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  1. Except i don't really believe him. They still played him. They gave him a two year deal, instead of a one year. And the cap is 5 Million. He's just saying this for "damage control".
  2. Whining about ownership and GMing after losses is so old. Yet coaching is not as often brought up. There's a lovefest going on with Green/coaching staff when the accountability isn't spread so evenly. Green (and his assistants) has always been inconsistent with his team's performances, regardless of his roster. When does his role/blame come in? There's ALWAYS an excuse about how he's "doing the best he can". He literally just said today that he doesn't care about shot totals. Where's the wisdom coming from? Look at these blowout losses. I said in the Ottawa game that if you allow th
  3. Or how about the defensive structure, hey? There's something very off if players still don't know where they should go.
  4. Yes, "That's a good team over there" by Green lmfao! Just horrible.
  5. This is just sad. Why does our team not put in something more consistent game after game?
  6. I agree - similar would have been a better word choice.
  7. I know Green has his flaws, but I have to say A+ for typing up a troll thread and not butchering the grammar in the process, for the most part. At least my eyes won't be distracted.
  8. That's a really weak goal to let in by Georgiev... on the other hand, that's some weak shot blocking by DeAngelo. No wonder why he was on the ice 5 times that game..
  9. LE for this guy is overpayment. Full stop.
  10. So why would NYR take LE? Why should Vancouver pay a 1st?
  11. Not all first round picks pan out...
  12. LE at least is well liked in the dressing room. I can't believe some people are suggesting we should pick this dude up, even though he's doing nothing for his NYR team. Do people realize that NYR has been a bottom feeding team for a while now? Even Kakko is under scrutiny now.
  13. This might be NSFW, but you had teammates for your ex-wife?
  14. The fact that he's being let go right now by a horribly underproducing NYR team should tell you a lot!
  15. Jesus, man. And you want this to happen? We'll be the laughing stock of the league when we scratch him for not being deserving of ice time. That will be another 5 million dollars gone and a bunch of Canuck fans on Benning's adds, plus losing a 1st rounder. Good god, no! People whined about the Miller trade and he has no character issues. Why the hell will you give up another 1st for DeAngelo?
  16. Every team had faced the same issue. Some games the Canucks played okay. Some games were awful. This game was a fresh change. If the Canucks can build off this, maybe they can be respectable towards the end of the season.
  17. To be honest, Green and his staff had a great game tonight. He addressed a lot of the problems in one game, but we will have to see how consistent this will be.
  18. AV's had plenty of playoff success - and I say this not being AV's biggest fan.
  19. You really do crack me up bruh. Roman P = Roman Pierce?

    That guy from 2Fast 2Furious?

    1. RomanP


      Just offering a friendly wager, nothing wrong with that. Oh, and keep guessing lol

    2. Dazzle


      Nothing friendly about that interaction at all. Pretty hostile actually. I have nothing to gain from any interaction with you.

    3. TNucks1
  20. That was a game worth watching. Coach Green and the players worked hard tonight. Good job.
  21. With regards to quality of chances, which stat is telling you that? We haven't talked about the quality of goaltending we have yet. Many fans believe that our goalies have bailed out bad defense, so this angle has to be explored. What is the save percentage and GAA for Markstrom/Demko? This ultimately plays a strong factor as to where we stand in the standings. The real question is, would it take poor goaltending to expose these defensive deficiencies? We just cannot have teams going into our zone unharassed. The number of odd man chances seem to have been reduced lately though.
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