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  1. Honestly, I am fine with the loss. The TSN feed was really bad with the homerism. I think it's karma.
  2. Just now, in the zone, Byfield made an ill-advised shot from the perimeter, leading it to go out of the zone. Byfield as someone said has been underwhelming.
  3. People always have a hard-on for names like Madison Bowey, but the reality is that the fanbases of both teams (Washington and Detroit) feel his defensive game is pretty subpar.
  4. Slovaks are not as bad as we might think they are. TSN have been pumping the tires of the US, but the team looks like they're playing against Canada lol
  5. Come on Slovaks! Score on the US! Make it a tie!!!!
  6. You and I see some different things then. Gord is fine, but Ferraro is intolerable for me. These other teams have shown me that a lot of progress has been made to up the competition. Also Gord made the ultimate sin, talking about a shutout so casually on broadcast. Then guess what happens? Slovaks score. I am cheering for the Slovaks.
  7. I thoroughly dislike their commentary, particularly Ferraro who is extremely biased towards Canada. Overall, I think the TSN crew don't give enough respect or credit to the other teams, not named Canada or the Us. The way they describe them is patronizing. In the meantime, a freaking empty net goal is praised like a game winning goal.
  8. Costmar, I think, has two goals in this tournament and has been a positive contributor for Sweden. He plays with an edge and is always trying to create something offensively. Similarly Pod is showing that he is a complete player. He plays in all situations. You name it. He's a leadership in the truest sense. His game isn't really about flash, yet he (and his line) has been generating a lot of offense. Brian Burke is 100 percent right. He's an NHL calibre player. He does all the right things. If his teammates finished, he'd have a ton of apples
  9. Detroit is going to be really happy! Raymond and now Soderblom
  10. Cue the comments from Benning bashers that Brackett chose Costmar...
  11. Well, as of right now, Tkachuk is clearly the better pick. And I say this being a fan of Juolevi. It's probable that someone of his calibre will be MORE VALUABLE down the road. There will always be a talented winger, but talented defensemen are perceived to be harder to find. It sucks that Juo has been injured so much, otherwise this pick wouldn't have had as many question marks as it does now. I'm hopeful though that he can prove naysayers wrong.
  12. US aren't really that good. Overrated imho. Sweden is just plain unlucky this game. Brutal reffing against them. Costmar is doing really well.
  13. I feel really bad for Sweden. Reffing is atrocious. Three missed calls for Sweden. One goalie interference, one slash to the stick, and one charge. One sided reffing is partially a reason for why Sweden isn't doing well. US gifted PPs.
  14. Why the hell did they switch the shooter for the PS? Costmar has two goals this tournament if I'm not mistaken. Sweden as a whole sucked today
  15. A really obvious missed goalie interference call on the US earlier. Bad.
  16. The 2nd goal wasn't so bad. It was flukey but it had eyes.
  17. Oh look, those Podkolzin bashers look stupid.
  18. It's asinine that people were whining about Podkolzin's shot being garbage.
  19. The Hossa thing has been beaten to death. There's been nothing sketchy about the allergic issue. There's no LTIR circumvention. However, the Kovalchuk deal with NJ was blatant (especially with the League rescinding the 1st round penalty against them, even though it was in the rules). Meanwhile Toews has been a class act. If he has an illness, it's an illness.
  20. Czechs did well until the midway part of the second period. It was only 1-0. Then the Czechs made a few mistakes, and the goals began to pile on. When they took a bunch of undisciplined penalties, the US cashed in on them. And here we are, another penalty. Holy crap. It's 7-0 as I write this, but this PP could make it 8-0. Anyone else sick of the biased commentating? We get it, the US are a better team. But selling the Bobby Brink goal as a perfect shot (when he fanned on it basically) is annoying.
  21. Did you watch the game, or are you looking at the scores? It's obvious that there's something else going on on that team.
  22. TT is not that big of a deal. Pearson's deal is gonna expire, so chances are, we aren't gonna keep him in the long run. If we had signed TT, being that he's on the other side of 30, the fans will still complain about spending too much money and too much term.
  23. Jan Rutta is a prime example of an undrafted journeyman who has gone on to win a Stanley Cup because of perseverance.
  24. The name seems to rhyme too...
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