. Yeah, regardless of how talented he is, he sure got super greedy quick.
  5. Jasek and Utunen are ours. It's awesome to see them together.
  6. I don't know if his revamping of the scouting department did much. The only notable picks that Gillis hit (that played for the Canucks) were Hodgson, Hutton and Horvat. Triple Hs. Horvat was the final first round pick he made, and the rest of his players that year did absolutely nothing. Was there any evidence that he helped improve the drafting? It's doubtful. The rest were traded away before they could even play, or they never amounted to anything.
  7. You should see how poorly the Canucks were drafting, especially before and after 2011. That's on Gillis.
  8. A lot of teams missed Pastrnak. Then again if you look at Boston's 2015 draft, they had THREE freaking chances to pick one of Barzal, Boeser, Connor, or Konency, and they missed on them, plus the next three picks. Brandon Carlo was a hit, but he's the only 2nd round pick that hit. They flubbed that draft.
  9. Past 2015, they're pretty bad, was the point of the thread.
  10. Yup. Boston's drafting just hasn't been great, especially from 2006 - 2015 (Peter Chiarelli). They've been lucky more than anything. Don Sweeney had an awful 2015 draft, yes, it's awful. That's 2/6 picks missed in the first and second round. @theo5789 But maybe they'll have some players stepping in, as you said, like Swayman. Lauzon was the other player I noticed as well because he got stolen by the Krakens. Ouch that draft.
  11. It wasn't meant to be a Benning appreciation thread. Maybe I shouldn't even have mentioned the name Benning at all.
  12. We have no idea how much influence Benning actually had. What we can see is that their GMs don't make the right calls for players over a long stretch of time. That's more than a big enough sample to put the onus on the GMs, since they make the final call. https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/jim-benning-next-gm-canucks-boston-model Since retiring from the game, he has certainly paid his dues. The unheralded Benning was a scout for Anaheim (1993-94) and in Buffalo (1994-98) before becoming the director of amateur scouting for the Sabres (1998-2004). In 2006 he became the director of player personnel for the Bruins and was subsequently promoted to assistant general manager after one season. The Bruins have been a model franchise (BOSTON MODEL!) since Jim Benning’s arrival in Beantown. The Bruins Stanley Cup winning team was a mixture of good draft picks and astute trades. They acquired Nathan Horton and Gregory Campbell for Dennis Wideman and a couple of draft picks. They picked-up Mark Recchi for a couple of spare parts. Chris Kelly was acquired for a 2nd round pick. And they acquired Dennis Seidenberg for relatively nothing as well. Question Marks The biggest question mark with Jim Benning is how much to we ought to credit him for his previous work in a supporting role. He was involved in decisions in Buffalo and Boston, but ultimately the decisions are made by the general manager.
  13. Gretzky was also turned down by Burke Gretzky also resigned as coach.
  14. It's been more than 10 years after their Stanley Cup win. An argument has been made that winning teams give up prospects to be competitive. Boston is no doubt competitive, but their scouting/draft/developing has taken quite a nosedive, especially (but not exclusively) due to Benning leaving. For the purposes of our short examination, we will ignore 2021, 2020, and 2019 for now. Few teams right now have players that are in the NHL for these years. The fact that we could have Hoglander in our spot in 2019 was FANTASTIC and an anomaly. But as you look down this page for Boston's picks, you'll start to see a theme - picks that aren't panning out in hindsight. IMO, I think Boston's not going to have enough quality prospects that will replace their main roster. In other words, we should see them on the decline sooner rather than later. I could totally be wrong, but good teams generally build their team through drafting. One cannot say that Boston has been doing a good job in recent years. 2017 was absolutely horrific for Boston. 2015 could also be a notable mention (as most of us already realize) that they had THREE CONSECUTIVE FIRST ROUND PICKS. They also largely missed with their THREE second round picks, aside from Brandon Carlo. But if Brandon Carlo is your best player from that draft, aside from DeBrusk - I think one can safely say that draft is a big L. Now going back to their more recent picks, I think the players, given their positions in the draft, are GENERALLY going to be misses, but maybe they'll surprise. Given their track record, I think they, as a team, are very much trending downward.
  15. GB is as good of a 3rd round pick as you can hope for. The pick itself came from the Eddie Lack trade. But SHOULDA DRAFTED CIRELLI, i guess. Everyone else pretty much missed. Adin Hill is the other notable name.
  16. Can either of them win faceoffs though? Without Miller, we would lose this asset.
  17. Not really a mistake when the next team that acquired him sat in almost the exact same spot as the team he left with.
  18. Saw this almost as soon as this came out. Well done, @therodigy! Really enjoyed how you put together all the main core.
  19. I hope you're not serious about these takes. You lack critical thinking skills. EVERY SINGLE PLAYER who joins a team won't EVER say anything negative about a team, at least not publicly. https://www.tsn.ca/buffalo-sabres-pending-ufa-taylor-hall-of-course-i-have-interest-in-re-signing-1.1602923 Taylor freaking Hall says "Of course I have interest in re-signing". Point is: You'll always get a canned response. What is Ballard really going to do or say AFTER a team acquires him from sunny, tax-free Florida? What did your beloved Nate Schmidt say when he allegedly had to waive his NTC away from Winnipeg, and had to deny that he had Winnipeg there? “I was never asked or talked to last year about a trade to Winnipeg. There was never a conversation about, hey, would you waive to go to Winnipeg and I said no to,” Schmidt said when asked if he needed convincing to become a Jet. “And for this one, I want to say it was kind of the same thing. On Monday, a lot of things were coming in. And I just said, ‘I need a day just to talk to guys and get a feel for everything.'” https://theprovince.com/sports/hockey/nhl/vancouver-canucks/vancouver-canucks-nate-schmidt-rejects-trade-to-winnipeg-jets The Winnipeg Sun first reported Monday evening that Schmidt had Winnipeg on his limited no-trade list and wouldn't waive the limitation to allow for a trade to be completed between the Jets and Canucks. Come on, AV. If you don't try to use your brain cells, they'll just die in that fantasy hockey mind of yours. Just because a player says something in the media doesn't always make it true. Ballard was treated like crap by your boy, Alain Vigneault, and he still had good things to say about Vancouver. Whether or not they feel that way is completely up to speculation. It is up to you as a reader to piece it together. Given your response here, I'm not convinced you can, or you're willing to.
  20. I'd actually be amused if Pettersson got shipped off to Buffalo so "he can get his best chance of winning the cup". Oh Erhoff...
  21. Well uhhh I didn't see you talking about the good parts of the team, hey? I think you're pretty biased when some bombshell story comes out that you're patrolling full force. How's the Leafs doing btw? Clickbait thread - all the trolls suddenly come back in.
  22. Pretty much. He's also not worth 9-10 mill. He's not McDavid or Ovechkin. For the amount of injuries that Pettersson has gone through (again, not blaming him for injuries), the amount of missed games is concerning. Sinking money on an injured player has plagued this team for years - we don't have space to do other things. So it's responsible for a player to ask for a decent amount of money, but not so much that it's like Darnell Nurse.
  23. Almost every single team has this issue, in one form or another. Of course the blame management card comes back in.
  24. Erm, internal salary or not, Hughes definitely isn't using Myers as the comparison. There have been several high-end defensemen signing for astronomical signings. Myers was a UFA signing from so many years ago - not really relevant today. To put it into perspective, your parents probably bought your house for 700,000 (or lower). You can't use that price to justify what to pay someone, especially when the market has changed radically. You can't just tell them "well you made double your money, that's enough".
  25. Pretty dishonest for you to label the thread like this. Complete clickbait and not reflecting what he ACTUALLY said.
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