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  1. Honestly, no one wants their team to intentionally play like crap. It makes some boring hockey. But these coaching decisions hardly inspire confidence.
  2. There's been quite a few calls that were not called against Winnipeg... Not that it really matters, since we can't score on the PP.
  3. Someone here is talking about logic, but this is the same person who disputes evidence contrary to his position as "half a draft list". https://editorinleaf.com/2014/06/23/2014-nhl-draft-profile-jake-virtanen/ Corey Pronman (ESPN): 11 International Scouting Services: 7 Future Considerations: 10 Central Scouting – North American Skaters: 6 Craig Button (TSN): 43 Hockey Prospect: 18 Bob McKenzie (TSN): 8 No, Provost, I am not engaging with you. This is just proof that some posters' "logic" is flat out dishonest. Constantly shifting argument parameters to make your argument fit is why it's dishonest. That is the point of my post. I do not intend to speak to Provost about his rebuttals.
  4. The commentator is Jim Hughson and he was especially notable for GREAT SAVE CLOUTIERRRRR.
  5. The trolls are too busy pretending to celebrate like they are fans of this team. This win doesn't change my view about Green and his staff though, for now. This lack of consistency is on the players, as well as the coaching staff.
  6. Structure structure structure, but this is the third period. Only reason there's some safety is because if the empty net. Still 3 mins left.
  7. These defensive systems are trash. Coach Green complicit with defending the lead. This is a losing mentality. No wonder why Green's stats are on par with WD, who has inferior rosters.
  8. All teams have cap problems. Simply pointing out that we have cap problems is about the least helpful contribution someone can make about a situation. You don't get rid of cap problems that easily because - get what? Other teams have cap problems. Therefore, getting low value for what is perceived to be a cap problem is exactly how you get hosed in a trade. Virtanen is not worth much, so you'll either get a cap dump for him, or a really unsavouringly low pick. And people here already feel like Benning isn't the best trader. Selling low will solidify this 'reputation' further.
  9. Seems like goalies are sought after than forwards. I think this is the third one this season.
  10. A certain poster is crying that his name was mentioned a couple of times, but I didn't engage with the poster, as promised. If only he could comprehend what he was reading, he'd understand instead of blabbering. I was merely discussing what had been taking place, in order to talk to kilgore. Nothing more, nothing less.
  11. Yeah, that's fair. JB has made more than enough mistakes to be judged for that. I think it's an interesting take to say that the mistakes he's made are at least partially attributable to Gillis' mishandling of prospect development. But definitely not an "excuse" for JB.
  12. This is a logic that doesn't make sense. If we saw ahead of time that they'll pick a player, does that mean he is necessarily "better" than another player? Maybe the player fits a team's need more (i.e Barret Hayton), which was a reach of a pick at the time. However, he's looking to be a good pick after the fact. https://thehockeywriters.com/barrett-hayton-2018-nhl-draft-prospect-profile/ Barrett's pick was rated as high as a 9, but most of the other picks had him later in the first round. If we thought about players like Provost does, he'll just say it's a horrible pick because of what scouts said. Yet he's proven to the Coyotes that he was a good pick in hindsight. Risky picky, but one that paid off. Look at it using the Pettersson pick. I think it's safe to say most people did not know he'll end up being one of the best players in that draft thus far, outshining higher picks like Hischier and Patrick. So we can evaluate a player in hindsight all day long, like Provost has been doing, but he'll never be able to explain what makes a player "better" or worse, other than him not being rated higher or lower by scouts. He's tried so hard to make himself sound right, it really is as painful to read as he says. But I am done with talking to someone who doesn't use his brain for anything else than to rehash what he originally stated, and calling everyone else irrational.
  13. Done. I'm not going to personally engage with this poster again.
  14. A low pick is useless without proper drafting and developing - hardly a guarantee. You talked so much crap about the Hansen and Goldobin trade. If that trade had worked out, the trade would've been robbery for the Canucks. Similarly, getting a pick at any round is not necessarily a guarantee that a good player will be selected. I am not at all saying we should dump all picks, but not to overvalue them. A pick is just a pick. A lot of things can happen during a prospect's time. Injury, illness etc. A first rounder doesn't make them a lasting nhl player. A lot of the highly touted players may never see much NHL time. Of course, these considerations are beyond the intellect of someone like you. You can stay back and evaluate players in hindsight, like you knew it before anyone else. We've also seen just how infrequently players are picked up on waivers this season - for the very same reasons that you mentioned - cap space. Duh. God, Provost. Just a joke every post.
  15. Yep, let's get rid of him because he's not worth what we want - ohwait.
  16. Virtanen was ruined by a horrible systems coach - both by WD and Green. Neither of them know how to utilize certain players well. I really wonder at this point if Eriksson would have done better under a different coach.
  17. What more do you want him to say? He admitted he was wrong about Jake, and so were a lot of people who thought he would pan out.
  18. https://edmontonjournal.com/sports/hockey/nhl/cult-of-hockey/scouting-report-top-10-prospect-jake-virtanen-might-be-viable-option-if-oilers-trade-down Bob McKenzie had him 8th overall. The difference between 6th and 8th is not insignificant, but close enough that the players are reasonably comparable. COMPARABLE. That means your statement that none of the scouts had him pegged at 6 is MISLEADING. It's not like Jake was supposed to be this late first round pick that was picked far earlier than expected. Based on team needs, a player MAY be picked higher than where they were 'supposed' to be. We saw this with Barrett Hayton. He was pretty much an off the board pick. Another example was Michael Grabner. What don't you understand about this? There is no imaginary list. Everything I've cited has a source. Meanwhile, you have yet to provide a source to back up your claims. Sorry, but I'm not sorry for thinking you would understand basic concepts of logic, even when given an explanation. Get your ego out of your ass. Also, you were the one who said that 1/6th of a list is considered half a draft list. LOL. What a joke.
  19. No, this is where you failed in your logic, lol. You're unable to comprehend basic logic, hence you think it's tortured logic. It's really not that difficult. A minivan that is rated # 1 by European markets doesn't necessarily mean he is valued at the same level as a Prius in a North American market. There might not be anything wrong with that minivan, but that doesn't matter. Your talk about Matthews, Laine, Pulj was trying to suggest that these players were rated better than Juolevi, but you jumped to the conclusions without explaining how you arrived there. In fact, I should remind you that your opinion should have facts. Your logic was that Virtanen should have been rated lower with the inclusion of European skaters. Yet this is where you make the comparison fallacy. Without context, we cannot make a proper comparison without the background ddata You also did not address any of my criticisms about how you compared players, as usual. No argument from you means you'll be repeating your same points. For example, why did Klim Kostin rated number 1 for EU skaters get picked 31st, while Pettersson got picked 5th? Yet wasn't even rated on the ISS. How much times are you going to insist on being right when others have told you that you're wrong? I'm honestly curious as to what you provide to society.
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