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  1. Yup no other country will ever be able to match their manufacturing abilities no matter how hard we try.
  2. That's what they did with the Sars outbreak in 2013 (I think that's when it was?) they were shut down temp but came right back. Until crap like that, where the facts keep pointing to them creating diseases, get shut down then there's another chance something will come out of it again that will effect livestock or humans. Issue is nobody will piss off China and they will continue pulling this crap until the end of time.
  3. China basically has the world by the balls with all their manufacturing, no ones gonna piss them off because without China, companies would collapse and economies would down right suffer. Why do you think the WHO keeps glossing over China, and trying to almost dust it off as often as possible (haven't followed them lately but I know a few months ago they were still trying to not outright blame china for supressing critical info at the beginning of the pandemic, etc. more of just a small slap on the wrist). I don't believe from what I have read that it came from a lab but probab
  4. I assume only reason their stock hasn't vanished is locked up shares? Like what a garbage of a company, they could drop to zero for being such frauds.
  5. And this is what you should be paying a 4C... Finally Jim got it!
  6. Lots of seconds, it's getting to the 20 year old age group now. Your never going to get 100% by in from everyone but having BC on pace for 80%+ is pretty solid (80% first so far but I assume all of them will get seconda too)
  7. Yea because we just have or still haven't been able to get our second shot. Who knew that when the government pushes groups of people back that we would be the more likely to get it. Was just part of a giant twitter thread of some old fart accusing young people of being selfish and casuing the issues and he got stomped out pretty quick when all of us 20-40s came out and said the government was turning us away from our second shot because it wasn't "time" or we just got it and still in the 2 week incubation period. Old fart apparently deleted his original tweet bashing the y
  8. Do you really want Loui Eriksson 2.0 here with a bad 7 mill contract weighing down the team after another season or 2? OEL has been declining every season? You think he's magically going to find his legs again and play like he was 21 years old and starting to rip up the league? He's a PP specialist, last time I checked we have Hughes for that. Also who are we signing, oh I don't know maybe depth players to compliment our young kids that are going to get paid. Instead our D is going to be weighed down in a season or 2 with OEL and Myers anchoring the 3rd pairing, getting caved i
  9. My goodness.... We were one year away from ditching all these bad contracts, one more year of pain. Now we are going to have all this pain as OEL continues to decline, theres no D that gets better with age..... And now we need Petey, Hughes, Dickenson, and Garland.... Gonna be really interesting to see.
  10. I think I started getting to over trading trying to catch fire and sell in the green. I have transitioned to the more blue chip stocks recently as opposed to the hopeful bigger run small cap stocks. Looking to free up money and invest in a Russell or Nasdaq ETF
  11. Waivers will be same come season start, guys will be on waivers that don't cut the team and really I like both lind and Gad but I doubt the have a hope in hell of cracking opening night roster with the mock drafts I have seen. Plus they will probably still sign another 15 or so guys who will be AHLers or NHL tweeners. Sounded like they already had some contacts and possible contracts in place with UFAs from reading twitter last night. It'll be interesting to see, we'll get to compare their roster to ours soon enough. Their D will probably look better right off the bat too.
  12. Theres way better forwards out there that will either be picked up or FA that Seattle will grab, my bet is either of those guys would get waived pretty quick.
  13. I highly doubt Seattle being in an a VERY liberal state would ever consider someone who has sexual assault charges currently pending. Even if it gets cleared up theres still a massive cloud around the situations that will linger forever of "did they pay her off? did they just botch the investigation because he's a rich athlete?"
  14. I bet half the people with illegal suites lie anyways. You would think between schools and just city info they would be able to figure stuff out easy enough.
  15. I just started watching that show last night. Going to have to skip to the bourbon one now!
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