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  1. Thank god. Leddy is not what we needed at all. The fact we were interested in the first place...
  2. Jim Benning should have been fired long time ago, but if he does sign Hyman to a huge deal, he should be fired on the spot.
  3. If Duclair at $3M is an overpayment, what does that make Person's deal look like? Worst contract in the league? Duclair had 32 points in 42 games. Pearson had 18 points in 51 games. Do the math... Duclair was twice the player Pearson was offensively last year. Duclair's in his prime whereas Pearson's exiting his prime.
  4. Yup. Canucks fan have a syndrome where we overrate our own players and underrate other teams players. Myers and Konecny are not going anywhere - we don't have the assets for these type of players. Anyone even suggesting these names are just out of touch with reality.
  5. The fact you think Konecny for Schmidt is a fair deal just shows that after 50k posts, you really don't know anything about hockey.
  6. Please stop... Konecny is 100x more valuable than Schmidt.
  7. Schmidt only happened because we were one of the few teams who were capable and willing to take on Schmidt’s full salary. Also happened because of a flat cap world and Vegas needed to offload cap to sign the best UFA Dman in years in Pietrangelo. Benning got lucky.
  8. You can believe whatever you want, nobody really cares. It again was widely reported that the Coyotes wanted one of Hog, Pod or Demko included in the deal. Canucks said no and thus no deal was made. The first was almost definitely included as part of the deal.
  9. Craig Morgan... Coyotes beat reporter that was following the situation closely. No way Benning would have offered? And how would you know this? Other than the fact you’re a biased Canucks homer? I’ll trust a professional over you with regards to this. Trade never went through because Coyotes wanted one of Pod, Hog or Demko. Jim likely offered that package and the Coyotes rejected. 1st and 2nd isn’t really all that when we were including Sutter as a cap dump as well. He basically cancels out the 2nd rounder. It was basically 1st + Virtanen for OEL which might have been fair at the time, but luckily dodged a massive bullet.
  10. Reported offers were 1st, 2nd, Virtanen, Sutter for OEL. It may not have been exactly like this but I think the core components of 1st + Sutter + Virtanen were in there.
  11. I don't understand the obsession with trading Schmidt for OEL? I'm not a huge fan of Schmidt's cap hit but his contract is 10x better than OEL's. At this point in their careers, OEL and Schmidt is a wash as far as I'm concerned. Not to mention OEL is a LD and Schmidt is a RD, which we desperately need?
  12. It was widely known/reported that a first round pick was included in the deal. Not sure if you genuinely want a source or if you're just being facetious.
  13. Friendly reminder that we almost traded a first round pick for OEL last year. Same guy who did that is still running this team... carry on.
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