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  1. Bieksa's one of the most overpaid defenceman that the Canucks have AND he's got an NTC. He's a heart and soul player but he should have been paid 4 mill at most.

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    2. Matthew Lombardi 18

      Matthew Lombardi 18

      First two years: He gets a 3.75 M cap hit (from 550 k minimum wage).

      That's a 700x increase. Then he gets ANOTHER increase by 900 k by cap hit.

    3. Matthew Lombardi 18
    4. Matthew Lombardi 18

      Matthew Lombardi 18

      Duncan Keith's cap hit is 5.5 million - just to put it into perspective.

      Yes, he's a one of a kind defenseman who took a discount.

      Bieksa? He shouldn't be paid 4 mill... from that standard.

  2. Would you like to know facts about maternity photography?

    1. Warhippy


      maternity? the maternal order of maternity or the maternity photography photgraphers do about maternity stages during 1st through 3rd stages of maternity?

    2. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly

      For some reason I read "photography" as "pornography".

    3. Matthew Lombardi 18

      Matthew Lombardi 18

      It was a question based on a spam thread made by a bot. It was hilarious. It wasn't bad.

  3. I went clubbing and danced with a stranger and I did not tell my significant other about it. She found out. I'm so worried - is she going to get mad? Is she going to break-up with me? Advice needed. P.S. I'm a nice guy - the grinding didn't mean anything.

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    2. viking mama

      viking mama

      LOL! Shhwattttt! You are whipped!

    3. 22Sedinery33


      Sucks to be you, that's why you stay "single" and do what you want without having to worry :)

    4. Master Mind

      Master Mind

      shouldnt you already know how she feels about it based on her reaction on finding out? if she's mad theres not much you can do...

  4. Thank you for your comments on my Abortion/Pro-Life thread. :)

  5. Late night thoughts: Look around the world right now - violence, chaos and poverty is all around, but we are here, enjoying a life of luxury, by other people's standards. Don't take your life for granted.

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    2. Matthew Lombardi 18

      Matthew Lombardi 18

      Deleted some people who were attention seekers and weren't even remotely funny.

      Honestly though, a real dose of reality is a huge kick in the butt for me.

    3. Buddhas Hand

      Buddhas Hand

      i remind myself and my friends of this a lot .

    4. Matthew Lombardi 18

      Matthew Lombardi 18

      Yeah, thanks for the reply, puckinloveicehockey. Yikes... the world is a dog-eat-dog place.

      And I've only seen the ones that have been on photo. There are so many places in the world where crime just goes on. How the hell can a superhero work in these environments?

  6. Your team ripped us last night ! looks like the are about to go on a serious run!

  7. Agreed nucks D has a few rusty joints to oil up. Your boys wrecked the Habs, Moss has a great game. Maybe my prediction is gonna be way off for your team, took a closer look at your current lineup and i have underestimated the team me thinks :P

  8. Haha thanks a lot for your comments.

    You are a classier fan amongst the other people here.

    I did see the Vancouver/Detroit game. It wasn't Schneider's fault on both those goals. It seems the defensive awareness needs some work.

    Oh well, teams win and lose all the time.

  9. Your team showed alot of hustle tonight. Moss is also playing alot better than expected .

  10. AS much as i hate to admit this but Glencross that dirty bas.. lol is gonna have a career year I think. His shot is blistering and is only get ting better

  11. You definatley have a good perspective on your team . It is not all bad either. There are rays of sunshine, you just need to get rid of Feaster and things will brighten up. IMO Giordano is top 5 in league at his position. Love that guy !

  12. Canuck_trevor16 - why did you lock your status?

    1. canuck_trevor16


      I unlock it if you want to continue

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