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  1. Plus the escrow this year. He's probably mid 2s at this point.
  2. I thought it was Mon/Wed/Fri recently they did in person updates? I can't confirm that because I have sorta zoned out.
  3. And its needed, the economy can't completely shut down and keep tanking and magically making money pop out of thin air to pay people for being off (or screwing people, making them stay off and not paying them if they may have been "exposed but not test positive"). There should be more precautions taken though. I still don't get why middle/high schools don't have masks. I can see maybe it be harder to enforce in elementary schools but could be encouraged but theres really no excuse for middle/high. Now those kids are all hanging out after school anyways so may not be any use but still it would be something. Thats pretty good, hopefully we can keep it in the 500s or lower on the daily and slowly curb it since theres so many rules at this point with visiting, etc. The rain and crummy weather is probably really helping keep people home anyways so might be a good thing (eventhough I hate working in the rain).
  4. I bought a box of 500 golf balls from someone years ago for like $30 for a certain reason
  5. I get my best walks when playing golf! I am always walking to the fairway to the right!
  6. Hows it now almost a year later?
  7. Wow has KoS sure changed his tune! In fairness I am sure a lot of us at that point felt different about this virus than we do now as it was new. I still blame our Feds for being so slow to start shutting down flights from China and Italy. As soon as that first one was detected in Seattle long ago should have been a time for us to have shut things down. Look at that I posted that back then too lol
  8. Not my problem. They aren't tax payers, they actually cost tax payers money. They should be bottom of the list. Shouldn't have done a crime to end up in jail. Rather see 600 more seniors or health care workers or any other tax paying citizen get it first.
  9. We were wondering where our daily school drummer had been!
  10. But whats considered an essential worker lol. In BC its different than other places. During the initial lockdown where the closed tons down, BC was like hey these are essential workers its a list of 95% of the jobs in BC lol
  11. Or every other tax payer thats actually benefiting the economy..... How inmates who have done crimes, are now a drain on the economy and not a benefit, are getting it over everyone else is a bunch of horse crap.
  12. If they went to Ontario shouldn't they have to quarantine or is that just international?
  13. Looks like its not on a streaming service in Canada yet? I just googled and didn't find any of the main players popping up with it :S Nevermind found it on Prime
  14. Also for the most part with more restrrictions theres less and less contact and chance of anything happen. I don't know about you Deb but for me its home-work-grocery store are the only 3 places. Work I feel really safe, as safe as my own home so really the only chance I would have to get tested would be suddenly if the grocery store someone got back to me and told me I needed to be tested from there and for the most part I think grocery stores are pretty well sanitized and cleaned at this point. So the chances of anyone I know in my situation, we aren't likely to be tested since we can't visit other people, etc. now.