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  1. Don't worry, this is simply Green's brilliant strategy of inflating advanced stats by scoring goals on a low amount of shots, am I right?
  2. Alright, so can we start talking about Green? Same issues, different team. Outshot badly. What kind of system is this?
  3. No more toxic coaches please. Honestly, again, team is outshot badly. Last game they shot more, and scored more. This Green stubbornness is killing this team.
  4. It's time to reflect on this. This is a coaching issue. Enough excuses for Green and his staff.
  5. Then think about why another team will do this? Let's say Justin Faulk for Pettersson. Why would the Canucks do this trade? My point out of this is: if you think a trade is beneficial to the Canucks, what does the other team get out of it?
  6. LE will get bought out next year. It really isn't that big of a cap relief by trading for TD. NYR doesn't even want him on the taxi squad. He's just told to stay home.
  7. There is no benefit to having Tony Deangelo on this team, cap relief or not. Even NYR fans think he is toxic. I get the feel that they're divided between getting a low return or seeing him play for someone else and continuing his career. Everyone is well aware of his points. Everyone on the NYR fanbase is also aware that he's been a benefactor from playing with Panarin. His defence is said to be beyond horrendous. I'll take their opinions on this guy than some people here who just look at his stats. He is a serious headcase from what's been told.
  8. I've been scouring the message boards of a few teams, including Reddit, and I think this is the only site that has the absolutely insane idea that they'll want this guy on this team. Calgary fans don't want him. Anaheim fans don't want him. LA Kings fans don't want him. Also, Rangers fans have no regrets seeing this guy go. It really says a lot about how poorly this guy is viewed. Wake up people. Jesus @Elias Pettersson
  9. If he's so undesirable to you, why would Calgary want him? You have to think in Calgary's perspective now. Would you want Bennett for Boeser?
  10. Alright, so can we question Green's systems now? I'm including Baumgartner in this as well. It's amazing how we had a late push, but where was this during the second and third periods? There was a ton of sloppy play and habits. This is on the coach to correct these things. Too many penalties. I refuse to believe the players are stupid.
  11. Virtanen is as big of a headcase you can get on the Canucks team, and nothing seems to have clicked with him. But he's not a bad guy. Canuck fans are insane to think they can make DeAngelo click. God no. Don't trade for him.
  12. And yeah, it's sad that Green is seemingly untouchable for criticism. The standards are uneven. Green deserves blame as well as his assistants.
  13. This. If Toffoli got signed and we still played like this, you can bet people will be calling for Benning's head regardless. This fanbase is so beyond comprehension.
  14. "Be careful what you wish for" - this can be applied to firing Benning too. I'm really curious why there's two different standards set for two different people. Then there's people whining about ownership. Again, be careful what you wish for. This is the whiniest fanbase. All the cheering from Ottawa, and after losing to GOOD teams, look at this place. Lol at the love fest over Green. If the Canucks do bad this season, you can bet everyone's going to be gone. But of course, be careful what we wish for.
  15. There's always an excuse. The reality is that that immense giveaways is a symptom of something that should have been worked out by coaching. He also said he doesn't care about shots on net by opponent's. And sitting Juolevi when he played well... Yeah, the dude makes bad choices as a coach.
  16. He did. Honestly, his press talks are so stale. We're never getting any info from him except what he wants us to see. All we hear is "that's a great team over there"
  17. We aren't as good as fans thought when we beat Ottawa. We have a better effort, but our consistency is not good. And here we go, another giveaway.
  18. Wow!!!! That call by the ref was brutal! That's not a penalty at all.
  19. Would you take a Civic or a Fiesta?

    1. TNucks1


      Civics are a pretty reliable car, dont know about fiestas

    2. Phil_314


      I'll take a Civic to any post-COVID fiesta 

    3. -AJ-


      Civic every day.

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  20. Except i don't really believe him. They still played him. They gave him a two year deal, instead of a one year. And the cap is 5 Million. He's just saying this for "damage control".
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