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  1. There's been a ton of players on waivers. No team "missed out" on anything. The Canucks didn't need Comrie. Relax.
  2. JT said that Jake reminds him a lot about himself when he was younger. I think what you mentioned is a big part of that.
  3. What are your criticisms about this party?
  4. I think Virtanen needs to be better with his decision making. But I think I see him actually trying.
  5. And then people cried about throwing money at Toffoli. It worked out for him and Montreal, but it easily could've gone bad. And then we'll have those people whine about why Benning spent money on free agency.
  6. For those who wanted to claim Galchenyuk, look at how many teams he's been traded from. There's something about him that's making him get traded.
  7. We can be optimistic about how good he is, can we not? By all accounts, his game is similar to Motte's, except on a higher level.
  8. The fact that they made the playoffs and proved themselves for a couple of rounds kinda resets that clock on rebuild. Horvat has openly said that he doesn't want to go through one. I'd say it's done.
  9. On one hand, fans want sweeping changes, even if it's replacing the arena carpet, for the sake of making change. On the other, fans ALSO want to keep everything intact, like all the good things (Boeser, Pettersson, Hughes etc). Without trading good pieces, i.e. a first round pick, it is difficult, if not impossible, to acquire someone good from another team without giving something substantial back. Oh, Miller for 1st? ZOMG Benning suckzzz. Can't have it both ways folks. You can't be playing entertaining hockey while 'rebuilding'.
  10. Don't be silly. If Arizona can get a new GM, as well as Buffalo, the Canucks can EASILY get a competent GM to phone for a job.
  11. LOL @ Vancouver media and their "sources". I applaud Aquilini for having a backbone. If this season is a write-off, the decisions on management can made after this season. As much as I question Travis' coaching, along with his assistants, I do believe this is the right move to keep things intact. Fans who don't want to watch the Canucks can watch the Sens or Sabres. I honestly think our fanbase is too toxic. We are basically BEGGING the media to make up news to support what fans want to hear. LOL. The result? Journalism without accountability.
  12. Thank you smithers joe for pointing this out. Fans constantly put out this pressure for management to release a product that people want to watch. Do fans have ANY patience to a full rebuild? I don't think so. Benning tried to do a 'half and half' rebuild - and fans seem to blame him for this, even though it may have been more palatable than trading every single roster player on this team to start fresh. Look at Ottawa this season; does anyone ACTUALLY want to watch that team play? I'm guessing no. At the same time, wanting to hire back GIllis is ridiculous as you pointed out @24K
  13. It's hilarious that fans look back fondly on the Gillis age. Aside from given a core by his predecessors, Gillis did the worst developing of all GMs we've had arguably. Sure we were in the "winning" mode, but look at teams like Montreal and Tampa. They made "bold" moves, without throwing draft picks left and right. Furthermore, with the draft picks we did have, we did not draft/develop anyone a whole lot of good players (aside from Horvat, Grabner, Edler and Hansen/Burrows). Too many people I've noticed diminish Benning's scouting aspects, but laud Gillis' tenure, which hasn't been
  14. I agree. People use hindsight to indicate they would've done a better job or they 'knew' it would be a bad signing. Except no one knew it would be this bad. Lots of people were clamoring for Benning's head with the Miller trade. And those people have gone quiet with that regard, so they find something else to criticize. In short, people have been looking to hang Benning. Now this latest offseason could initiate it. Signing any one of those contacts are likely going to be bad in the long run. None of the Benning bashers are going to acknowledge that. The Toffoli non-sign
  15. Yeah, I don't see how Green is a better coach. He has way better pieces than WD ever did, except maybe the first year of WD.
  16. I don't personally see this tweet as a big deal. On the other hand, I'm glad that Green's getting criticism for how he "rolls" lines. Last game was a good effort, but no dice. Honestly, I am not willing to write this team off. We need to see another coach to see exactly what changes can be made. Sadly, I think this season has already been written off by upper management. Pretty sure Green's not going to be extended though.
  17. NYIs are doing pretty bad right now, with respect to their roster. Barzal scored for them, but they lost to Pittsburgh, another underachieving team.
  18. Unreal. He took a huge gamble with that pick and it blew up badly in his face, if he was the one who pushed for this.
  19. Or maybe Green/Baumer's systems are junk. Seriously, there's NO WAY schmidt is this bad coming from LV.
  20. https://nationalpost.com/news/world/after-all-else-fails-surgeon-offers-to-help-woman-who-used-gorilla-glue-as-hairspray-report She's arguing that hair's not mentioned as places not to use the glue. What an idiot!!! It sucks that she's raising money through GoFundMe and the surgery by a Doctor is reportedly free - a 12,500 procedure. Yet she feels like Gorilla should "count y'all days". She clearly has no understanding of what responsibility is. Just spoiled beyond salvation. If I were that doctor, why would I invite myself trouble in case she sues for not being ab
  21. Although Gavrilo Princip is viewed a hero in Serbia, and a villain in the former Yugoslav blocs, I think some historians have observed that his murder was a sign of luck, rather than competence. To elaborate, dhe driver for Franz Ferdinand took a wrong turn and happened to stumble near Princip. Princip tried to kill himself, but his pistol malfunctioned. As such, I do not genuinely feel he is deserving of the "most influential person" title. On top of this, no one including himself knew that a war would be started. I think that Princip played a role in WW1, but he was not the cause. Some histo
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