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  1. I disagreed a lot with your posts in the past - and probably still do. Yet I've found that there's more agreement on this front. I think Benning is far from perfect. But it's time to shift the emphasis on him and onto someone who can make every day changes, namely roster decisions. Furthermore, special teams and defensive systems need major reconsideration. There is no way a team of proper NHLers should be letting in 5 goals or more per game. Our players are not fringe NHlers who got rushed in. There's zero excuses for Green. People need to open their eyes and see that he ain't tha
  2. I'm glad people found the comparison with WD, as well as demoting/scratching players, namely Juolevi. Although Green has a much better roster than WD ever did, his systems need an overhaul because he's underachieving. I really don't understand how people continue to defend Green, even though he's done nothing to make positive adaptations. You know what's funny? Since WD and Green have similar stats, it may be that they both have misused Eriksson.
  3. Oh look, here's another poster that continually bashes Benning to no end. 3. That's a huge assumption. Toffoli did wait for quite a while, so one could safely assume he did exercise ALL his options. 4. There is no evidence at all to think he didn't listen to the calls on Virtanen either. How do you know he didn't like the offers? 5. "could have" is a very problematic expression, especially on CDC. It usually doesn't take into consideration other factors, so if it were so easy, you wouldn't have GMs who would be stuck with contracts. Do you really think Benning wanted to b
  4. What a joke. Both of those guys have been out of work for a while...
  5. Doubt is normal, I think. What doesn't make sense is for people to continually defend Green, saying stuff like "Oh it's Benning's fault. Green's just doing the best he can." No, it doesn't cut it that the team is playing the EXACT same style/brand of hockey as previous years. And it doesn't cut it that the coach isn't making adaptations. Why the hell is Juolevi sitting the press box, but not Chatfield? I'm not saying all these losses are on Chatfield. It's the decision making that is very questionable with Green.
  6. I listed coaching as the issue. This includes Green and Baumgartner. Tanev and Markstrom, while good players, aren't doing enough to help Calgary win. The team has struggled mightily, pretty much as much as we have standing wise, except they're not letting in 4+ goals a night. Everyone screams about Benning letting these players go - and what I'm saying is that these players, while good, have been hiding the coaching/structural issues that have existed for years. That starts with Green and his crew. They should absolutely not get a free pass like you've been giving them
  7. I get that you want to criticize the GM for everything, but your own logic is fallacious. If they're (Tanev and Markstrom) playing well, and the rest oof team is not, they aren't doing enough to keep Calgary from losing. Another way of looking at this: they aren't the problem, but they aren't this magical solution either. There is one conclusion that can be drawn from this: Tanev and Markstrom has covered up the inadequacies of the coaching situation. The Canucks team, in theory, is better than Calgary's. The standings don't lie.
  8. It doesn't make sense how Schmidt who was playing top hard minutes for an EXCELLENT LV team can be such a pylon here. The systems are really bad.
  9. Green and his assistants are responsible for this product. The GM has already made his moves, in anticipation for the expansion draft. The cap crunch requires Benning to do some creative financial management.
  10. Did you really make a new account to protect your main account?
  11. There's a reason Green isn't being signed and he's not making it the case for him to get extended.
  12. What the hell is this long stretch pass tactic they keep repeating? God damn it.
  13. Coach has to go man. How do you justify this brand of hockey? Badly outshot 2 to 1. Almost 3 to 1.
  14. Of course the laundry list of excuses continues for Green. Look at our freaking shot totals. This was the same issue as last year. We also have a ton of giveaways and defensive breakdowns. But hey, at least Green has his timeout for coaching challenge....
  15. You're seriously blind. The coaches need to get replaced. They have to search for coaches asap.
  16. I'm not at all saying that Benning is not partly responsible for this. I'm talking about the disproportionate amount of blame placed on Benning, while Green has floundered. The mistakes were covered up by Tanev and Markstrom. It's obvious that being outshot is a Green brand of hockey.
  17. Did you hear that all? Patrick Johnson says it's the same systems.
  18. Of course people go straight to blaming Benning, rather than the coaching that has been consistently bad.
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