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  1. A business is a business. I don't think fans are giving Benning much of a pass for being super tight at cap (pandemic) and the expansion draft (both of which no one could have realistically foreseen). This has led Benning to let go of players that he may have wanted to keep, including Toffoli. I am pretty sure that if Green doesn't bring the team into the playoffs, he's gone. There is no "leeway" issue. Having to fire a coach means you have to compensate them if you change your mind. It's just too convenient to let him walk.
  2. On the other hand, there IS manipulation going on, and the people who profit among the most out of this situation are the short sellers. Yet those people are the ones directly influencing the market by saying stuff like "this company is overvalued". Why else are they the ones that lose money after a wrong bet? The hypocrisy is definitely hilarious to watch.
  3. I'm pretty sure he'll be let go when that happens. His contract is already up by then, which gives the Canucks a chance to look for someone different.
  4. I just think these games give false hope to the fanbase. And then they'll be shocked when the Canucks get destroyed against better competition.
  5. Jordie Benn just got away with a high stick there. Lots of sloppy penalties this third period.
  6. Unfortunately this guy is right. In all these games, the Canucks have allowed 35 plus shots. If this had been a top team, a lot of those go in.
  7. We have two more PPs than them, and yet they shoot 10 more shots than us. How does this work?!
  8. I am not saying fire Green, so I'm not sure how it is considered an overreaction. The imbalance of shots is once again present in this game. We are constantly outshot by opposition teams and little is done to address this issue.
  9. This team doesn't like throwing shots on net. Way too much passing.
  10. Hahaha. That's hilarious, I forgot about this. I think he was being cheeky.
  11. Teams could have acquired him FOR FREE on waivers a long time ago. He was also a free agent up until this point. https://www.secondcityhockey.com/2021/1/28/22254559/chicago-blackhawks-free-agent-signing-defensemen-madison-bowey-reports-updates Interesting points from this article. The signing is a bit out of left-field but the motivation is likely two-fold: It gives the Blackhawks another right-handed shot on D with Adam Boqvist on the COVID-19 Protocol list. It helps the Blackhawks meet the minimum exposure requirements for the expansion draft in terms of defensemen. While the second point is definitely valid, let’s hope there isn’t much emphasis on the first, because there are several defensemen already with the Blackhawks that have experience playing on the right-side: Nicolas Beaudin, Lucas Carlsson, and Wyatt Kalynuk. Those three are legitimate prospects that should be getting playing time either in the NHL or be re-assigned to Rockford to play top minutes. However, Stan Bowman is fond of reclamation projects, so the Blackhawks may be interested to see if Bowey can reach his pre-draft potential despite his shortcoming in his NHL career so far. Of course, we may not need to worry because it’s possible Bowey was just signed for depth in the AHL after Nick Seeler left the organization, though that defensive group is also crowded and has more veteran signings than prospects.
  12. In the first period, the Sens could have EASILY been up 3-1. Maybe even 4-1. There were 27 shots in the first period alone.
  13. I get that the Canucks are up 5-1, but the shot count is 41-35 for the Senators. If a couple of those shots went in, this game would have been very different, especially since the last two goals by the Canucks were at the halfway mark.
  14. It's the exact same system from last season. It's the same entry strategies. Defensively, they are passive. Pinches by defenseman are still just as risky. Even with four goals, we are still outshot by Ottawa.
  15. Juolevi taken out. Despite the PPs, we still don't shoot more than the opposition. It's almost like he's afraid of shots for affecting the stats portion of the game, particularly if the shots are low percentage shots. No PP adjustments. This is a Brown thing. Overpassing and overthinking the game. Sloppy short passing and/or overused stretch passes.
  16. Benning's also highly regarded too, as he was voted sixth for best GMs by other GMs. Do fans care about that stuff? No.
  17. Green's style of game is very stale. No adjustments for this second period because the shot differentials are still nearly 2 to 1 favouring Ottawa. Really sick of seeing talent being poorly utilized.
  18. There's been a lot of talk about fire Benning, but the scrutiny on Green is not the same. There's so many more excuses for him. Brown and Baumer tend to get more flack out of his coaching staff. This game is a symptom that the coaches are failing this team. The players of course deserve blame, but the lackluster passing and giveaways speak to the coaches not being able to get through to the players. This is not strictly about this game, but being outshot by the opponents (this game being the most obvious indication), is a long-standing issue that hasn't been addressed. There's a lack of adaptation. Coaching is most definitely an issue.
  19. I'm not saying this is his fault. I'm saying that Green isn't good at motivating his players. Contrary to what people think, Green is not maximizing his roster.
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