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  1. Well hopefully because I remember last time and thinking "oh geeze Clinton's really not rallying around much, just seems to be staying in a couple areas" and thought that may have been her downfall and it ended up being that. Figured the Dems wouldn't take the same approach and just assume they have areas locked down and ignore them.
  2. Yea thats going to be a sight to see when the time comes hopefully. Between vote and January how much power does the president have to change things?
  3. Thats how he won last time. He campaigned like a mofo that last week while it felt like Clinton was sitting back and thinking she had it in the bag after pandering to women and minorities. Hopefully Biden isn't going to make the same mistake and he can pull this off (then hopefully it is a peaceful transfer of power but I have a feeling its gonna be nasty until the inauguration)
  4. What kind of work you in? Or where abouts are you? Yea lots of jobs probably aren't coming back unfortunately. For me, waking up and seeing the wife and kids are all I need. Everything else is wiped out by the time I get home from work, no matter how crappy my day is, going home to see them is all I need to be happy every day.
  5. You'll be hard pressed to find a 600k house in Abby/Chilliwack at this point thats in a less sketchy area now. Trust me I am looking on Realtor all the time lol. Even homes in nice areas that need a good update or reno are over 600k at this point.
  6. Maybe if we ever stop spending money and keep going further into debt sure..... That wont be in my lifetime though. Would be nice if people just stopped, you know, killing each other then that military budget wouldn't be so high.
  7. Also helps Throness was a moron and couldn't keep his mouth shut. Lot of swing voters probably said screw you especially since he was on the ballot for the Liberals still at that point eventhough someone else had started popping up signs as the new Liberal rep. Liberals are going to have to strip that party down and start with fresh faces at this point, no use bringing them back, I think most people are souring on all their candidates. Well time to see what the NDP can bring to the table with a majority now. I will give them the benefit of the doubt eventhough im still scared how their policies will effect my work, we shall see. Lets see some of the big promises get done, not the little dinky one that are easy to pump those numbers up.
  8. Started playing midnight saturday beer league pickup hockey at like 23 years old. Pretty much topped out at that level.
  9. Oh geeze haven't been following this for a couple weeks now but this is going to start getting interesting as it gets closer! Thing is I doubt theres too many swing voters, I think most people are already set in their Dem/Rep at this point. You're either going to love or hate what Trump has done for 4 years to dramatically change things unlike Obama who did things more suttely.
  10. Hows the setup with Beast? DarkMedia seems to be pretty good but their channel setup is pretty meh, can't find all the TSNs, etc. really weird.
  11. Completely agree with you on that point. I don't like either party so I can't decide which evil I want in power here and I would never go greens because they sound good in theory until you try and figure out how they will pay for stuff then it's always shut down because really they have no idea how to run an economy, easy to spout off all this good stuff up make the world better but really no plan how to pay for anything.
  12. But I want to learn about the illuminati!
  13. Well you should know as well as I that this is completely federal jurisdiction. Hell BC started doing the names and numbers and contact tracing well before the Feds did eventhough it was not the province jurisdictions. You got to give them some credit for getting that ball rolling before Trudeau stepped up and did it at the federal level. Also how do you improve ventilation without doing a major retrofit and reno job? I guess stick an a/c unit out a window and just keep blowing the inside air out?
  14. And it's not that I don't want people to succeed and be successful, I want every person to succeed the best they possibly can and not have problems but at the end of the day others succeess will impact me very little and I need to make sure my family succeeds best we possibly can because they are the only ones that really matter in my life every day.