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  1. The homerism is top-notch I’ll give you that. Most organizational depth in 46 years but can’t make the playoffs or finish ahead of the rebuilding Senators. Where you getting the good kush?
  2. Don't fall for the troll/bait man. If people don't understand how cap space works, it's on them..
  3. Wow. Creating a trajectory for a prospect based on 14 games, instead of using his college career is just trolling to be honest. This is what's wrong with the Jim Benning faction. Several people will say Madden wasn't going to amount to anything anyway! And then turnaround and say Juolevi, Lind, Gadjovich are gonna be staples of the future. It's just mind-boggling at this point.
  4. The entire problem with this post is that you are completely speculating on the trajectory of this team. Nobody knows where this team is going to be at in 2-3 years. Progression isn't linear. There's no guarantee that we will be better next year.... just because you say it's going to happen doesn't mean it's going to happen. Everything in my original post was based on facts and real evidence. Your post to "defend" JB is just pure speculation on the trajectory of this team. You see how we aren't really having an honest conversation at this point? One side is talking ab
  5. Sorry dude - you're just an idiot and a troll if you think my username has anything to do with the conversation. I literally joined the board before most of you guys were born so yeah... not even going to spend anymore time on trolls like you.
  6. 100% - all owners meddle to a certain extent. FA is not absolved of blame, but did all these folks on this board hit their head and forgot where we were 10 years ago? Or were they just little kids back then? MG almost won a cup with FA. Let's not act like FA is this enormous obstacle that we can't overcome. We were literally 60 minutes away from winning the cup with FA as our owner. It's doable if the GM can do their job properly.
  7. I think you should read the article or dig up some more information. Montreal wanted to draft PLD. If PLD was not available, there would be no deal. Friedman CONFIRMED that Subban likely would have been a Canuck if PLD was available at the Canucks selection. Do you even understand what a spin job means? EDIT: “Vancouver has confirmed this to me. There was a chance the Canucks were going to get PK Subban that night. The problem was that Pierre-Luc Dubois was not going to fall to Vancouver’s pick, because Montreal knew Columbus was taking him. If Montreal
  8. Are you an idiot? I joined this board in 2006. You probably weren't even alive then. This is what I mean when I say people won't have an honest conversation... the Benning Bros just attack, and troll. How can you talk when you have folks like this? EDIT: Again why does my username matter? Alf and these pack of trolls have really taken over CDC... this place is miserable now.
  9. Sorry I'm going to have to end the conversation with you here because I can't take you seriously anymore. You are wayyyyy too much of a homer to have an honest convesation with... you are really just in your own element. Honestly man, send me some of whatever you're having. Vancouver kush really hits different huh.
  10. Gillis destroyed the team by taking it to the Stanley Cup Finals? I'm not going to respond to these baits/trolls anymore.
  11. Freidman reported that Subban would have been a Canuck if Dubois fell to 5. Freidman named Chris Tanev and Bo Horvat in addition to the first pick as trade assets for Subban. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/30-thoughts-trading-p-k-subban-realistic-possibility/ It was never speculated to be a one for one straight up deal for the pick. It was always going to be a package... what you're saying is just not true. PK Subban was a top pairing defenseman that recently won a Norris - he wasn't going to come cheap and definitely not straight up for the 5th pick. To think
  12. That's not true. It was widely reported it was Horvat and a pick for Subban. I can do some digging if you would like.
  13. Who do you think signed those contracts for those players? Who do you think helped develop these players? Just because someone drafts a player, it means they deserve all the credit? Think about what you're saying before you respond. I'm not getting into what Gillis did or didn't do - this isn't a Gillis thread, the focus is not on him. He's brought forward the most successful era this Canucks team has ever seen. I've said it before and will say it again, the Gillis hate here is one of the most pathetic things I've ever seen here. CDC would build a statue o
  14. He actually came within 60 minutes twice. Game 6 and 7. We were up 3-2... and it hurts to type that. We really were the better team but somehow we still lost.
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