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  1. How I feel the government wishes we would turn a blind eye to the last 20+ years of spending..... I love how the CRA will go after people for missed taxes but the government can print as much money as they want, go into as much debt as they want, and really just say "oh you know its in the best interest of the people"
  2. Hirch is a radio guy not a TV guy. Its 2 different roles, one you need to explain more whats going on (radio) and one you sometimes just need less (TV). He was asked to do a task that he's not usually doing, I don't blame him for being off for the TV side.
  3. Dad's have the legal right to take paternity leave. Mother gets the first 15 weeks (I think) then the rest of the 1 year/18 months time can be split. I took 8 months off work with my son. Has nothing to do with unions, its a family thing now thats mandated by government that the last 8-9 months can go to whichever parent. They did recently put in a 3 week fathers time to help with the kids, I could have taken that with my second too but I had just come back from a broken leg and needed to start making more money again so I didn't even use that to my advantage.
  4. Only been 1 year as a full time NHL player now with Florida at 24 years old. Spent 3 years bouncing back and forth for Chicago and even 19/20 was AHL only with Charlotte. Maybe he finally found a home that works in Florida but not like he's been ripping it up in the NHL as a full timer for years now.
  5. But the antivaccers on facebook keep telling me "but vaccinated keep getting cases too!" Its almost like they have zero reading comprehension that the vaccine is to keep you from ending up sick and in the hospital, not to keep case count down.... I see Covid School Tracker on twitter has a lot of schools popping up, wondering if they are doing "outbreaks" by different standards than the government. I know if my daycare closes, I am gonna be pissed. Not only will we have to take time off to look after the kids but last time it happened it closed for 14 days and didn't hit the 15 day threshold for refunds. So I would be out of work not making money and not getting daycare refund for time missed. God I hope that doesn't happen.
  6. Sweet I will give that a read once I got some time thanks mate
  7. I remember there was a question on CBC twitter or something asking topics you wanted to hear about, I kept tweeting I wanted to know the panama papers update since many countries had taken an active approach and Canada was like "yea its gonna take 5 years to get this sorted out" Still never heard an update on it really.
  8. 3rd day in a row of getting stopped out of positions. Oh well. That's a change.... Didn't see that happening, another 3 hit stops today. Oh well looks like I'm cash heavy now.
  9. That's why some stores started those "imperfect veggies" section. When I worked at a compost site, we used to get peppers, etc that looked, felt, and probably tasted perfect but they didn't pass quality control set by stores as a funny shaped or colored pepper would end up never getting grabbed and thrown out anyways. Used to get 40 yards bins of them all the time.
  10. Wonder if they are going to lose certain trick or treaters this year.
  11. I was hoping they were going to trade him in the offseason after the good Canada performance. Was thinking it could possibly have been a Wiggins+ for Simmons but I highly doubt that'll happen now
  12. "Ok kids get those coats on, its gonna be cold inside this year!"
  13. You tried to buy NVEI and bought NUVCF instead? Same company just looks like its not listed on the nasdaq or anything down there. You just bought in USD instead of CAD so you'll probably be paying the 1.5%-2% foreign exchange (can't remember what I pay with RBC when I do it). If you sell keep the money in there, don't remove it from the TFSA, you can still buy and build it back up with something else if you wanted. Or simply just hold and see if she keeps going back up. Just found an article on MontleyFool (some people like them, I find them ok) and they seem to like it. I have had numerous stocks dip 20%+ under my buy, if you believe in them just hold them. Not everything is going to be a winner from day 1, I have learned that the hard way with panic selling. Just make sure you have things in your mind, are they day, week, month, year or lifetime buys? That'll change your outlook on positions even if they dip. TFSA is probably better to buy some safer stocks overall though. https://www.fool.ca/2021/09/24/could-nuvei-corp-be-a-millionaire-maker-stock/ Looks decent by that brief article, might be something you could hold for a few years if you can stomach ups and downs.
  14. My brother in law just got a house for his family here in the Fraser Valley, had a basement suite, they had a girl come look at it and talked to her about renting and she burst into tears and told her friend with her to pinch her when they offered her the place because it was $1400 when older places (this was a new build for him, nothing amazing but decent house) were going for $1800 for one bedrooms with much less quality. Wife and I are looking for a home now, neither of us want renters really but if we found a place we could get a decent renter even at a below market value it would take a huge burden financially off us. So many decisions to make.
  15. I would be in agreement with that to, can't stand Bernier. I think PPC has to much of a radical following now, while the Greens main objectives of climate change have been absorbed by the other parties and they really have no reason to be around. Its not like they were ever going to have any sort of seats or power ever, it was more of a far far far left push for some changes and it worked, its got NDP, Liberals and even Cons on board with some of their stuff.
  16. Greens are done, time to disband the party. They did their thing, they fought for climate change, now every party is on that train, Greens really no longer have a use. They would be best to probably jump on the NDP or Liberal bandwagon at this stage. Hell PPC over doubled them in votes.
  17. Becaue no one ever wants to piss off Quebec for whatever reason. They end up using their power to screw the rest of Canada and manage to only benefit Quebec. Useless provincial party.
  18. Absolutely wasteful spending to cut off 2 years. If it ends up the same Trudeau should step down from the party and hand it over to freelund or someone else. To call an election early, still end up minority, thats not much confidence in the PM, time to get a new fresh face for the party.
  19. Yea really not a 2 horse race like 2019, actually going to possibly be a bunch of seats up for grabs.
  20. Probably lol. I have generally flipped flopped between Cons and Libs depending on my life and current situations.
  21. Yea about right. My hated of Quebec probably came through on here. Also social aspects I've generally considered myself central while economically more conservative.
  22. Toyota is just dragging their feet though, its frustrating as a life long toyota owner until I got my Hyundai EV recently. They keep pushing hydrogen eventhough theres no infrastructure. Hummer is just a big wasteful toy, they need a normal truck. And who knows with Lordstown, their style of the 4 wheel hub motors is interesting but theres lots of reasons why people have come out and said it could lead to premature wear. Rivian is pricey, F150 should be the go to for most for those that don't want the Cybertruck. CT is funky, different, but their tech is still far ahead. I currently have a pre-order for the CT myself, see in a couple years when my order actually gets filled. Rumor has it theres a million of them on pre-order (who knows how many of that will get filled) and the estimate when I put my order in was around the 300,000 mark that was estimated by sites so we'll see. F150 would be my second choice of the group as of right now.
  23. Get one of the ones with the covers that I see people zipping around on!
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