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  1. Why is there a need to politicize the people? This childish namecalling can basically invalidate whatever point you had. (See examples of "Sleepy Joe")
  2. I think it's very, very unfortunate to hear that you've decided on what actually happened rather than wait for things to play out. By all means, if he's FOUND to be guilty, then burn him at the stake. Until then, wait and see.
  3. I think it just reinforces the idea that we should not jump to conclusions. If things could be determined by word of mouth, we wouldn't need courts, would we? Just take the words as truth and there would be no need to question it. Lots of things would go very wrong in this type of world. I can't imagine what would it be like to get someone we all love to hate and frame him for something he really didn't do just to push an agenda/confirm a bias.
  4. I see your point. For a player like Schmidt, the trade seems to confirm that he didn't like it here. It's possible that it's not the city that he dislikes, but rather he did not fit with the personnel. Totally speculating - maybe he's a Covid denier? Honestly, something else seems to have caused him to want out this badly. After the trade has happened, I guess a lot of fans are glad he's gone if he doesn't want to be here. I think a lot of ppl wanted Rous traded. Beagle and so forth were costing way too much for their duties as well, even though they were solid character guys.
  5. We probably couldn't make the money work. If we didn't have the Luongo recapture, nor did we have the LTiR hampering us, we would've had some room. Also, the flat cap which affected every team did not help.
  6. Let's not kid ourselves. Lind had 7 games, and didn't do much with that. 0 goals, 0 assists. He wasn't clearly our better option compared to Michaelis - 15 games, or the other players. All of them played pretty bad. As for Vesey/Boyd, this is why players who are claimed may not always make an impact because the learning curve of the systems is probably pretty high/complicated. Lind wasn't ready last season, and it's not his fault. The NHL was a big leap for him and Lind is not the greatest skater.
  7. Happy Birthday Sidney Crosby! You're old!

    1. -Vintage Canuck-

      -Vintage Canuck-

      “Sid the Adult”.

  8. Combover of course complimenting some other player not under Canucks property. 7 games, with nothing to show, and of course you'll praise him. Haha
  9. I don't think Lind is making the roster lol. He needs more time in the AHL, imo. When he was up in the NHL, he did basically nothing. He was kind of like Michaelis.
  10. It's probably why the Danault signing has not met the same kind of criticism, even though he only for 5 goals last year, but is making 5mill+
  11. Some people just think they are bringing in evidence to confirm a bias that they have on the subject matter. It's no surprise that people who have bashed this signing largely are doing so because Benning did it.
  12. He is basically trying to even out his previous contract. He can even get a nice raise too if he proves himself. Honestly, much of his poor success has been due to his injuries.
  13. What are you smoking, bro? Claim: JB didn't fix the defense. False. Huge overhaul. Reality: - Edler and his 58 PIM gone. How many of them were trips/hooks? Way too many. - Schmidt -> 3rd round pick 2023, same price to acquire him. Had a bad year. - Chatfield gone - depth defenseman - Rafferty gone - depth defenseman - Jordie Benn -> 6th round pick 2021 return -> Connor Lockhart selection for the Canucks In: - OEL - On paper, a big upgrade from last year, regardless of how you look at it, regardless if it is a gamb
  14. Probably has already been posted, but this part from Scouching talks about Zlodeyev a short time after he was drafted. If the Craig Button projection is accurate, Zlod is a really exciting prospect to watch. We also got Viktor Persson who had a very good IIHF tournament with Sweden, if I'm not mistaken. We have some really cool players to watch.
  15. As absurd as this projection is, we never had a prospect (outside of Pettersson) quite like this, if Zlod actually comes anywhere close to this potential.
  16. The amount of bias towards their own GM is pretty sickening, but I guess it depends on which direction the wind is blowing. Drance reported Lou made a great move by trading three second rounders (for nothing but cap space). He specifically said "consideration for GM of the year"
  17. I don't know if you're the original poster named Employee of the Month Anyway, I agree with your posts so far. There is arguably a civil war, but it's definitely much less than whatever crap is going on in the US.
  18. Cool, you just outed yourself as an extremist.
  19. I didn't mean he represented the pinnacle of fitness. Rather, he had a clear six pack. That is the general look that people think of when someone is 'fit'
  20. Copy and pasted (link will be provided below, because the chart included in the link will drown the message that OP was trying to make) Tucker Poolman was lambasted for his 2.5x4 contract, even though Evolving Hockey's projections had him at $2.4M on a 4 year deal. By the online crowd, Poolman was painted as a league minimum defensemen, that arguably should not even be in the league. Those are ridiculous and dumbfounded claims. If you look at the video and data, it is clear that Poolman is a very good Top 4/6 defensemen. He is also 6'2", 199 lbs and a RD, which also does play a big
  21. No need to read the threads from 1-94 or so. They are all about praising you for signing at such a discount, despite having a very good playoffs. I foresee that you'll be an offensive dynamo that no one ever predicted, except me Maybe playing with OEL will make you hit double digits in goals
  22. It's funny how some fans who rattled this signing have merely repeated their opinions (not facts) about the player, but they do this for almost every 'overpaid' player. Tucker Poolman doesn't deserve the treatment he received in the other thread. Hopefully the real one will just ignore the noise. We have such an embarrassing fanbase sometimes.
  23. Yeah, I will say the sensation is closer to soreness than pain. There's no sharp pain at any point in time. Squeezing the hamstrings feels like it's tired and sore. However it's not really the same soreness that one would get after a hard run. It's much lighter, but you know you're sore. It's kinda hard to describe.
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